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T-shirts for Kids


Wear T-shirts all year around

T-shirts are always a fashion hit that never goes out of style. It is a wardrobe essential that can be used as casual wear to formal wear.

Traditionally it has short sleeves and a round neckline or a V-shaped neckline. T-shirts are generally made of a stretchy, cotton fabric and are comfortable to wear.

T-shirts for every occasion

Fashion statement comes and goes, but one thing that never goes out of fashion are T-shirts. Today, kids love to express their thoughts through T-shirts that have slogans and messages on them. From toddler to teen, we have T-shirts that defines their personality.

Take your pick from our selection of chic and comfy kids' T-shirts with decorative details, colorful patterns and fun prints. From casual to special occasions.

T-shirts with or without sleeves?

You can get T-shirts for boys and girls in many different shapes, but common for all is that it is a short-sleeved top. It has either short sleeves, or no sleeves at all.

It looks nice to girls with a top with thin straps, and a tanktop looks cool on boys, although it also looks nice on girls. A kids' T-shirt without sleeves may have very thin straps or wide straps which sometimes form a wrestling back. 

If you are looking for T-shirts with long sleeves, you may want to look at the category with shirts for kids.

T-shirts for any style and occasion

A T-shirt is a classic piece of clothing which is a part of any wardrobe. It is a timeless style which fits girls and boys alike. It is possible to style it in the exact look or style you are want your kid to have. It can be both cool and nice with beautiful prints or patterns, and it can be with full power on the colours.

However, we also offer T-shirt decorated with glitter, laces and ruffles. A polo shirt is especially suitable if you are looking for a preppy look.

You can easily style a short-sleeved shirt with a pair of worn jeans or a pair of nice chinos. It is possible to create different styles and looks with the same T-shirt, and it can be used for both parties and everyday use.

It looks super nice when used for everyday use, but it can also look super nice at occasions such as christmas or a birthday, if you spice it uå with the right accessories. 

What is your favourite colour

Kids-world has a huge collection of T-shirts for kids of all ages. They come in a varity of styles and colours. We have from solid coloured T-shirt to T-shirt with wild animal print. T-shirts with cool brand-logos to powerful messages. 

Our T-shirts are made by great quality materials with different textures and weights like cotton, wool and polyester. But the thing they have in common is that they give your kid a touch of extraordinary comfort.

You will also find T-shirts with and without sleeves. We offer tanktops, T-shirts with thin straps and T-shirts with big sleeves. In addition to this, we also offer T-shirts with v-neck, u-neck and high neck, so that you never have to compromise on the look your searching for. 

Kids' T-shirts in many different materials

T-shirts can be used for many different occasions and for many different things. T-shirts in cotton are for instance very convenient for everyday use and can be used alone or underneath another piece of clothing, while T-shirts in polyamide, elastane and polyester are suitable for sports.

Here at Kids-World you will find a wide selection of T-shirts in different materials, in order to ensure that you can find a T-shirt which suits your child's needs, no matter if it to be used for sports activities, summer clothing or something totally different.

You can always find more information about the materials of the T-shirt by reading under each product description. If you are looking for a specific brand or a specific colour, you may want to try using the filter option at the top of the page. 

T-shirts fors sports

The T-shirt is an indispensable piece of clothing in most kids's gym sack or sports bag, whether it is to be used in physical education or with the football team in the afternoon.

We have a large selection of sports T-shirts and tanktops for both boys and girls of all ages, from different well-known brand. Some of them have beautiful colour prints and fun expressions, while others a solid-coloured and simple. 

It is important that it is fun doing sports, and having the right clothes when you start a new type of sport is typically something that is very important for kids and teenagers.

Here you will find T-shirts, sports tops and tanktops which are suitable for many different kinds of sports, and at the same time look nice, are made of a durable material and feel comfortable to wear. 

T-shirts by exciting brands

We have many top brands from allover the globe to choose from. And w have no doubt, that you will find the perfect T-shirt for your boy or girl.

Kids-world has T-shirts by Stella McCartney, Grunt, by Heritage, Converse, Molo, Mini Rodini, Tommy Hilfiger, Müsli, En Fant Wheat, Mini A Ture and many, many more.

These collections comes in a variety of styles and colours for girls and boys. Whether your kid wants a floral summer tee or a comfy jersey tee, you will find it here at our assortment.

If you are looking for a specific brand you can always use the filters at the top of the page to see our selection. We have more than 100 different brands of T-shirts, which means that it is almost guaranteed that you'll find something that is perfect for your child.

Popular brands

Copenhagen ColorsLittle O'TayFlöss
ISBJÖRN OF SWEDENBows By StærMimi & Lula

T-shirts for babies and small kids

A T-shirt can be a really good solution for the little child, especially if it is hot. Here at Kids-World you'll find a large selection of T-shirts for babies and small kids made in different materials, including organic cotton.

Maybe you are looking for something sporty or something with ruffles? We have a huge selection which includes something for all tastes.

All of our products are of high quality, so you can be sure that you'll get a good product whether you choose a well-known brand or a more price-conscious T-shirt.

A lot of our T-shirts come with a nice print or pattern of well-known figures, which both young and older kids find funny and cute.

T-shirts for kids

The T-shirt is part of most kids' wardrobes, and the T-shirt is a good and safe choice on those mornings where everything has to be done a bit faster than usual.

However, a T-shirt should not only be for ?emergencies' or the last resort. Here at Kids-World we offer all kinds of T-shirts which can easily end up becoming the new favourite shirt.

Have you seen our selection of T-shirts with cartoon figures or fun and cute animals? Or what about our T-shirts for sports or sporty kids, in many different colours and cuts? We have something for the sports enthusiast, the fitness guru and the newbie. 

T-shirts for teenagers

If you are looking for a T-shirt for the family's oldest child, then don't worry! We also offer a huge selection of T-shirts for boys and girls up to size 188.

We have T-shirts with and without sleeves, solid-coloured T-shirts and T-shirts with prints, T-shirts from well-known brands and T-shirts at good prices, feminine T-shirts and masculine T-shirts.

We also have T-shirts with many different cuts, including v-neck, u-neck or high neck. Our selection also covers most of the colours of the rainbow and you are always welcome to use the filters at the top of the page, if you are looking for something in particular.

Many teenagers also enjoy a sporty look, both for everyday use or in connection with sports activities. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find the motivation to do sports, and in that case, beautiful sportswear may be the necessary motivation to head to training or just leave the house and be active on the bike or running.

If you are looking for more sportswear, we recommend you to take a look under the category ?Sport? where you will find a large selection of sportswear for kids of all ages.

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