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Breast pumps


Breast pumps

At Kids-world, we understand the importance of comfort and convenience for mothers, which is why we present our extensive range of breast pumps. Regardless of whether you are a new mother or experienced, we have the right products to facilitate your breastfeeding process and ensure the best care for your little.

With our breast pumps, you can create an effortless breastfeeding experience and achieve greater flexibility in your daily routine. We understand that every mother is unique, which is why we offer a varied selection of breast pumps to meet different needs and preferences. Take a look at our range and discover how our breast pumps can make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable for you and your baby.

Large selection of breast pumps

We are proud to present an extensive range of breast pumps to suit every mother's needs. Our range includes manual and electric breast pumps from reliable brands that prioritize quality and ease of use.

Whether you prefer a discreet and portable model or an advanced electric breast pump with multiple settings, Kids-world has what you are looking for. We believe that choice and quality go hand in hand, which is why we strive to offer the best selection of breast pumps to our customers. Take a look at our collection and find the perfect breast pump to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Efficiency and convenience with electric breast pumps

For modern mothers who want an optimal breastfeeding experience, our range of electric breast pumps represents a key to efficiency and convenience. These advanced devices are designed to striped the breastfeeding process and offer a range of benefits to suit different needs.

Electric breast pumps work using motorized mechanisms that mimic the baby's natural sucking movements. This allows mothers to express milk efficiently and comfortably without putting extra stress on wrists or hands. With adjustable suction and speed settings, mothers can tailor the breastfeeding experience to meet their individual preferences.

Discover our range of electric breast pumps designed to ease the breastfeeding process and give mums the flexibility they need in their busy lives.

Advantages of electric breast pumps

With our electric breast pumps, mothers have access to a number of advantages that make the breastfeeding period more convenient and adapted to their needs. These devices are ideal for mothers who want efficiency and comfort while maintaining flexibility in their daily routine.

Electric breast pumps are known for their motorized suction and expression mechanisms that ensure fast and efficient milk expression, allowing mothers to adjust suction and speed levels to match their individual comfort level. The automated feature enables mothers to express milk faster compared to manual pumps. With our range of electric breast pumps, we want to give mums the best possible breastfeeding experience and support them in their travel towards giving the best to their babies.

How to choose the right electric breast pump

Choosing the right electric breast pump is crucial for a positive breastfeeding experience. At Kids-world, we offer a wide range of electric breast pumps from reliable brands, but choosing the perfect device can be difficult. Some of the factors that you should consider is whether it should be a breast pump with adjustable suction and speed levels so that you can customize it according to your individual preferences and needs. You should also consider whether it should be an electric breast pump with rechargeable batteries so you can easily take it on the go. Choose a breast pump that is easy to disassemble and clean to ensure hygienic use.

Take the time to explore our range and find the electric breast pump that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Breast pumps from popular and recognized brands

Our range is full of breast pumps from recognized and popular brands when it comes to breast pumps. You will therefore find both breast pumps from Medela, Philips Avent, Haakaa and many others brands. You can use our filter to display breast pumps from the specific brands if you want to see our range of breast pumps from a single brand.

Medela breast pumps: Quality and innovation

Kids-world proudly presents Medela's range of electric breast pumps, which represent a ground-breaking combination of quality, innovation and ease of use. Medela is recognized as a leading manufacturer of breastfeeding equipment, and their electric breast pumps are designed to meet the needs of mothers in a reliable and efficient way.

Whether you're a new mom or experienced, you can trust Medela's electric breast pumps to deliver a first-class breastfeeding experience that focuses on comfort, efficiency and ease of use. Discover the benefits of choosing Medela when it comes to electric breast pumps that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Key features of Medela electric breast pumps

Medela's commitment to providing the best breastfeeding experience is reflected in the key features that characterize their electric breast pumps. Medela's unique 2-phase expression method mimics the baby's natural sucking behavior, leading to a more comfortable and efficient milk expression.

The ergonomically designed breast funnel adapts to individual breast shapes and ensures a tight and comfortable fit, which minimizes the risk of discomfort and tension. Medela offers advanced models with Smart Connect technology, which allows mothers to monitor and control the breast pump via a smartphone app, increasing ease of use. With Medela's electric breast pumps, you not only get reliable performance, but also innovative features that make the breastfeeding experience more personal and adapted to your needs.

Why choose an electric breast pump from Medela?

Medela's commitment to maternal health and well-being makes them the ideal choice for electric breast pumps. Medela has more than 60 years of experience in breastfeeding equipment and is a reliable partner for mothers worldwide.

Medela's constant focus on research and development results in products that integrate the latest technology and meet the needs of modern mothers. Medela's products are based on scientific research and clinical studies that document their effectiveness and safety. Choose Medela to benefit from their expertise, innovative features and dedication to support you on your breastfeeding journey.

Philips Avent breast pumps: Reliability and comfort in every drop

Kids-world proudly presents the Philips Avent range of breast pumps that combine advanced technology with comfort to offer mothers a hassle-free breastfeeding experience. Philips Avent is a globally recognized manufacturer of baby products, and their breast pumps are created with a focus on quality, efficiency and ease of use.

Whether you're a new mother or experienced, you can rely on Philips Avent breast pumps to deliver reliable results that support a healthy breastfeeding process. Discover how Philips Avent combines innovation with comfort to make your breastfeeding journey easier and more comfortable.

Key features of Philips Avent breast pumps

Philips Avent breast pumps are designed with a number of key features that ensure optimal performance and ease of use. Philips Avent breast pumps mimic the baby's natural sucking movements to create a natural and comfortable milk expression experience.

Many Philips Avent breast pump models have a built-in stimulation mode that imitates the baby's initial sucking phase to promote quick and efficient milk expression. The Philips Avent breast pumps focus on simplicity with easily detachable parts that make cleaning and maintenance hassle-free. With Philips Avent breast pumps, you can trust that you will have a reliable and comfortable experience every time you express milk.

Advantages of Philips Avent breast pumps

By choosing a Philips Avent breast pump, mothers enjoy a number of benefits that make the breastfeeding process more convenient and satisfying. Philips Avent focuses on intuitive design elements to make using their breast pumps simple, even for first-time mothers.

In addition to functionality, Philips Avent breast pumps are also known for their modern and stylish design, which makes them attractive and discreet. Some models come with wireless functionality, giving mothers the freedom to move freely during milk expression. Philips Avent breast pumps are the ideal choice for mothers who want reliability and comfort from a recognized manufacturer of baby products.

Haakaa: Natural milk collection in a simple way

Kids-world proudly presents Haakaa's innovative breast pumps designed to simplify milk collection and make it a natural and effortless process for mothers. Haakaa is known for their focus on simplicity and efficiency, and their breast pumps are ideal for mothers who want an intuitive and gentle approach to milk expression.

Whether you are a new mother or experienced, you can rely on Haakaa's breast pumps to deliver reliable results and make the breastfeeding process more convenient and stress-free. Discover the benefits of Haakaa's breast pumps, which combine smart design with natural functionality.

Haakaa breast pumps - Simple and innovative design

Haakaa's breast pumps stand out with their simple and innovative design that gives mothers a number of advantages during milk expression. Haakaa breast pumps are made of soft and safe silicone, which ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes the risk of discomfort. The Haakaa breast pumps create a natural suction cup effect that allows mothers to collect excess milk using a vacuum, without the use of electricity or manuel pumping. The design with few parts makes Haakaa breast pumps easy to take apart, clean and reassemble, making them ideal for busy mums. With Haakaa's breast pumps, you can achieve a natural and comfortable milk collection that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Advantages of Haakaa breast pumps

By choosing Haakaa's breast pumps, mothers gain access to a number of benefits that make expressing milk a simple and pleasant experience. Haakaa's breast pumps are known for their user-friendly design, which makes them easy to use, even for first-time mothers.

With their compact size and simplicity, Haakaa breast pumps are easy to take with you, making them ideal for mums on the go. The gentle suction cup effect ensures that milk is collected naturally without causing discomfort. Haakaa's breast pumps are the perfect choice for mothers who want an uncomplicated and efficient solution for milk expression that fits into their busy everyday life.

How to get an offer on breast pumps

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