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Storage for toys and treasures

With small kids in the home you definitely need storage for the mountains of toys, books, crafts, papers, colouring books and the rest. 

If you are looking for boxes, play mats/bags, fabric bags, baskets, wall hangings, bookshelves, etc. you have come to the right place. 

At Kids-world we also have various storage accessories for the car, which can come in handy for longer car rides.

In addition, we have storage solutions from many different brands, all of which are specially selected for their good quality and exquisite design. Please feel free to explore our wide selection or use the various filters at the top of the page to make it easy and quick for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Convenient storage for floor and wall

The primary function of storage solutions is to make it easy and convenient to keep track of toys, colouring books, skipping ropes, bucket stones, teddy bears, dolls, etc. 

Some people have lots of room at home and plenty of space for things like bookcases, while others in smaller spaces might have to utilize every square foot for both walls and ceilings.

Therefore, we have made it possible for you to choose the type of storage that fits your kid and the interior design best.

The designs we have chosen to include in our range are plentiful. You will find storage for both floor and wall in different designs, ranging from houses, animals, balls, to ordinary boxes, baskets, bags, and much more. 

Timeless storage in all rooms

We have different forms of storage that is suitable for kids bedrooms or playrooms, but also storage that can be used throughout the home thanks to the timeless and classic design in beautiful neutral colours and shades - of course if you prefer we also have more colourful options.

With us you will also find a comprehensive selection of different types of fabric wall hangings. In other storage we offer lots of colours, shapes, materials, and designs to choose from; in recycled paper, cotton, wood, plastic, heavy paper/cardboard, polyresin, plywood, etc. 

Popular brands

LEGO® StorageSun JelliesStasher
SACKitAykasaSafety 1st

Storage in exciting materials 

When we decide on storage for kids' bedrooms, playrooms or play corners we of course want the books or the other exciting treasures our kids collect can be stored in products produced in quality materials and lovely designs. 

We want storage that also stimulates the little ones' imagination. For us it is important that the products we sell are produced from beautiful and high-quality materials, and in designs that appeal to both adults and kids. 

To achieve this, we offer a selection of storage in different shapes in natural materials, organic materials, recycled materials, metal, etc. In our online shop you will find baskets made from braided seaweed, play-mats in canvas, cotton, heavy duty cardboard, water hyacinth, laminated paper, polyresin, canvas, MDF and cardboard.

Plenty storage alternatives

You will also be able find storage sets, which consist of, among other things, soft and nice baskets in different sizes and many colours. 

Some also have fancy prints of everything from animals, cute dots and traditional stripes, or traditional texts, indicating where the kid stores his favorite things.

You can achieve a nice design with lovely storage bags, which are perfect for storing the kids' clothes, and the bags are very decorative. These awesome bags are made of good materials and many have a practical handle which means the bags are easy to hang up on the wall if wanted. They are light and practical.

At Kids-world, it's essential that the products we have to offer are made from beautiful, fabulous materials and in designs that appeal to kids as well as adults.

Therefore, we have a selection of different types of storage units in natural, organic and recycled materials, metals, etc.

You will discover baskets made in seagrass wicker, cotton, heavy cardboard, water hyacinth, laminated cardboard, polyresin, canvas, MDF and cardboard.

Storage for many purposes

We offer storage kits that, among other things, consist of beautiful baskets in different sizes and a wide range of colours. Some also come with beautiful prints with everything from beautiful animals, cute dots and traditional stripes, or fine texts, which can all easily accommodate a kid's favorite things.

We also have wonderful storage bags with beautiful designs, which can be perfect for storing your favorite clothes, and are very decorative at the same time.

These beautiful bags are made with great materials, and many come with practical handles on the top. That way, the bags are also easy to hang on the wall if you prefer. They're always easy and convenient.

Storage solutions for kids in beautiful colours

When looking for furniture and storage solutions for your kid's toys, clothes or other small items, it's always important to consider how they will help to create a peaceful and orderly environment. One way to do this is to choose storage units that match the colours that are already present in a kid's room.

On this site, we offer storage solutions in many different colours. You will often find furniture and storage solutions in stock in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise. We not only offer solid coloured furniture and storage solutions, but also provide furniture with fine designs and patterns.

If you are looking for a storage unit in a particular colour, please feel free to use the filter at the top of the site. With the assistance of the filter, you get a quick and easy overview of what we have on the page in the colour you are seeking.

Decorate the kid's room in style

Just because a storage solution needs to be practical, doesn't mean it has to be ugly. On this page, you will find lots of furniture and storage solutions for the kid's room, which are not only practical, but also beautiful and cute.

It can be things like storage boxes shaped like LEGO® bricks, storage bags with ears and bath hangers shaped like penguins, polar bears or sharks. You can also find storage solutions in a more minimalistic look as well. This can be an advantage if the storage unit needs to be a part of the living room or another prominent location in the house, or if you just prefer a simpler look.

Our goal is to provide something for everyone on this site, so we naturally also hope that there is something for you!

Smart four-legged bookshelves

In addition, we have bookshelves that stand firmly on four legs and have several compartments for the storage of books, comic books and so much more. Of course, toys and other exciting items can also be stored in the compartments that are at a practical height for the smallest. 

They can easily see what is on the shelves, grab what they want to play with and with encouragement, and tidy the toys away. and take things from there and then put things back after use and play. 

In our shop you will also find a nice selection of comfortable pillows which can be used as seating when reading a book from the lovely bookshelf.

Convenient storage with a playmat

When you are on the move and you are participating in family gatherings or if you are going away for the weekend, or perhaps a overnight stay with grandparents or friends, we have a good overall selection of comfortable play mats to make the visits easier. 

The play mats can either be laced together into a fabric bag, or stored in a fabric bag, in which you also can pack toys. It is smart, simple and practical.

Last but not least, on our page you can find a selection of storage for the car. Simple and practical when you are going for a drive.

Boxes, bags, baskets and holders for many purposes

Sometimes a small, simple box or basket can be the ideal solution to recurring clutter in the kids room. It may be that your kid is in need of a good place to put their crayons and markers, or maybe all the blocks or doll clothes always end up on the floor because it's difficult for them to find what they're looking for.

Here at Kids-world, you will find many different types of small boxes, bags, baskets and holders that are perfect for toys and small items. When introducing a new storage solution in the kid's room, it's a good idea to instruct them as to how to use it properly and what exactly should be put in it. That way, your kid can gradually learn to clean up after themselves and keep their room tidy and nice.

Storage boxes for kids

At Kids-world you will find a wide selection of storage boxes for kids, which can be used for storage in the kid's room.

The storage boxes are ideal for storage everything from baby diapers and nappies to storage personal care products and toys in the kid's room. Storage boxes for kids are available in all shapes and colours.

Some of the storage boxes have room dividers and handle, while others are simpler and classic with a lid. There are also folding boxes that can be easily folded or stacked on top of others boxes by clicking the corners together. You can also find a basket for storage in the kid's room.

Should the storage boxes fit into the decor of the kid's room, or is the most important thing that they have a handle and are light in weight so that they can be easily taken in and out of the cupboards? You will find it all right here on the page, where you can find our entire selection of storage for the kid's room.

Storage of toys

It can quickly take over when the kid is old enough to pull out the toy himself and likes to play with many things at once. In card, it can quickly get cluttered in the kid's room, but it can also be quickly cleaned up, if only there are enough storage options.

Therefore, many smart and practical solutions have been developed for storage toys in the kid's room, so that you and your child have the chance to get things under control.

At Kids-world you will find, among other things, the popular foldable box and practical storage boxes for kids, which in addition to being ideal for storage also give your child the opportunity to find their own toys - and clean it up again.

Storage for kids from well-known brands

When you are searching for solutions here at Kids-world, you will find products from more than 20 Danish and foreign brands. We focus on leading storage solutions in fabulous materials and good quality fabrics. The large number of different brands we have ensures that there are many different styles as well as price ranges to choose from. You can find storage solutions from brands like LEGO®, Done By Deer, fermLiving, Musli, Sebra and Bloomingville.

If you are looking for storage solutions from a specific brand, please feel free to use the filter at the top of the page to quickly and easily get an overview.

Storage solutions at different prices ranges

Whether you are looking to do a major reorganization or just looking for a few small items, we have plenty to choose from. We offer storage solutions at many different price ranges to ensure there's something available for every budget. We not only have bookshelves, cupboards, large baskets, tables and large storage boxes, but we also have small bags, boxes, baskets, hangers and pencil holders.

Please feel free to use the Type filter at the top of the page to easily search in the different categories of storage. Here you can easily filter by shelf, table, hook, hanger, bookcase, etc.

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