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Storage Boxes and Crates


Storage boxes and storage boxes

Storage boxes and storage boxes are really a must-have both in the children's room, in the living room and others rooms depending on the size of your home. Kids certainly tend to leave their toys around, but with good storage options in different sizes and shapes, it becomes easy to store different toys safely when they are done playing.

Teaching kids to clean up and keep their things organized at an early age helps teach them good habits that will last a lifetime. You can start by investing in a toy box that serves as storage for all your child's favorite toys

clothes. A toy box can help ensure that all the toys are kept in one place so that the floor is safe to walk on inside your child's room. Some storage boxes have safety hinges, handles or lid, which make storage and moving them around even easier. Consider the amount of your child's toys and then choose one or more storage boxes that fit them perfectly.

Large selection of boxes and boxes for storage

Fortunately, you will find a huge range of different types of boxes and boxes for storage here at Kids-world. However, you should consider several things before deciding which boxes and boxes are best for your home.

First of all, you should consider the size of the box. Consider its dimensions and the area you want to place it on and make sure it can accommodate the toys you have in mind.

If you have a little child at home, you should consider boxes and boxes without sharp edges. You may want to put some velcro protectors in the corners when you get them to protect your child so they don't river on the corners or get hurt.

You will also find boxes and boxes in all kinds of materials. The most common are plastic and wood, but there are also folding boxes made of canvas and many others materials, depending on what you need. If you have limited space, collapsible boxes are a good solution. They save you space and you avoid having to collect them and take them apart again and again.

Storage boxes with lid

If your child has a set of toys that do not yet have an organized place in the children's room, storage boxes with lid are the ideal solution to get things under control and make the room look fine and tidy. You can find storage boxes with lid in many different sizes, so that regardless of your child's toys collection, you can get various small and large things organized in just the right way. We have storage boxes in many beautiful designs, which will really decorate the children's room, at the same time as they keep track of things. A storage box with a lid also protects all the toys it contains from dust and dirt. It is therefore clearly recommended to buy one or more storage boxes with lid for your child's toys.

Storage box with lid

At Kids-world you will find a wide selection of storage boxes with lid. They are ideal for storage smaller items that can otherwise get lost or make a lot of mess if they are not stored in a box with a lid. If your child loves LEGO®, you might want to check out our storage boxes shaped like LEGO® blocks. They have a lid and are available in several sizes and colours. You can of course use them to storage your child's LEGO® collection, or anything else that fits in that you need storage for.

Plastic boxes with lid

If you choose to buy plastic boxes with a lid, you have the advantage that the lid protects the contents of the plastic box from dust and dirt. Thus, they can be used for children's clothes and accessories, such as socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc. If your child has a large collection of toys, it may also be a good idea to buy several plastic boxes to organize them. Another advantage is that the boxes can be easily stacked on top of each other thanks to the lid. With labels on the outside that describe the contents, or transparent plastic boxes, it is super easy for your child to know what is in which box.

Storage boxes for beads

If your child loves to play with pegboard or make sine own jewelry, you absolutely need one or more storage boxes with multiple compartments and a lock. In this way, your child can easily organize their pearl collection according to colours, sizes, string, locks, etc. in a safe way, so that beads are not jumbled together in a single box without divided compartments.

How about one of the popular LEGO® Storage storage boxes?

Most kids who are fans of LEGO® will absolutely love a LEGO® Storage storage box. They are shaped like the heads of LEGO® men and LEGO® women and come in different sizes. They are both a wonderful decoration in your child's room and at the same time extremely practical for storing LEGO® or others building blocks or toy set in. They have lid and can easily be stacked on top of each other. It could eventually become a whole collection of LEGO® Storage storage boxes.

We also have baskets for, for example, knitting

If you enjoy various types of hobby work, such as knitting, you will also find plenty of good storage options for your creative things here at Kids-world. We have a large selection of different baskets, storage boxes, boxes and various others storage solutions, so you can always find something that suits your specific purpose. You can find baskets both with and without lid, which will be particularly suitable for all your yarn, knitting needles, recipes and whatever else you would like to have lying next to the sofa this winter.

Toothboxes for the little ones

If your child has started to lose sine baby teeth so it's time for a visit from the tooth fairy, they'll love having a nice tooth box to storage coins and baby teeth. We can definitely recommend that you take a look at the beautiful tooth boxes from the brand Kids By Friis, which are available in beautiful designs, with drawers for the first lock of hair and one for baby teeth. These toothboxes also have cute designs with animal and the kid's zodiac sign on top, which is a lovely detail that makes them extra personal and unique.

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