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Cardigans for Kids


Cardigans for babies and kids

Few garments are as lovely as a warm cardigan, especially when autumn lurks around the corner or winter strikes. 

You might also ask yourself whether there is something better than a light and soft cardigan that can warm a baby or a kid on a chilly spring day or while the sun sets behind the horizon on a lukewarm summer evening. 

A cardigan is the perfect item of clothing as it can be buttoned and look like a jumper or you can leave it open if your baby feels too hot, but you want to protect your baby's fragile skin from the strong sunlight. 

Cardigans from popular brands

At Kids-world we offer a wide range of different designers who make cardigans for kids of all ages, both girls and boys. In this category you will find cardigans for babies, toddlers, school kids and teenagers. 

If you are looking for designers who focus on unisex cardigans, we have the brands that promote muted colours and those that have a wide and exciting colour spectrum. 

We have cardigans from more than 80 different brands from Danish and international brands, meaning that we have something for everyone.

Among our many cardigans for kids, we have sporty cardigans, feminine cardigans, warm cardigans, light cardigans as well as cardigans with or without a hood.

We have cardigans for babies and kids in size. 50, size. 56, size. 62, size. 68, size. 74, size. 80, size. 86, size. 92, size. 98, size. 104, size. 110, size. 116, size. 122, size. 128, size. 134, size. 140, size. 146, size. 152, size. 158, size. 164, size. 170, size. 176 and size. 188.

Remember that you have the option to filter different sizes at the top of the page, so that only cardigans in your child's size will be shown. 

Cardigans for parties and other special occasions 

A cardigan can be a really good add-on to any party outfit for boys as well as for girls. Some kids don't like to be dressed in a nice jacket, as these can be less flexible and make playing more difficult.

A cardigan is therefore a great alternative. The cardigan can be combined with a nice dress, a skirt or a top, a pair of trousers or a shirt, or whatever you and your kid come up with. 

The good thing about a cardigan is that it can easily be used for everyday use afterwards, for instance together with a pair of jeans or leggings. We have many different types of cardigans, so it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Another good thing about the cardigan is that by using it with a summer dress or a T-shirt, it is possible to prolong the season of these pieces of clothing, which are otherwise only suitable during summer. 

Colours and materials

Not only do we have many different brands in stock, of course we also have a variety of colours that you can choose from. We have cardigans in the colours blue, brown, grey, yellow, green, white, purple, metallic, multicoloured, orange, red, black and turquoise. 

Last but not least, our online store is full of cardigans that are made in many different materials such as jersey, polyester, fleece and wool. You can also find padded and knitted cardigans suitable for any occasion. 

Cardigans for kids with different buttons

The cardigans for babies and kids that you can find in our range have several different buttons. At Kids-world you will find, among other things, cardigans with zippers, push buttons, standard buttons and cardigans that have no buttons at all.

There is a cardigan for every occasion whether it's chilling with the family, needed an extra layer in the winter weather, for a party or just to dress up a little midweek. You can always find cardigans in different cuts at Kids-world.

Practical cardigans all year round

In the beginning little kids obviously need help buttoning their cardigan because zippers and buttons are hard to close for most little ones. However, kids learn quickly and as they watch their adults close the cardigan, they'll soon be eager to try it for themself.

A cardigan is also so practical if your kid gets too hot when playing in the garden, playing football or other active play. Your girl or boy can quickly and easily take off a cardigan and continue the play without having to find mummy, daddy or any other adult to help. 

Cardigans for babies and kids are a must 

As we previously mentioned, a cardigan is almost a must in your kids' wardrobe. A cardigan is a necessity when the weather cools down. 

A cardigan can also work as a summer jacket when it starts getting colder on a spring or summer evening and the whole family is socializing in the garden or when the kids run around and play in the garden.

You will find all sorts of different styles of cardigans for kids in this category and we offer a wide range of lovely colours and designs.

Nice cardigans for teenagers

We also have styles for tweens and teens among our selection of cardigans. You will find cardigans from well-known brands and cardigans at good prices. It is not always easy to find something that the kid likes, but we have a huge variety on our page with something for everyone.

We have, among others, cardigans for kids and youngsters from well-known sports- and streetwear brands, cardigans with ruffles and cute details, cardigans with logos, cardigans with patterns as well as solid-coloured and minimalistic cardigans. 

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