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Leggings for Kids


Leggings for kids and babies

At Kids-world, you will find leggings for kids of all ages. We have leggings for babies and kids in all colours and sizes that suit both boys and girls.

There are very simple leggings for babies and kids as well as leggings with different prints such as tigers, butterflies, camouflage and horses.

We also have leggings for kids who think it's great to be able to dress like camouflaged soldiers, dangerous animals or something completely different.

In addition, there are leggings in many different patterns, including stripes and checks. Colours range from calm, muted colours to more flashy, eye-catching colours.

There is something to suit every kid and every taste whether they are into simple, calm colours and colour combinations, or they need more playfulness with zip and attitude.

Leggings in many different sizes and colours

Leggings fit perfectly when mixing and matching, and can be worn under dresses or skirts, paired with long T-shirts, fine tunics, under a pair of shorts, alone or a completely different look. Last, but not least, a pair of leggings can be worn all year round.

We normally have leggings for babies and kids (regardless of gender) in sizes 44, 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170, 176 and 188.

You can use the filter at the top to find leggings in exactly your kid's size.

In terms of colours, we have leggings in black, blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, mustard yellow, metallic, orange, rose, red and turquoise.

A pair of colourful leggings can be really good for spicing up a slightly boring outfit, while a pair of leggings in a neutral colour are versatile and go well with many types of clothing. There are colours for every taste and occasion.

Leggings for babies and toddlers

Leggings are an obvious piece of clothing for babies and young kids. They come in many different materials such as wool for winter and cotton for spring and summer. They are super flexible so that kids are not hindered in their play and development, and are soft and comfortable.

We have a huge selection of leggings for babies and toddlers in an array of colours and patterns. We also have leggings with footies for little ones, so you don't have to worry about where the other sock went.

Your kid can wear leggings with a bodysuit, T-shirt, sweater, dress or skirt. Only the imagination sets the limits, so fortunately, our range is so large that creativity can run rampant.

Leggings also don't take up much space, so they are an obvious choice to take on a trip as extra trousers in the event there is a need to change clothes.

Leggings for teenagers

Leggings are super popular with older kids, tweens and teens. Many big kids like to wear leggings for dress and sports, so we have a large selection of smart sports leggings from well-known brands.

Leggings can also be worn under dresses, skirts, tunics, kimonos, under a pair of pants when it's cold or just by themselves.

We have leggings in neutral colours such as black, grey and white, but also leggings with nice sharp colours that are hard to resist.

In addition, we also have leggings with beautiful patterns for large kids. A pair of nice leggings with a floral or animal print can look super good under a more neutral dress or under a long T-shirt or sweater.

Explore our large selection and see if there is anything you would like for your kid. Remember that you can always filter sizes at the top of the page, so you only see leggings in the size you are looking for.

Leggings for all occasions

Leggings are the type of clothing that are always good to have in a kid's closet because of their versatility.

They are the obvious choice for many different types of sports such as running, yoga, pilates, cycling or just for sports class.

On this page, we have leggings for kids from a large number of well-known sports brands that can stand up to plenty of movement and sweat. You can find both full length leggings and capri length that goes up to the calf.

A pair of beautiful leggings always fits well under a nice dress or skirt for a birthday or wedding. We have many nice, feminine leggings, which go well under floral summer dresses and dresses with lots of volume.

If your girl is not into a super feminine look, a pair of raw leggings with things like animal prints can be good at giving a party dress a little more edge.

Last, but not least, leggings are the ultimate in everyday wear. They can be worn all year round in various combinations.

For winter, they are wonderful as an extra layer,and for spring, summer and autumn, they are great with skirts, shorts and dresses or just by themselves.

Many kids also like to use leggings as their go to loungewear on holidays and weekends, where it's mostly about the couch and family fun.

Let your imagination run wild

On this page, we have tons of beautiful, fun and colourful leggings, which are fantastic for dressing up and creative play.

Many kids love to express themselves through their clothes, both for everyday and when they play, so why not buy a pair of leggings that sets their imagination in motion?

Among many others, we have leggings with leopard spots, shiny gold leggings, leggings with birds and leggings with flowers, leggings with zebra stripes, leggings with dolphins and leggings with a snake print.

So whether your kid is playing space mission or perhaps a leopard in the jungle, we have plenty of fun leggings for them.

Leggings are also great for Halloween or other costume occasions, and work wonderfully for the princess dress that's a bit cold and lightweight, or if Spider Man needs to have an extra layer underneath his suit.

The good thing about leggings is that they are wonderfully flexible and stretchy so your kid can easily crawl, jump, run and play without being hindered in any way by their clothes.

Leggings as an alternative to regular trousers

Once upon a time, leggings were just something you wore inside other clothes, just like tights. That time is over as today it is just as common to wear leggings alone as it is to wear them under a pair of shorts, a skirt or a dress.

The good thing about leggings as opposed to traditional trousers is that they are super flexible, and therefore nice to wear regardless of whether the day is spent in sports activities, outdoor life, the playground or family fun on the sofa.

Kids of all ages have adopted leggings, so regardless of their age, leggings are a wardrobe winner.

You can even get leggings for kids that imitate jeans and denim material, so that your kid does not have to compromise on comfort when they want to look a little cool.

In our large selection of leggings, you will easily find something for everyone. The youngest kids may find it fun to have a pair of leggings that have designs from their favorite program or book, while older kids are often happy with more well-known brands with sports logos.

We have a bit of everything, so hopefully, you'll find something that works well for you.

Leggings for kids in different materials and styles

We have leggings for kids in a multitude of different materials, so there will always be leggings that fit your kid.

On this page, we have leggings in wool, leggings in cotton and leggings in more elastic materials such as viscose, lycra and elastane.

In addition, we also have leggings which are made of organic materials, giving you the opportunity to choose an environmentally friendly product.

Leggings are characterized as being very comfortable to wear while offering good freedom of movement

Many brands produce stretchable leggings that will adapt well to your kid's body shape and provide a top notch fit.

We also offer leggings in a denim/jeans look, which fit perfectly with a more raw, casual style, and are a good alternative to real jeans, as some kids find the fabric to be too stiff.

Leggings with flowers and ruffles

Many little girls love ruffles and flowers, and this has been taken into account by many selected brands.

Several of the brands that we have at Kids-world design leggings with a double ruffle edge that go all the way around, while other brands have a nice, feminine ruffle edge down each leg.

They are the perfect choice for girls who love to be the stylish princess.

We also have leggings with flare, which is similar to what we also call trumpet pants. They are super smart and fit perfectly for small disco dancers!

A large part of our leggings include elastic waistbands, while others have ties around the waist. For something new, we also have non-slip leggings in stock! In addition, we also have sporty leggings as well as styles mixed with other fabrics.

You will also find leggings in mixed materials such as cotton, polyester, rayon and elastane. All of which help to incorporate leggings into a gorgeous outfit that suits any occasion, whether it's an everyday or festive event.

Leggings from well-known brands

On this page, we have leggings from more than 60 different Danish and foreign brands. This means you can find leggings in an array of different styles, colours, materials and price ranges.

We have brands that specialize in leggings for very young kids, leggings from sports brands, leggings from design brands and leggings from brands that just make good solid kids' clothing.

Explore our large selection or use the filter at the top to find leggings from the exact brands you love.

Leggings for sports

In the last few years, leggings have become hugely popular as sportswear, and this is also true among kids. Leggings are especially popular in sports such as yoga, running, pilates, cycling and athletics, but they can actually be used for anything.

Many kids would, therefore, be very pleased to have a pair of nice leggings in their gym bag.

Are you going on a ski trip soon? A pair of leggings works really well under ski pants as an alternative to long underwear that is not frequently worn.

A pair of leggings can also be a good idea for hiking, camping trips, canoe trips or bike rides, where it's important for kids to wear comfortable clothes that they can move about freely in.

If you are looking for sportswear or other equipment, remember to look in our sports section, which you will find in the menu at the top. Here, we have clothes for many different sports and activities.

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