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LEGOŽ swimwear for kids

LEGOŽ Wear Swim Hat - LWAri 301 - UV50+ - Blue LEGOŽ Wear Swim Hat - LWAri 301 - UV50+ - Blue 16,08 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
LEGOŽ Wear Swim Hat - LWAri 301 - Pastel Orange LEGOŽ Wear Swim Hat - LWAri 301 - Pastel Orange 16,08 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
LEGOŽ Wear Bikini - Mellow Rose LEGOŽ Wear Bikini - Mellow Rose 20,16 €
Originally:  33,60 €  
LEGOŽ Wear Bikini - LWAjra 302 - UV50+ - Rose LEGOŽ Wear Bikini - LWAjra 302 - UV50+ - Rose 18,54 €
Originally:  30,90 €  

LEGO® swimwear and UV-swimwear for kids

Need great swimwear for the beach or the swimming pool?

You do not have to look any further. The LEGO® swimwear collection has many great designs and hopefully, you find swimwear to your liking - if you do not, please do not hesitate with browsing the swimwear from other well-known brands at Kids-world.

On warm and sunny days, you can wear LEGO® swimwear (bathing trunks) for regular shorts as well.

Smashing LEGO® swimwear for kids

Do not let the arrival of summer surprise you; be ready to put up the paddling pool in the garden if you do not have time to go to the beach and make sure your kids have swimwear when summer arrives.

Tastes differ, and LEGO® knows this. Therefore, LEGO® swimwear designs are multifarious; plain-coloured, patterns, stripes, neutral, lively, prints etc. and most likely, you are able to find swimwear to your liking - and your kid’s liking as well.

We suggest that you have your kid be part of the purchase - this way you know that he or she gets swimwear they like.

How to treat your LEGO® swimwear

LEGO® swimwear is hard-wearing, but being exposed to the sun, chlorine and saltwater is hard on swimwear. Wear and tear shortens the lifespan which is why you must wash your swimwear with great care:

1. Wash shortly after wearing the swimwear

2. Use cold water

3. Add a drop of shampoo or hand soap

4. Avoid using fabric softener as this is bad for the elasticity of the swimwear fabric

The LEGO® swimwear collection is comprehensive enough for you to find all the designs, patterns and colours imaginative.

UV-protective LEGO® swimwear

You might want to look for UV-protective LEGO® swimwear as well. Much of the LEGO® swimwear has UV 50-protection, thus the swimwear provides further protection against UV-radiation for your kid(s).

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