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Billabong Cardigan for Kids

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Billabong Zip Hoodie - Navy Melange
Billabong Zip Hoodie - Navy Melange 50,90 € Save 15,28 €
35,63 € 
12 Y (152)

12 Y (152)

Billabong Zip Thru Hoodie - All Day - Navy Melange
Billabong Zip Thru Hoodie - All Day - Navy Melange 49,50 € Save 14,85 €
34,65 € 
14 Y (164)

14 Y (164)

Billabong cardigans

Cardigans are many kids’ favourite piece of clothing - both babies’ and adults’. The cardigan from Billabong accompanies your kid´s look perfectly, and is available in style susch as a zip hoodie. Billabong cardigans fit ideally for changing weather.

We stock a amazing assortment of cardigans by Billabong when it comes to colouring, styles etc. - your son or daughter will always have fashion to wear. The Billabong cardigan goes well with a pair of leggings or trousers; you can leave it unsealed or sealed by making use of the buttons.

One of the best components of a Billabong cardigan is that you can have it on literally in the way you like it best; closed as a sweater or unsealed in case it is a bit warm or you strive to look casual.

Purchase Billabong cardigans today

Normally, a cardigan from Billabong is over a top, but it also can be matched with a fine blouse or a dress. Cardigans let you look cool, cool and trendy - which is the excuse for why it is so popular. Cardigans from Billabong suits well for weekly usage, joyful gatherings - any occasions, actually.

Here you can spot cardigans in many types from well-known brands in lots of textures, including cotton and polyester - explore and shop your kid’s modern zip cardigan right here.

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