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Baskets and Folding Baskets


Storage baskets in many beautiful colours and designs

Whether you are looking for plastic storage baskets baskets that can easily be stacked on top of each other, or fabric storage baskets baskets with many details, you will find just what you need here at Kids-world.

We have storage baskets in countless colours, shapes and sizes. You can find them in many different types, materials and sizes. That way, you can buy a selection of baskets that are perfect for your child's toys collection and whatever else you need them for.

Kids are very good at placing their toys everywhere in the home. Sometimes it can be hard to understand how they can mess up so much in such a card time. Every parent who has tried stepping on a LEGO® block or a toy car knows how important it is to have organized storage solutions for their child's toys.

With one or more baskets or storage boxes, you can easily encourage your child to look after their things and clean up after themselves. Baskets are practical as kids have easy access to them - however, it is important to choose a basket that is robust enough to hold lots of toys.

Basket for storage toys, soft toys, etc.

The best storage baskets are multi-functional - they add style and personality to a room while creating plenty of functional storage space. They are of course also safe for kids to handle, are robust so they can hold quite a set toys and look great so both parents and kids can enjoy looking at them every day.

Open baskets without lid make it extra easy for kids to take out their toys and clean up again. Wicker baskets without motifs also fit into all rooms and will also look nice in the living room or in your bedroom with some of the kid's toys.

Another advantage is that they can easily be reused when your child gets older - they are stylish, timeless and elegant, so they can either be used in another room for your things or used as storage for others important things, like a slightly older child needs to keep organized.

Basket with lid

Baskets with lid are ideal for the children's room if you need it to look a little tidier. They are available in many sizes and often in braided designs that hide what is hidden inside them. If you want a slightly more sophisticated look in the children's room than what you get with open baskets, a basket with a lid can make all the difference.

Find your new laundry basket here

If you are looking for a new laundry basket, you have come to the right place. We have many large storage baskets in different designs and materials that will fit perfectly into the children's room. See, for example, the large plain baskets from Liewood in cotton and polyester, the fine storage baskets baskets from A Little Lovely Company with cute animal motifs or the fine basket sets from Done By Deer.

You can also choose something completely different - in principle, all our large baskets can be used for laundry, so choose the one that you think your child will like best and that will be most practical in your home.

plastic Storage baskets basket for the changing table

When you have small kids, there are no limits to what you need for equipment, accessories, personal care products etc. in the home. plastic Storage baskets baskets are ideal to have standing by the changing table, so that you have easy access and an overview of everything you need when your child needs to be changed.

You can advantageously buy several different plastic storage baskets baskets in several sizes, so that all your child's personal care products are visible and organized. Here you can store nappies, baby powder, cleansing wipes, nail scissor, baby oil, zinc ointment and everything else you use for changing nappies.

Also remember a storage basket basket for the changing table

A slightly larger wicker storage basket basket is ideal for keeping diapers in, as well as a laundry basket for the kid's dirty clothes. You will find a large selection of woven plastic baskets in many beautiful colours in our assortment, so you can buy one or more that suit your taste.

As they are transparent, they are also perfect to have on display with different personal care products, clothes, baby equipment or whatever else you need at the changing table.

Wicker storage baskets baskets

Wicker storage baskets baskets are available both in colorful plastic models and as more traditional baskets in rattan and seaweed. You can get wicker baskets both with and without lid. Some of them are transparent, where you can see what they contain, or others that are completely dense and can hold an incredible amount without being able to see through them.

They are available in countless sizes, shapes and designs. They can accommodate everything that you just need - such as children's soft toys, laundry, larger dolls, building blocks, bedding, etc. It's all up to you.

We also have fun Folding Baskets

If you are looking for one or more practical Folding Baskets, you will find them in many beautiful colours in our range. They are incredibly easy to fold up after use and unfold again. This means that you can advantageously buy several that you can have lying around if you need more storage space.

Thanks to the practical handles, they are also super easy to move around and can be used both as storage or a bag. Because of the many beautiful colours, many kids are fans of having them standing in the children's room with various things in them.

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