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Funkita Swimwear

Funkita Swimsuit - Printed - UV50+ - Minisaurus Funkita Swimsuit - Printed - UV50+ - Minisaurus 21,84 €
Originally:  33,60 €  
Funkita Swimsuit - Printed - UV50+ - Full Bloom Funkita Swimsuit - Printed - UV50+ - Full Bloom 21,78 €
Originally:  33,50 €  
Funkita Bikini - Swim Steady - UV50+ - Minisaurus Funkita Bikini - Swim Steady - UV50+ - Minisaurus 24,38 €
Originally:  37,50 €  
Funkita Swim Top - Zippy Rash - UV50+ - Minisaurus Funkita Swim Top - Zippy Rash - UV50+ - Minisaurus 24,38 €
Originally:  37,50 €  
Funkita Swimsuit - Sun Case - UV50+ - Full Bloom Funkita Swimsuit - Sun Case - UV50+ - Full Bloom 28,73 €
Originally:  44,20 €  
Funkita Swim Trunks - Printed - UV50+ - Smash Mouth Funkita Swim Trunks - Printed - UV50+ - Smash Mouth 13,91 €
Originally:  21,40 €  
Funkita Swim Trunks - Training - UV50+ - Beam Bears Funkita Swim Trunks - Training - UV50+ - Beam Bears 30,94 €
Originally:  47,60 €  

Funkita swimwear for kids

We are happy to present you with this season's assortment of wonderful Funkita swimwear for both girls and boys available right here in this category. If you are planning to spend part of your summertime on the beach or by the swimming pool, you've ended up at the right place. 

We hope that our assortment of Funkita swimwear will fulfil your expectations - if not, please don't hesitate to check out the swimwear from other brands available here on our page.

Swimwear is essential in the summer, especially if you are planning to go to the beach or the pool. For those who are not big fans of sand between their toes, visiting a pool in the open might be a great alternative. However, both call for some swimwear. The Funkita swimwear collection is suited for both vacationing by the pool and at the beach.

We have Funkita swimwear 

Most Girls and Boys enjoy having fun out in the sun when the weather is nice and warm. Under the summer sun, a beach is very often a popular place for a holiday.

When summer weather comes, it is good to have stunning Funkita swimwear in the closet.

Some boys and girls prefer plain-coloured and simple swimwear. Others prefer colourful ones with or without prints.

Usually, it is a great idea to let the kids pick their own swimwear - kids like being asked their opinion about things that are important to them.

How to take care of your Funkita swimwear

Swimwear is quite hard-wearing, anyhow, a tour to the swimming pool or the beach is actually quite harsh on your Funkita swimwear.

Chlorine, the sun and saltwater wear and tear the material that swimwear is made of. Wear and tear from the sun, saltwater and chlorine shorten the life of your swimwear. That is why we suggest you wash your Funkita swimwear carefully.

The best way of cleaning swimwear is by using cold freshwater with a drop of shampoo or hand soap straight after use. Avoid using fabric softener since it can easily ruin the elasticity of your Funkita swimwear.

Whether your kids want swimwear in neutral colours or vibrant ones, our Funkita swimwear category has it all.

Large selection of Funkita swimsuits

Let your kids become professional swimmers with a Funkita swimsuit, which is the perfect swimsuit for girls who love to swim.

The many variegated and flashy colours of Funkita swimsuits are designed with a view to creating a robust swimsuit that does not fade with frequent use.

A Funkita swimsuit with a nice square cut, free back piece, narrow straps or long sleeves is just a little example of the many different shapes that you can find with our Funkita swimsuits. There are also different leg cuts to choose from for your children's swimsuit.

The unique graphic prints on all Funkita swimsuits are always very creative, and can, for example, reflect wildlife in the sea, beautiful corals, palm beaches or wild flowers. There is a whole sea of different prints to choose from.

Funkita swimsuits have a UV filter of 50+, which protects against the sun's rays and is completely chlorine-resistant.

Remember that we also have a large selection of swimwear for boys. Here, for example, you can find good swim trunks in many colours and with cool patterns. Funkita has also designed swim tops and coverall swimsuits for kids, which have long sleeves and protect extra well against the sun's often strong UV rays.

Did you know that you can also combine the Funkita swimsuit with a kickboard, backpack or swim cap from Funkita? With extra accessories, you can give the kids even more fun experiences in the water.

Smart Funkita bikinis

Get the kids extra ready for the trip to the beach on holiday with a Funkita bikini, specially designed for girls.

Funkita bikini is a smart and beautiful bikini that sits well on the kid, who wants complete freedom of movement in the water. Being able to swim with free movement and large comfort is essential for elite swimmers, who often use Funkita, as Funkita specializes in this.

With an Italian fabric technology, all types of Funkita bikini are guaranteed exceptional robustness, which makes them extra suitable for frequent use.

There are many fine patterns and colours to choose from for your Funkita bikini, including funky neon colours and graphic crystals.

Funkita bikini can be tightened with a lace on the inside of the panty edge, so they are extra tight.

Get offers on Funkita swimsuits directly by email

It is simpler than ever to be notified when there is an offer on our Funkita swimsuits - directly to your email. All you need to do is just fill in the form with your email and send it to us. After this, you can simply look forward to receiving the many advantageous offers sent directly to your inbox.

In our sales section, you can also find even more great deals on Funkita swimsuits. Use our search function and see the many good offers on Funkita, together with countless others brands that we sell at Kids-world.

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