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Preschool and Kindergarten Backpack for Kids


Preschool backpack

Preschool backpacks are essential when kids start preschool. At Kids-world you find a huge selection of preschool backpacks in smashing designs and colours from many brands. We are certain that we stock preschool backpacks to everyone’s liking.

Preschool backpacks may be your kid’s first bag. Therefore, it makes good sense to take your time when choosing the right preschool backpack for your kid. Some preschool backpacks are big enough to become a proper first school bag as well - of course, this depends on how many things your kid wants to bring along.

Preschool backpacks to everyone’s liking

Here, you find preschool backpacks in all the colours of the rainbow; plain-coloured, with patterns and with prints. Whether you have a boy or a girl who needs a preschool backpack and whether he or she wants a backpack in neutral colours or a loud coloured preschool backpack, we are certain that you’ll find one right here at Kids-world.

On our page, you will typically find preschool backpacks in the following colours: blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, pink, red, black and turquoise. There are both simple and solid-colored preschool backpacks, but also backpacks with lots of fun designs all over.

For example, you will find preschool backpacks with stripes, floral prints, leopard prints, logos, pandas, unicorns, bears, elephants and vikings.

Therefore, we hope that you will be able to find the perfect preschool backpack for your kid.

Preschool Backpack with fine details

Besides beautiful colours and patterns, we also have preschool backpacks with lots of cute details. For example, some are shaped like different animals, some come with cute eyes or ears.

Many backpacks come with both large and a small compartment. It can be very practical for keeping the various small items in one place, without losing them on the bottom of the backpack. The size of the backpack and number of compartments is entirely up to you. If you are looking for a durable preschool backpack which your kid can also use when the real school starts, then it might be a good idea to go with a slightly larger and more spacious backpack.

However, it is important that your kid is able to carry the backpack him/herself. Here we are talking about your kid going on an excursion with a kindergarten, where he/she should bring a lunchbox and maybe an extra sweater. Besides, the backpack can also be quite practical when your little one is going for a visit to the grandparents or a friend.

Preschool Backpacks from well-known brands

On this page, you will also find preschool backpacks from a number of well-known brands. Common to all the brands available on this page is high-quality of the bags. We have preschool backpacks from over 20 different brands, so there is plenty to choose from.

To name a few, you will find preschool backpacks from Müsli, Trunki, Young Versace, Jens Storm Kbh, Fendi, Reebok, Done by Deer, Cam Cam, CeLaVi, Affenzahn and A Little Lovely Company.

If you are looking for a preschool backpack from a particular brand, remember that you can use the filter search available at the top of the page.

Find the perfect preschool backpack for your kid

While looking for a preschool backpack for your little one, it is important to think about his/her needs. If your kid is about to start school, then it may be a good idea to choose a backpack that he/she can also use when school starts. If, on the other hand, your kid has just started kindergarten, he/she may do just fine with a slightly smaller backpack.

Besides, the kid should be able to carry the backpack him/herself. A backpack with adjustable straps is an obvious choice for many kids. It does not fall off so easily and can be adjusted as the kid grows.

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