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Thermo Bottle for Kids


Thermo bottles for kids

If you are looking for a smart thermo bottle for your little one (or for yourself), then you have come to the right place. On this page, there is a vast selection of thermo bottles for both big and small kids. We have thermo bottles in various colours, made from diverse materials, so take a look. 

A thermo bottle is quite smart and practical when your little one needs hot or cold liquids on a trip, at school or on a picnic. Besides, thermo bottles can typically also be used as an ordinary water bottle

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Bring your thermo bottle on the go

If your little one is going on a trip, it is quite obvious to bring a thermo bottle along. The thermo bottle can be used to keep liquids both warm and cold, so there are plenty of opportunities to get creative while packing food and beverage. For example, if you are going to the woods, it could be perfect bringing some hot soup or a hot cup of tea along.

Most thermo bottles can keep liquids hot or cold for several hours in a row, making them ideal for long days. If you would like to find out more about all the features of the specific thermo bottle, you should check out the product description section available under each product. If somehow, you do not find all the answers to your questions, then you are of course also welcome to contact our friendly customer service, who are always happy to assist.

Thermo bottles in beautiful colours

On this page, you will find thermo bottles in many beautiful colours and designs. There are single-coloured thermo bottles, thermo bottles with text and thermo bottles with cute and fun prints. Long story short - there is something for everyone. Typically, you will find thermo bottles in the following colours - blue, brown, grey, green, white, purple, metallic, rose, red, black and turquoise.

Thermo bottles for both big and small kids

In our range, you will find thermo bottles for both big and small kids. For the little ones, there are thermo bottles with drinking spouts or straws, which make them easier to drink from.

Besides, there are also thermo bottles with fun motifs such as a spider, a ghost, a panda bear or a giraffe. For the slightly older ones, you can find beautiful, simple thermo bottles in stainless steel with bamboo lids or thermo bottles with your kid's initials. Finally, we have thermo bottles in beautiful, solid colours, perfect for both big and small kids.

Thermo bottles for both summer and winter

Many people associate thermo bottles with winter and hot chocolate, but in fact, thermo bottles can keep your favourite liquids both hot and cold. That means that they are just as suitable for summer as they are for winter.

On hot summer days, the thermo bottles will keep your baby's water or juice cold throughout the day, making it a little more appealing to drink. On the cold winter days, the same thermo bottle will be perfect for tea, hot cocoa, soup or something completely different, which will make your kid's day a bit more cosy.

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