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Baby nest

Voksi Baby nest Premium - Stone Grey Flying Voksi Baby nest Premium - Stone Grey Flying 87,10 €
Originally:  134,00 €  
That's Mine Babynest - Mouse Flower That's Mine Babynest - Mouse Flower 56,68 €
Originally:  87,20 €  
Cam Cam Babynest Cover - 135x190 - GOTS Aurora Cam Cam Babynest Cover - 135x190 - GOTS Aurora 32,22 €
Originally:  53,70 €  

Baby nests in great colours

At Kids-world you find a big selection of the popular and versatile baby nests that make sure your baby feels warm and safe. Baby nests have become very popular in recent years.

A baby nest provides baby with a familiar feeling of lying inside the mother's womb and that is why it should be a nice and safe place for your baby to sleep and relax in.

With the high edges, the baby is well protected in the baby nest, without being able to roll out. Many babies also love to take a nap in their baby nest. The baby's back and neck are provided with ergonomic support in a baby nest, so they will always lie well. A baby nest should only be used under supervision.

No wonder, a baby nest is popular with very many parents as it's convenient when sleeping together, playing on the floor or while driving.

Here at Kids-world, we have a large selection of baby nests in various lovely designs and colours, at different price ranges, so everyone can join. Most of our baby nests are partly or completely made of organic cotton.

We have both patterned models and models of baby nests in solid colours, so you can choose the model that most suits your taste and best suits the interior design of your home.

What is a baby nest?

A baby nest is also called a baby nest, as it just acts as a kind of nest for your little baby. The soft baby nest has a comfortable mattress and high edges, which ensures that your baby lies safe and nice.

The high edges are typically thickly padded and also help to create ro and security around the little new one, but to that extent also for the parents, who with ro of mind can put the little gold nugget in the baby nest, without having to fear that the little one rolls in some places.

One of the large advantages of a baby nest is that it is easy to carry on the go due to its light weight - which is true for most baby nest models on the market, whether you choose a baby nest with handles or without.

That way, you can always have the little one within reach and under supervision, whether you are on a walk in the garden, for training or on a visit to the grandparents. The baby nest's removability also means that it works excellently as an alternative to a cot, which is just not easy to carry.

If your child is used to sleeping in the baby nest, it will be a safe base where the kid feels comfortable, no matter where you are.

How long can you use a baby nest?

Typically, parents use baby nests for completely newborn babies (from 0-3 months), but many brands sell baby nests in several sizes - both large, small and adjustable. Even when your baby no longer uses his baby nest at home, it is convenient for resting on travel and trips. Some baby nests can easily be used until a child is 1.5 years old.

It is ideal to use a baby nest right from the time your baby is born, so that you avoid the kid becoming dependent on a parent when it is time to sleep.

Baby nests have many benefits - with many models you can sleep in the same bed with your baby, without worrying about lying on them. You can similarly have eye contact with your baby before they fall asleep. A baby nest is also a really good help if you want to teach your baby to sleep in his own bed. Thanks to a baby nest, you can also breastfeed your baby in the middle of the night and avoid large movements, as well as avoid interrupting your and your baby's sleep too much.

What do you use a baby nest for?

A baby nest is a fine product that babies can sleep in. It consists of a comfortable bed and a padded protective cylinder, which ensures that the kid can not roll or fall out, and protects and surrounds the kid when it sleeps. A baby nest can easily be used in a crib, crib or cot, but also in the sofa, in the car, or outdoors.

The great thing about a baby nest is that it is a multi-product that can be used in many different ways and places where your baby has the opportunity to lie down safely during several activities. Place your baby nest on the sofa, table, floor, bed, etc. and place your baby in yours for a quick nap or just a little relaxation. A baby nest is also good if your child moves a lot and is active as it has the ability to do this without falling out.

A baby nest makes your little feel completely safe and protected, as if it were still in the mother's womb. A good baby nest is lightweight and portable, so you can always take your baby's favorite place with you on the go. The Baby nest will surely be the ideal playground and place to sleep for the first pair months of your baby's liv.

Just a few years ago, baby nests were not very familiar in the homes of new parents. But now they have become some of the most important equipment for the baby room and home, which is actually recommended to buy before the kid is born, since it can be used already by a newborn.

Which baby nest to choose?

It can be difficult to choose the right baby nest with the large selection available day, and which one to choose depends entirely on what your needs are. The perfect baby nest combines function, design and a good price.

Of course, if you are planning to use your baby nest outdoors or move around a lot, it is ideal to find one that is lightweight but still stable enough that your baby will not fall out of it. Some baby nests have handles on the side, which makes it super easy to move them and take them on the go, and some even come with included carrying bags.

There are many different price ranges when it comes to baby nests, and some are suitable for activity and play while others should only be used for supervised sleep. If you just want a baby nest to place the kid in when it needs to have a nap under supervision, cheap models are often enough. If you want extra stability and function, you must be willing to pay a little more.

Of course, a good baby nest should also be easy to clean - on many of them the cover can be removed using a zipper and is then ready to throw in the washing machine.

Baby nests are available with different fillings in the mattress, and it is important that the material allows the air to circulate and is breathable so that your child does not get hot, cold or uncomfortable. Many people prefer that their baby nest has a cover in organic cotton, and this is fortunately included in most baby nests. However, it is recommended that you use a thin blanket over your baby nest, to protect the cover and avoid having to wash it too often.

If you want to use your baby nest for a longer period, it can be advantageous to choose a model that can be adjusted in size.

Some baby nests also function as a baby Liewood. With the practical handles, you can easily lift your child without waking it up. The baby nest from Baby nest lives up to the European standards for the function as a baby Liewood, so you can use it completely safely. It consists of a in wood base, a mattress, and a cover, and all parts can be easily disassembled.

A temporary addition to a cot

If you are looking for something to replace the cot when going places, a baby nest is perfect. Baby nests are designed for creating a safe and calm environment for your baby to feel safe and calm.

A baby nest is best suited for the youngest kids aged 0-6 months, and some models can also be adjusted in size so that the kid can use it longer. There are many different baby nests on the market for all budgets, and we always have a wide range of options.

Baby nests are ideal, robust and lightweight when moving about. With a babynest, you will always have your baby within reach and supervision, whether you are training in the living room, watching television or doing something completely third.

Baby nest with handle or handle

If a baby nest does not just have to be a baby nest, then you can advantageously choose one with a handle. In our range you can get both a cheap baby nest or a baby nest with a handle.

Among other things, you can get a baby nest from brands such as Liewood and Voksi, which produce baby nests with handle - a kind of combination of baby nest and baby lift.

With a baby nest with handles, you can easily move your baby while the little one is sleeping without it interfering with sleep. The Baby nest remains in the same horizontal position when you lift it in the carrying straps, so the little one therefore also lies in the same position, regardless of whether you carry it from the pram into the house or whether you place it on a surface.

Baby nests for activity games

A baby nest is ideal for keeping your baby while you have things to do round the house, i.e. cooking, vacuuming, doing the laundry etc.

The baby nest is also ideal to use for activities for the baby; you can put the activity stand above the baby while he or she is comfortably lying in the baby nest, then your baby has toys to look at and reach for - and you can do chores that has to be done.

A baby nest is also quite useful for a baby to have if you want to place your baby next to it's older siblings. In that way, the older siblings can form an early bond with their little baby brother or a baby sister. 

One of the advantages of a baby nest is that the baby doesn't roll round but remains safe and sound within the baby nest.

Many parents also use a baby nest for those moments when you just need a break and some time to yourself, perhaps in the armchair with a good cup of coffee and a book, while the baby enjoys your presence.

A baby nest is also practical for having a baby close to you while you perform the daily duties in your home, such as laundry.

Having a baby nest on the floor when it's time to relax is also quite cosy - play with or keep an eye on your baby while the whole family is present for some wonderful quality time together.

Baby nests are first and foremost very practical

A baby nest is easy to take along when you go somewhere. Your baby won't roll over and is safe and sound inside the baby nest which has excellent edging that helps your baby keeping his or her head up.

A baby nest should be used on flat surfaces, with the baby's head at the end. The baby's back should be in the middle of the baby nest - it is generally recommended to leave babies lying and sleeping on their backs.

When the baby is lying on his stomach during the day under your supervision, to train neck and shoulder muscles, a baby nest is also a comfortable and soft surface for the baby to lie on.

If you are going on a trip or visiting someone, a baby nest is also perfect to bring along - so that the baby can feel at home and safe anywhere and anytime.

The edging is perfect when you want your baby to be comfortable and not roll round and lie on his or her belly.

A baby nest for a cosy, quality time at home

If you want to have your baby near you at night, the baby nest is a possible solution to bring into the bedroom. Sleeping in the same room as your baby and kids can be comforting for all parties and you get a good night's sleep.

If you want to sleep with your baby, a baby nest should be placed at the same level as your head, on a flat surface and at a safe distance from the bed edges. You can also protect your baby nest with a thin blanket that is breathable for baby.

When choosing a baby nest, it is important to make sure that the edges are not too soft and that they are high enough for the baby to be well protected.

Here at Kids-world, we only offer the very best baby nests, so you can always be sure that your baby is happy and comfortable. Most baby nests can also be used in the pram, on the floor, the sofa, in the cradle and more.

Baby nests can be washed, as babies can easily make a bit of mess while being in it. On most models, the mattress can be taken out, and then it can be washed according to the given instructions.

Baby nest for your office

If you work from home, have your own company or you simply want your baby together with you in your office, a baby nest is a super-smart solution. Let the baby lie comfortably next to you while you get your work done as efficiently as possible.

Baby nest for boys and girls

Baby nests are absolutely fantastic equipment for both boys and girls. They are available in all the colours of the rainbow and come in simple designs that are cozy for little boys and girls and very fine to look at. They are easy to get to fit into any room. Most models and colours are unisex, so it's entirely up to you as parents which design you think best suits your little girl or boy.

You can get a baby nest in these colours

Baby nests come in countless colours, shapes and designs. Here at Kids-world we have baby nests in the colours blue, green, beige, brown, grey, yellow, white, purple, multicolour, orange, pink and black. We also have baby nests with many cute patterns, and especially soft, classic Scandinavian designs are a hit in many homes.

At Kids-world, our collection of baby nests is large so everyone can find a model that suits them well. You can easily find a functional and stylish baby nest for your particular baby. There are both more minimalist designs and some that are a little more colorful.

Baby nest sale: How to find a baby nest on sale

If you are on a budget or just looking for the best deal, then look for our baby nests on sale.

You can find baby nests on sale under the category?? baby nest?? under "equipment". You will then have the option to select? Show only offers? below? price? in the search filter.

You can also always check our sale category to see what we have of great deals right now. We also clearly recommend that you sign up for our newsletter - every month we draw lots for a gift card of dkk 1, 000 among those who sign up for our newsletter. You will also receive special discounts, as well as info about our upcoming sale before everyone others.

How to wash your baby nest

A baby nest must of course be washed once in a while, and it is very different from product to product how it should be done.

Many baby nests have a cover that you can easily take off and wash, without worrying about cleaning the mattress itself. However, not all baby nests where the cover can be removed -

therefore always remember to check the washing instructions for washing the baby nest on the product itself, to ensure that it is done correctly and extend the durability of your baby nest. Also, always check the product description here at Kids-world if you are in doubt about anything.

It is also recommended to always use a thin blanket on top of your baby nest when your child uses it, to protect it and ensure that it does not have to be washed too often.

Twin baby nests

Buy your baby nest at Kids-world! If you have several kids or twins, you can easily buy a larger baby nest for twins that they both fit in.

That's Mine offers large baby nests especially for twins - the square shape with high edges lets your twins lie safely and well. It can be used in the parents' bed, in the cot under supervision, and can also be easily placed others in the home. Please also see our others baby nests in large sizes.

Baby nest sale

In addition to the many benefits of buying a baby nest for the little one, we would like to tops it off with another benefit. At Kids-world we have thousands of offers on sale, and maybe you can be lucky to find a cheap baby nest or two at a reduced price inside our sales page. You will find it at the very right side of the webshop, where you also have the opportunity to check out our outlet category.

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