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Baby Carriers, Wraps and Slings

MiniMeis Baby carrier - G4 - Camouflage MiniMeis Baby carrier - G4 - Camouflage 156,97 €
Originally:  198,70 €  
MiniMeis Baby Carrier - G4 - Grey/Orange MiniMeis Baby Carrier - G4 - Grey/Orange 142,99 €
Originally:  181,00 €  
MiniMeis Baby carrier - G4 - Black/Grey MiniMeis Baby carrier - G4 - Black/Grey 142,99 €
Originally:  181,00 €  
MiniMeis Baby Chair - G4 - Burgundy MiniMeis Baby Chair - G4 - Burgundy 143,15 €
Originally:  181,20 €  
MiniMeis Baby carrier - G4 - Black/Navy MiniMeis Baby carrier - G4 - Black/Navy 142,99 €
Originally:  181,00 €  

Ergonomic baby carriers, baby wraps and baby slings for kids and parents

Here at Kids-world we have a wide selection of baby solutions for you and your kid in the form of baby carriers, baby wraps and baby slings which are all very comfortable.

With a good baby carrier, baby wrap or baby sling you can carry around your kid when you need it during the day, so I can be close in as you solve small chores. Your arms are still free and can be used for others things.

How to choose the right baby carrier

Previously, baby carriers used where the kid sat facing outwards - however, this has proven to be stressful for the kid and is no longer recommended. A good baby carrier will let your baby sit facing you in the seed position. You should not let your baby sit outwards until it is 3 mths., and even then there are limits to how long you can let the baby sit in this position. It is recommended that your kid sit with his face facing you for the first 6 mths., as it is better for a little kid to sit with his back in a C-shape.

Many modern baby carriers allow your kid to sit in different positions - however, it is still important to choose a baby carrier that is comfortable for both you and the baby to use. A good baby carrier can also be adjusted in various ways so that you can use it for your your kid for a long time. It is also well padded to ensure optimum comfort. Of course, it is important that the harness is comfortable for both you and the baby, as otherwise you will not sheep it used. Choose a baby carrier that is breathable and made of a lightweight material, so that it does not weigh too much in itself. A good baby carrier should also distribute the weight so that you lift with both hip, back and shoulders.

Of course, it is also an advantage if the sling has a nice design, as it is very visible and you will hopefully use it for a long time. For the same reason, strong, durable materials are also a must. Modern baby carriers also often have extra features in the form of possibly small pockets and removable caps, so finally look for this if needed. A baby carrier is the right choice as a carrying solution for your baby if you do not have the large patience, as it is incredibly easy and simple to use in relation to a baby sling or baby wrap.

A baby sling or baby wrap as an alternative to baby carrier

A baby should not sit in a baby carrier for too long at a time as it can damage the spine. The older your baby is, the longer he will have to sit in the sling. Alternatively, you can buy a baby sling or baby wrap, which allows your kid to change position.

A stretch wrap is a really good baby wrap for new parents and babies, and is also really good for premature babies. It provides skin-to-skin contact between baby and parent, and it is hugely reassuring for your little to be as close to you and hear your heartbeat and breathing. The material in a stretch wrap is often jersey or soft cotton, which gives way and can be adjusted to fit your baby perfectly.

A stretch wrap is also extremely easy to tie, and can be used until your kid weighs approx. 10 kg. If you use a stretch wrap for a heavier child, it can be problematic as you will find that it often needs to be tightened to sit properly and so you can avoid getting tired in the back. In this case, you should use a wrap instead. Another advantage of stretch wraps is that they are often a cheaper carrying solution than a traditional carrying baby carrier.

A wrap should be tied each time you use it. The advantage of a wrap is that it can be tied in many different ways and is suitable for small kids of all ages. They can be used for your kid weighing up to 20 kg, and can thus be used for many years. However, they require a bit of practice and it is important to learn how to use them properly to ensure both your and your kid's safety.

A ring baby sling works by means of fabric and rings to which the fabric is tied. A baby sling is quick and easy to use, and is available in different sizes. However, it is not recommended for long time intervals. The weight of the baby is also carried solely on one shoulder, so it is not the most comfortable option to choose. A baby sling can be used on the abdomen, hip and back. The kid should sit in an upright frøstilling in a baby sling.

The benefits of carrying your baby

You do not necessarily need a carrying tool to carry around your baby, but it is now even more comfortable and much more practical for a longer period of time, especially because you have your arms free to do others things while the baby safely relax very close. Carrying your kid around reduces stress for both kid and parent, and creates a closer bond.

Having your hands free for others things means that you can easily do chores all the while your kid is with you so you do not have to worry about it. It is also a safer way for a baby to experience the world than lying in a pram. In addition, it is also good training for parents!

A large selection of baby carriers, baby wraps and baby slings from the best brands

Here at Kids-world we have a nice selection of the popular and ergonomic baby carriers from Moby in different models, baby carriers from BeSafe and baby wraps from BabyDan. We have many models of baby carriers and baby wraps in beautiful designs and different colours, so regardless of your specific needs and your kid's age, you will be able to find a good baby carrier at Kids-world.

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