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LEGO® Storage Drawer - 4 Knobs - 15x15x9 - Blue LEGO® Storage Drawer - 4 Knobs - 15x15x9 - Blue 20,20 €


LEGO® Storage Drawer - 8 Knobs - 50x25x18 - Yellow LEGO® Storage Drawer - 8 Knobs - 50x25x18 - Yellow 52,50 €


LEGO® Storage Drawer - 4 Knobs - 25x25x18 - Green LEGO® Storage Drawer - 4 Knobs - 25x25x18 - Green 32,30 €


Drawers and storage drawers

Kids often have lots of toys, creative things like paint, pencils, Clay, play dough, hair accessory, accessories, game, trading cards and all kinds of others things to keep track of. It can be difficult to organize a children's room and find extra storage space, but with drawers and storage drawers you can solve this problem.

You can find storage drawers in all kinds of materials and sizes, and they can fit into any room. With drawers, you can easily get a handle on the children's room and organize their various things.

We have a selection of storage drawers in many designs that will look good in the interior while being very practical. They are durable and you get good value for money - moreover, they come in many different price ranges so that everyone can find something.

Storage drawers in fun designs from LEGO®

LEGO® offers popular storage drawers shaped like the legendary LEGO® bricks, they come in different sizes and many colours, so they can hold all kinds of things in different sizes. They are stylish and fit perfectly into the children's room as well as all others rooms in the house.

A fun and obvious solution is, of course, to store LEGO® or others types of building blocks in them, if this is something your child is a fan of. Feel free to buy several storage drawers from LEGO® in different colours so that your child can easily see what belongs to a particular drawer. The storage drawers from LEGO® can easily be stacked, used on bookcases, shelves or simply standing on the floor.

The storage drawers fit perfectly into the playroom and children's room

Your child is guaranteed to have a lot of things in their room, such as lots of different toys. It should preferably be stored in an organized way, so that it is easy for your child to clean up after playing so that the toys are not constantly lying on the floor and pool mattress. It can often seem like an impossible task to get your kids to enjoy tidying up, but with storage drawers it becomes much faster and easier for them.

Regardless of whether you need more storage space for stuffed animals or LEGO®, it is important that you consider how much space there is in your child's room, and choose storage drawers that you can easily place in to make use of the space.

plastic storage drawers

Here at Kids-world you will find a large selection of plastic storage drawers. These are good for use in the children's room as they are stable, hard-wearing, easy to clean and spacious. You will find plastic storage drawers in a large selection of colours, so you can choose one or more that fit perfectly into your home.

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