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Müsli Nursing Pillow - Kapok - Cashew Müsli Nursing Pillow - Kapok - Cashew 45,23 €
Originally:  60,30 €  

Breastfeeding and accessories? Everything for breastfeeding gathered in one place

Breastfeeding equipment and accessories for breastfeeding form an essential set of new parents' travel towards creating closeness and nourishment for their infant. These products are designed with a focus on both comfort and functionality, which makes the breastfeeding period smoother and more pleasant for both mother and child.

In our breastfeeding category, we have collected all the breastfeeding products and accessory types in one place, so that you can easily find everything that we have to offer for breastfeeding.

Nursing pads? An indispensable accessory

Nursing pads are an indispensable accessory. These absorbent pads are placed in the nursing bra to prevent leaks and keep the breast dry between feedings. They are available in different materials and sizes to meet individual needs and preferences.

Closet support and comfort with a nursing pillow

Nursing pillows are also popular as they provide support for the neck, shoulders and elbows during breastfeeding. They are designed to help maintain a correct and relaxed breastfeeding position, which minimizes the strain on the mother's body and makes it more comfortable for both mother and child.

Useful nursing pads

Nursing pads can be useful for mothers with sensitive nipples. These silicone or latex discs are placed over the nipple to create a protective barrier and reduce friction during breastfeeding. They can also help correct nipple problems and ease pain associated with breastfeeding.

Help breastfeeding on the way with breast pumps

For easy storage and transportation of breast milk, breast pumps are indispensable. There are both manual and electric breast pumps that allow mothers to express milk efficiently and store it safely for later use. In addition, storage bags and bottles with lid are ideal for keeping the expressed milk fresh and ready for use.

Breastfeeding equipment and accessories are an important support for mothers throughout the breastfeeding period. These products are thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable and practical experience that promotes the close connection between mother and child.

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