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Bibs and Teething Bibs for Kids


Bibs and teething bibs for babies

Both bibs and teething bibs are indispensable if you ask most parents,which is because when your kid is wearing a bib, you don’t have to change the child’s clothes every 5 minutes when they spill something or drool.

At Kids-world you find bibs for babies of many designs and colours. Take a look round - we have hundreds of bibs and it will be no problem for you to find just the bibs, you like.

Popular brands

Celly Sistema Carl Oscar
Dooky Faber-Castell Urbanista
Yumbox Fan Palm Jippies

Long and short bibs

We have numerous suppliers of bibs for our website and therefore, it’s easy to find bibs to suit your needs. Long bibs, short bibs, rounded bibs and pointed bibs with push buttons. We also stock terry cloth bibs with tapes and Velcro.

Some bibs even have pockets for collecting food. A number of the bibs are easily adjustable, so they fit your baby perfectly.

This way, you don’t have to search for new bibs as your baby grows.

In general, it’s easy to clean the bibs; rinse with running water; wipe them clean with a damp cloth or put them in the washing machine - depending on the fabric.

Bibs from well-known brands

Most bibs for babies within this category are drool bibs. Brands such as Hummel design drool bibs in classic colours, Molo designs are loud prints and finally Pippi and SmallStuffs create plain-coloured bibs.

Joha, Katvig, MarMar, Celavi and many more design drool bibs for babies, too. Since we stock so many different brands, we also offer a vast variety of materials, smashing styles and colours, we think it’s quite impossible for you to leave Kids-world empty-handed!

If you are looking for a specific brand or a specific colour, then don’t forget that you can use the different filters at the top of the page to get a quick and easy overview of the options.

Silicone bibs with food collector

Bibs for babies are very functional; they protect the clothes from drool, regurgitation and spilling. Therefore, you don’t have to change the baby’s clothes, but only put on a new drool bib.

We also have brilliant silicone bibs which have an extremely convenient food collector at the bottom. The food collector is a great help at dinner time because the food that the baby drops will be within reach of the baby. Please note whether the silicone bibs can be washed in the washing machine or not.

The bibs are flexible in use; you can bring them anywhere and they come in handy when going out for dinner or for daily use in the home.

Gift boxes with bibs and drool bibs for babies

Bibs are perfect gifts and they come in many price ranges. Are you looking for Christmas presents; birthday presents or Christening gift? Then it’s a great idea to browse our collection.

We have different types of gift boxes, containing matching colours and patterns; an Emporio Armani gift box including a rattle, a pair of slippers and a matching bib. If you want to save money, you can buy a 3-pack.

Bibs and teething bibs in beautiful colours

It is nice to have something to choose from when it comes to bibs and teething bibs. Some parents want the teething bib to combine with the child’s clothing, while others just want to have more to choose from. Here you will generally find teething bibs and bibs in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

In addition to solid-coloured teething bibs and bibs you’ll also find different styles with beautiful patterns or motifs. We offer bibs with flowers, butterflies, sharks, pandas, tractors, leaves, palm trees, flamingos, cars, sheep, moose, foxes, polar bears and much, much more.

You will also find teething bibs with flowers, stripes, dragons, trees, nuts, reindeer, animal prints, dots, and much more.

Sets of matching teething bib and dummy clip

If you like things to match, then you should consider to get one of the many sets with matching teething bib and dummy clip. The teething bib and dummy clip which are included in the sets have the same pattern and thereby combine nicely.

You will also be able to find different kinds of sets here at Kids-World, which for instance consist of a romper, a baby hat and a teething bib, a bodysuit and a teething bib or a set with several teething bibs.

These sets are suitable as christmas gifts, or for birthdays, baptisms and baby showers.

Bib with or without sleeves

Some kids apparently think that the food tastes better if it enters the ears and hair. Others need a shower when they have finished eating. If your kid fits in one of these categories, you might want to consider getting a bib with sleeves, a so-called apron. Aprons for kids are practical as they prevent porridge, mash and other stuff to end up at the child’s sleeves.

Eco-Tex certified bibs and drool bibs

Our selection of bibs and drool bibs for babies is vast and we guarantee that you’ll find excellent quality. Besides, many of the products have been Eco-Tex certified which means that the products have been tested in a laboratory.

When choosing Eco-Tex certified bibs and drool bibs with for your baby, you are guaranteed that the product does not contain harmful substances or chemicals.

Coated surface

Here, you find bibs for babies with a coated surface from brands such as Sebra. These bibs have extra length, giving more room for spills. These bibs are easily cleaned because of the special surface.

If you need some good advice, you are welcome to contact our customer service. We strive to answer emails within 24 hours on weekdays.

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