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Storage Blankets

Play&Go Toy Storage Bag Blanket - 40 - M- Miffy Play&Go Toy Storage Bag Blanket - 40 - M- Miffy 14,98 €
Originally:  21,40 €  

Storage blankets for the toys

Storage rugs are an innovative and ingenious solution for the children's room. Storage blankets work as a 2-1 product in that your child can sit and enjoy and play on it with all their favorite toys. When they are finished, there is a string that you can pull, which gathers all the toys together in the blanket as a bag, so that it is cleaned up in just a pair seconds. Super easy! And it is just as easy to open the bag and use them as a play mat again the next day. Many storage rugs come with cute and fun motifs that your child will love to spend many hours sitting on with their toys.

Storage rugs are also used as activity play mat rugs and play mat

Storage blankets have become a big hit in Danish orphanages in the past pair years, and for good reason, as they have so many different uses. They are perfect as an activity play mat rug for play and fun with the kid - some even use their storage rugs under a changing mat, but they are often used as a play mat.

Another advantage is that you can very easily store toys and other things in them, and easily pack them together into a bag for storage, or if you have to take the things with you in the car for a weekend trip.

The storage rugs are also comfortable for your child to sit on and enjoy, and thus have several functional and practical roller in the home.

Play mats with string

Our large selection of play mats for kids is a practical way for your child to play. They include a practical cord that you have to pull when you want to clean up and gather your child's toys together in a bag with the play mat. The play Play mats are made of soft materials that your child can ro and play on comfortably.

A storage rug or play mat can be used in any room in the home, so your child has a cozy place to play in any room that can be easily cleaned up again. There are many different designs of storage rugs and activity play mat for kids, so you can definitely find one your child will love to use in everyday life. Many of our play mats are made of canvas, which is a robust material that can withstand being used actively every single day.

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