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Play Food for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Wooden play food, plastic play food and fabric play food

Having a play kitchen isn’t much fun without play food. We have a vast selection of play food for kids, the play food is made from wood, plastic and fabrics.

In our selection you can find foods such as; cakes, ice-cream cones, layer-cakes, eggs, teabags, Wiener schnitzels, chips, sausages, pretzels, chicken nuggets with ketchup, fish fingers, spaghetti Bolognese, mustard, bread, toasts, sandwiches, breakfast, cupcakes, sugar, white chocolate, dark chocolate, pitas with kebab, mini-cakes, sushi, fried eggs, bagels with cheese, vegetables and fruits (bananas, apples, pears, watermelon).

To sum things up, there are many favorite dishes that are ready to be served in the kid's room. So if your kid aspires to become a little chef, confectioner or baker, then this kind of toy is definitely something for them.

Please feel free to explore our large selection to see if there’s anything that meets your kids requirements.

Popular brands

Hape Lilliputiens Ciao Srl.
MaMaMeMo Vilac Britains
JAKKS Pacific Grim Tout Braun

Sliceable play good

Play food is important when the kid wants to play grocer, supermarket, restaurant or if the kid merely wants to serve afternoon tea for you - kids find it amusing to switch roles. Some types of play food can be sliced in two or more pieces because of the Velcro on the play food. Having a play kitchen and play food make it fun for the kid prepare his or her favourite dishes in the play kitchen.

Perhaps your little kid has a dream about becoming a waiter, chef or barista. On this site, there is play food to ensure many different fun games, and it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

If you don’t have a play kitchen already, you can find play kitchens here. Also, work benches and tools can be found on Kids-world.

Play food with a basket, plate and much more

Some of the play food comes with a basket, a box, a plate, eggs are put in an egg tray or an egg box, chicken nuggets with ketchup are also put in a box.

Play food is the perfect present; affordable and lots of hours of fun playing.

Fun and wonderful play food

Hopefully, you found precisely the type of play food you were looking for. Occasionally, we don’t stock the play food in question - when/if this happens, you are very welcome to contact our customer service.

Play food in many price ranges

On this page, you will discover play food in many different price ranges. There are not only large, fine ice cream carts and complete tea sets, but also smaller packages with cold cuts, dessert sets or burgers.

With this in mind, you will find something in every design and price range, whether it’s a big Christmas present or for just a little everyday pampering.

Use the filter at the top of the page to search for play food in different price ranges.

Play food in all types of categories

You will find play food in all types of categories, whether you are looking for play food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Among our play breakfast selections, you will find smoothies, eggs, fried eggs and sausages, breakfast trays, dairy products, baked bread, bacon, cheese and fruit. With these exciting items, it’s fun and easy for kids to serve breakfast in bed.

Our selection of play lunch and play dinner items is even larger. Here you will find things like cold cuts, cheese, salad, burgers, mini pizza, barbecue, spaghetti, fish sticks, french fries, wienerschnitzel, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and chicken. This ensures your kid has a huge selection of options for creating fun and imaginative dishes in their very own toy kitchen.

A wonderful tea party

Some of the most classic play food and toy kitchen accessories is, of course, a tea set for the tea party. Typically, it consists of cups, plates, sugar and a teapot or coffee pot. However, we also offer extensions to the sets, which include saucers, a tray, milk jug or cakes.

In addition, it’s also possible to buy other parts separately such as cookies, donuts, gingerbread men, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, layer cakes, Christmas cookies, mini cakes, bakery bread, pastry cakes and chocolate cakes.

With this wide selection, it’s no problem to arrange a tea party for the dolls, a wedding for Barbie and Ken or have a birthday party for a favorite teddy bear.

Kitchen accessories for the toy kitchen

If you are looking for some extra kitchen accessories for your kid's toy kitchen, you will also find it here on this site. Among other things, we offer blenders, grills, pots and pans, shelves, cutlery and plates, microwaves, popcorn machines, mixers, kitchen scales, toasters, stoves and picnic sets.

There’s nothing better than having the right equipment for the very best in playtime. With fun accessories for the toy kitchen, your kid can easily have a great time. In addition, it’s also fun for them to press the different buttons and investigate what each piece of equipment can be used for.

Our kitchen equipment comes in different materials to ensure there is something for everyone, whether you prefer mostly plastic toys or wooden toys.

Play food from different brands

At Kids-world, we ensure that you always have plenty to choose from. For this reason, we have play food in many different styles, types, prices and brands, offering play food from both Danish and foreign toy brands.

Some of our play foods come in muted shades, while others have beautiful complementary colours. Whatever you and your kids choose, we guarantee high quality products.

Play food in eco-friendly material

All play food in our wide selection is made of allergy-friendly, eco-friendly materials, to ensure that you have peace of mind when your kid plays with it

Please feel free to browse our fabulous category of play food, where we have collected an amazing selection of items from many great brands.

Among our selection, you will also find play food that is labeled with the Nordic Ecolabel. Toys with the Nordic Ecolabel don’t contain added phthalates, which are suspected of being endocrine disruptors. In addition, they’re not made of PVC and don’t not contain any perfume. Last but not least, the Nordic Ecolabel ensures that the toy manufacturer has taken the environment into account during production and when extracting raw materials.

In addition, you can also find play food which is made of organic cotton or bioplastic.

If you would like to know more about what the different kinds of play foods are made with, feel free to visit each product and read more. If you have further questions, you are certainly welcome to contact our customer service, who are always ready to assist.

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