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Bed Bumpers

Filibabba - Night Filibabba - Night  100,70 € 

Bed bumpers for cradle and cot

A baby bumper is ideal for providing comfortable, pleasant and safe surroundings for both baby and kid in his or her cradle or cot. 

Bed bumpers in nice colours

Even though a bed bumper has the primary function of being practical, we don’t mind if it also looks nice and maybe even matches with the rest of the interior design and the colours of the kids’s room or in the bedroom. 

At Kids-world we usually stock bed bumpers for cradles and cots. The bed bumpers come in these colours; white, cream-coloured, royal blue, curry, purple, rose-pink, charcoal, black, light blue, wine red, ocean rose, dusty rose, navy and dusty blue.

You can find both solid-coloured bed bumpers as well as bed bumpers with beautiful patterns. You will find bed bumpers with flower motifs, mushrooms and landscapes. Browse our selection and see if we have something that fits your wants and needs.

Buy a white bed bumper here

If you are looking for a more simple and minimalist bed bumper, we of course also offer that in our range. You can choose a white bed bumper frame that will fit perfectly into your kid's room and create a calm connection with the rest of your home.

If your kid is a little older and perhaps not so much into motifs, but still wants the coziness and security that a bed bumper can provide, a white and simple bed bumper is an ideal choice.

You can also get a bed rank in grey

Bed bumpers, bed edges are available in all the colours of the rainbow, and a grey bed bumper is neutral in its look. It will fit in both girl' and boys' rooms and go well with the rest of your decor - even if the kid's room is a little more colorful. An advantage of a grey bed bumper is its versatile look. It will match any bedding, as well as the rest of your home.

Bed bumper in pink for the little princess

If your child loves princesses, fairy tale and beautiful, romantic pink colours, a bed bumper in pink will fit perfectly into your kid's room. We have nice pink bed bumpers, which are wrinkle-free and cozy and will give your kid support, security and protection when they need to sleep, but also just when they are reclining in bed and relaxing.

How to use a bed bumper?

Bed bumpers are placed underneath the cradle or the cot. This is done in order to minimize the risk of the baby or kid gets hurt by the rails or gets his or her arms and legs stuck in between the rails.

Bed bumpers also fit nicely in the play pen. This way, your baby won’t be exposed to draughts and also feels safe while lying in the play pen.

Bed bumpers for cradles and cots come in many colours, plain, loud, muted and with kid-friendly patterns which, combined with the bed bumper, create a nice atmosphere.

How long should I use a bed bumper?

You can use a bed bumper from the time your kid starts using a playpen or a cot. The Bed bumper will protect small kids from pull and hitting the bed rails. They act as a kind of padded protection, which is nice and soft to lean on and gives the kid a safe and calming feeling - and of course also gives you ro of mind as a parent.

But a bed bumper can actually be used for kids of all ages - they come in many versions and models. A bed bumper snake can be used in a quite normal bed without bars and will embrace the kid in a really safe and nice way.

Tossing and turning at night is very common among young kids. Without protection, they are more likely to fall out of bed or hit the bed rails. You can't stop your kid from turning at night, but of course it's still important to make sure they're secure when they sleep alone. A bed bumper provides protection and security. Your kid can no longer beat themselves up in bed or get hurt when they sleep.

Why do you use a bed bumper?

A bed bumper is often the ideal solution to use in the cot or playpen for small kids. It is tied on the inside and thus creates a soft wall so that your kid cannot hit hard edges. Kids also find bed bumpers safe and cozy and feel extra well protected with a bed bumper.

Bed bumpers come in all sorts of different motifs and colours, so it should be easy to find one that will fit your kid's bed perfectly. They are easy to install in the cot. They often just need to be tied down. They can give your kid more confidence and security when they are in bed.

A bed bumper is often made of foam. The cover can be removed and washed. It is a nice and soft way to create safety for your kid in the cot or playpen. They are also easy to store, have a light weight, so they are easy to take with you if you are visiting family for a few days.

A bed bumper can also easily be used for older kids if they also need the extra security that a bed bumper can create. A bed bumper can also create a soft and nice backrest for the bed, which can possibly be made even better with a pair pillows.

How to find the best bed bumper

It is important that you pay attention to several factors to ensure that you buy a bed bumper that fits perfectly with your kid's cot or playpen. To ensure that it fits the size, you should measure the width and height of the kid's bed. You can then easily find the appropriate measurements and choose a product that fits properly.

Also make sure that it is actually possible to attach a bed bumper to your kid's bed or in the playpen. It can be done on most models of beds and playpens, but consider it anyway if you have a very unique bed for your kid.

Bed bumpers for kids are easy to transport, light in weight, soft and usually available at a reasonable price. There are many advantages to them - and they are versatile in use. Which one you should choose depends a lot on your needs and the age of the kid's - as well as the type of bed. With a suitable bed bumper, your kid will sleep extra safely and soundly, and you can also sleep with an extra clear conscience.

Bed bumpers with removable cover

Most bed bumpers for cradles and cots are made with Velcro or zip on the one side, thus making it possible to change covers when a cover needs washing.

There are many types of bed bumpers. We offer the simple ones which are made of a delicious and soft quality and which are nicely shaped with elongated parts - one for each end of the bed and one for each side.

We also have bed bumpers shaped like the most cute, nice and soft animals such as a mouse and which can easily be used for rolling around, or as a (arm)rest when the kid is practicing to sit up by itself.

How to wash your bed bumper

Fortunately, Bed bumpers are easy to maintain. The vast majority have a cover that can be easily removed and washed separately. Always check the instructions for washing, either on the product's washing label itself or in the product description.

If you use a bed bumper in a cot or playpen, it is important to wash it regularly. Babies and young kids have fine, sensitive skin and do not tolerate dirt or dust very well. As parents, you must always ensure that their bed and playpen are clean and dust-free, so that they can sleep safely and well - both at night and when they have to take their afternoon nap.

Also remember a bed bumper snake

Bed bumpers in the form of snakes and sausages are hugely popular. The great thing about them is that they act as cozy pillows as well as protection in your kid's bed. If there are gaps or gaps between the bed and the mattress, bed bumper hoses fill them up. They also hug your kid in a safe and comfortable way and make the bed cozier. They will love to lean on them and hug them when they go to bed at night. They function almost like a baby nest, in that it hugs the kid in a soothing way. You might want to check out the Fabelab.

Bed bumpers with animal

Optimize coziness in your kid's bed with a bed bumper with animal on it. The delightful animal motifs will be an instant hit in the kid's room. Bed bumpers with animal creates a good atmosphere and will delight your kid when the kid looks at the motifs, when they lie in bed, both when they wake up in the morning and when they go to bed at night.

At Kids-world you will find bed bumpers with all kinds of animal motifs, see for example our bed bumpers with dogs, or if your kid loves the sea, why not try a bed bumper with whales on it?

Bed bumpers for all types of baby beds and kids’s beds 

Beds for babies and kids come in different shapes and sizes. This means that we offer different types of bed bumpers with different designs. Some of our bed bumpers consist of four pieces which fit both ends of the bed as well as both sides.

Others consist of one long piece which can be adjusted to square and oval-shaped beds, and can potentially be overlapped if the bed is a little bit smaller than the bed bumper. 

Most of the bed bumpers have either velcro or drawstrings in order to attach them to the bars on the bed so that the bed bumper doesn’t move around.

You are almost guaranteed to be able to find a bed bumper which fits your kid's or baby’s bed. Remember that you can find the measurements of the bed bumpers under each product description.

Here you can also find information about the materials used for making the bed bumper. 

Bed bumpers from many well-known brands

At Kids-world you find a big selection of bed bumpers for cradles and cots from many well-known brands; Cam Cam, Danefæ, Done By Deer, ferm Living, Filibabba, Leander, Liewood, Müsli, Sebra, Smallstuff, Småfolk and Sofie Schnoor.

Bed bumpers for cradles and cots can be purchased in many lengths, thicknesses, colours w/o kid-friendly patterns. You have lots of opportunities of finding the right bed bumper that fits your decor.

The wide variety of brands ensures that there is a lot to choose from both when it comes to price, design, colour and size.

If you against all odds can’t find what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service who are always ready to answer any question you may have.

Who knows, maybe the product you are looking for is just about to enter our selection.

How thick should a bed bumper be?

The most popular bed bumper is a thick bed bumper that can stand even in the crib. The bed bumper of the bed itself is typically made of foam rubber, which is covered with fabric with all kinds of colours and patterns.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the thick bed edge is that the cot can seem incredibly large for your little kid, who is not yet full.

A bed edge for the bed bumper can thus help to make the bed smaller and more cozy for the kid, while also ensuring that the little one does not Sheep a pull or is disturbed by the outside world.

When the kid gets bigger and no longer needs the bed to feel smaller, it may be a good idea to look around for a thinner bed bumper.

The primary function will now be to make sure that neither the small arms nor leg smoke in between the slats during the night when choosing a bed row for the crib.

Bed bumper for junior bed

You probably come across a bit of a test when you need to find a bed bumper for a junior bed. The usual size for a bed bumper is 360 cm, and that is not enough to reach all the way around a junior bed, which typically measures 70x140 or 160 cm.

It will require a bed bumper of at least 460 cm - and it is unfortunately not ready to dust up the market. One possible solution is to buy two bed bumpers in the same model that you lay in extension of each other.

If you choose to do it, then you just have to find out if it should be a thick bed bumper, or if it should have a smaller thickness.

Bed bumper to the playpen

Whether there is a need for a bed bumper for the playpen or not is a matter of taste. The kid typically does not sleep in the playpen. Still, there is a risk that the small leg and arms will slip out through the bars, or that the kid will accidentally bump into the bars.

If you want to be on the safe side - and at the same time want to create a little extra coziness in the playpen, you can equip it with a bed bumper. Choose a bed bumper with a drawstring so you can easily attach it to the playpen.

How to use a bed bumper in a cot

The first thing you need to do when buying a bed bumper for a cot is that you need to find out how thick a bed bumper you need to buy. The smaller kids, the thicker your bed bumper should be.

When you put your bed bumper to the cot down in the crib itself, make sure that it does not fall over the kid or that the kid can crawl under or over it. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that your bed bumper is tied tightly to the slats so that it stays in place.

If the time in the cot needs to be a little more cozy, then you can put soft soft toys up in the corners or use a babynest down in the cot itself, while the little one just settles into the large bed.

Bed bumper for boys and girls

Bed bumpers can create coziness and give the little kid something nice and colorful to look at. Here in the category you will find bed bumpers for both girls and boys.

Whatever you go up in that the bed bumper should have a specific colour for your boy or girl respectively, you will find it here. Most of the brands we carry at Kids-world produce designs in light and neutral colours that fit into any interior.

Do you think that your baby should have something fun to look at, then bed bumpers with a car- and animal themes are a must. The many cute floral prints are also always a sure winner with both boys and girls.

Make your baby bed safe and cosy 

A nice bed bumper ensures that your baby doesn’t get tangled up in the bars of the bed and get hurt. A bed bumper creates a safe and cosy environment in the bedor the play pen.

A bed bumper is for decoration only and should always be used under supervision of an adult - don't ever leave your baby unwatched when the bed bumper is in the bed, cot, cradle or playpen

The bed bumper screens from light which enters from the sides and it similarly screens from draught. A bed bumper can also be used in the playpen.

Have a look around this page and see if you stumble upon a bed bumper which is just perfect for your home and needs. 

GOTS-certified bed bumpers 

Bed bumpers for cradles and baby beds can be purchased in many different lengths, thicknesses, colours and with/without kid-friendly patterns. In addition to this, we also offer organic materials, such as organic cotton. We also offer GOTS-certified bed bumpers.

The GOTS-certification means that the bed bumper has been produced without the use of dangerous chemicals and last, but not least, it has also been produced under so-called socially responsible conditions. 

You will find bed bumpers in a sea of patterns as well as bed bumpers in quilted qualities. You have every opportunity to find the right bed bumper for your home. 

You can filter by brand, colour, gender, type and price range, which you want the bed bumper to be in.

Other accessories for the baby bed

When you have found the perfect bed bumper you may also want to look at more equipment for your baby or the baby bed. Here at Kids-World you will find everything you need when it comes to baby beds.

Use the menu at the top of the page to find bedding, sleeping bags, sheets, blankets and of course also beds.

How to find a cheap bed bumper

A bed bumper is a good investment for your kid's bed. They are available in all price ranges. If you are looking for a cheap bed bumper, you can use our search filter. Here you can use our price filter and set the desired price or display the cheapest first. In this way, you will be shown the cheapest bed bumper in our range.

Bed bumper sale

At Kids-world, of course, we also run with ongoing bed bumper offers and sale items. All you have to do to stay up to date on the current bed bumper offers is to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. That way, you will be notified directly in your mailbox when there is time for new offers - also bed bumper offers.

If you are already using a bed edge for the bed bumper or cradle, we recommend that you see our category of bed bumpers. You will also find offers on bed bumpers edges in our sale category.

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