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Feeding Bottle

Hevea Feeding Bottle - 150 mL - Seafoam Blue Hevea Feeding Bottle - 150 mL - Seafoam Blue 17,85 €
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Trainer bottle and feeding bottles

Are you looking for feeding bottles for your little newborn? Then youíll find a large selection here at Kids-World. In this category youíll find a nice selection of feeding bottles as well as trainer bottles for the youngest ones.

The different feeding bottles have different functions, so itís a good idea to consider the specific needs of your baby before choosing a feeding bottle. 

We have both fast flow and slow flow feeding bottles, as well as feeding bottles with baby bottle nipples in silicone, and feeding bottles with baby bottle nipples in natural rubber. 

Feeding bottles in high quality 

We do everything we can to offer a large selection of feeding bottles. All the bottles have to have a high quality and the material has to be durable and safe. We offer bottles with nice designs which both adults and kids will like.

You can read more about what each feeding bottle is made of and which functions it has by checking out its product description. You are of course also welcome to contact our customer service at all times, if you have any specific question. 

Popular brands

Dentistar Wow Cup Nuk
Petit Monkey Tiny Tot Nuby

Buy feeding bottles with a lid

Sometimes you need to bring the feeding bottle with you on the go if dad is bringing the kid with him and the baby needs breast milk, or if you need to bring infant formula to an event, or something else. No matter the reason, itís always nice to have a tightly fitting lid to the bottle. 

Here at Kids-World youíll find a large selection of feeding bottles which come with a nice lid and thereby ensure that the content of the bottle stays where it should. With a feeding bottle with a lid, you no longer have to worry about milk getting spilled all over the bag.

You can easily bring a full feeding bottle with you when you leave the house, so that you always have something to offer the baby when it gets hungry. 

A lid is also really convenient because you will have to shake the bottle when the formula has been mixed with the water.

If you have a bottle with a lid, you can be assured that the infant formula doesnít end up in the ceiling, on the cupboards or other exciting places in the kitchen. 

Find practical containers for milk powder and baby food 

We also offer practical containers for the milk powder, baby food and snacks. The containers are convenient when you have to leave the house or when someone else will watch your little boy or girl.

The practical containers donít take up too much space and they typically have several rooms, so that you can bring milk powder for several bottles or you can bring both milk powder and baby food on the go.

When the kid gets older, you can easily use the containers for snacks such as raisins or vegetables which your kid can take to kindergarten, school, picnic or to workout. 

Most of the containers can easily be put in the washing machine, which makes it easy to clean them, and some can even be put in the freezer, which will make it possible to freeze the breast milk or other types of baby food into portions. 

Feeding bottles in natural rubber or silicone? 

Whether you are looking for a feeding bottle with a baby bottle nipple in natural rubber or silicone, youíll find a great selection here at Kids-World.

One material isnít better than the other, but if you have rubber allergy in your family, we suggest that you use feeding bottles with a baby bottle nipple in silicone, so that you do not risk that your kid gets an allergic reaction by using the feeding bottle. 

You can read more about the materials of the feeding bottles by checking out each product description, where you will also find information about the properties and functions of the feeding bottle. 

Fast flow or slow flow?

Itís not completely irrelevant which type of baby bottle nipple, your feeding bottle has. The bottles vary in how much liquid they allow to flow through at the time. Here at Kids-World you will find feeding bottles with a so-called slow flow, medium flow, fast flow or variable flow.

The slow flow baby bottle nipples are especially good for the small babies and babies suffering from colic, which is because only a limited amount of liquid passes. This way the risk of the kid choking on the milk or drawing too much air in with the mil, is minimized. 

The medium flow baby bottle nipples allow a little more milk to flow through at the time and these are especially suitable for babies between 3 and 6 months. 

Fast flow baby bottle nipples are suitable for babies and kids from 6+ months, as it is easier for the baby to get more liquid out at the time. 

Last but not least you will also find baby bottle nipples with a variable flow.

Feeding bottles with a variable flow can be used for kids from 6+ months, but are also suitable for viscous liquid such as gruel, which can otherwise be difficult for the kid itself to get out of a regular baby bottle nipple. 

Buy separate baby bottle nipples and feeding bottle heads

You will also find separate baby bottle nipples and feeding bottle heads here at the page.

You may want to get a new baby bottle nipple because the old one is worn and chewed to pieces, or you may be considered changing from a slow flow version to a medium flow version.

Remember to check if the baby bottle nipples you are looking at fit to the feeding bottle you have at home.

It is often a good idea to buy baby bottle nipples from the same brand as the feeding bottles, to make sure that they close tightly and fit properly. 

Wash and sterilization of feeding bottles 

When you have found the perfect feeding bottle for your child, itís important that you also know how to clean the bottle in the most effective and practical way.

It is important that the feeding bottle is cleaned properly after every use, as bacteria can be gathered, and this is something the childís sensitive stomach is definitely not ready for. 

The base of the feeding bottle is typically made of glass or plastic and can therefore often be put in the washing machine without problems. However, this is not the case with the baby bottle nipples or the feeding bottle heads.

These must be washed thoroughly with hot water and soap. We suggest that you use a soap which has the ĎNordic Swaní stamp or otherwise donít contain too many ingredients.

When you have washed the baby bottle nipple, you should scald it as well. This means, pouring hot water over it, thereby ensuring that all bacteria are being killed. 

Once in a while you should boil the baby bottle nipple for 5 minutes to ensure that it gets completely clean.

If youíre using a baby bottle nipple in silicone, you can easily boil it regularly, however, if youíre using baby bottle nipples in natural rubber, you should only pour boiling water over them and afterwards let them stay in the water for approx. 5 min. This is because the natural rubber will too easily get worn if you boil it.

We suggest that you scald your new baby bottle nipples before using them for the first time. You can get more information about cleaning the feeding bottles at the homepage of Sundhedsstyrelsen (the Danishí National Board of Health)

Buy packs with several bottles

Most parents will need more than one feeding bottle and this is why we offer packs which contain several bottles. It can be a really good idea to buy all the feeding bottles from the same brand.

This way, you can combine the baby bottle nipples and glass of all the bottles.

You will also find nice starter packs, which in addition to feeding bottles also contain bottle cleaners as well as a teether.

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