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Beds for Kids


Beds for babies and junior beds and cradles

If you need a new cradle or baby bed, junior bed for your baby, you have entered the right website. A cradle, a side-by-side cradle or baby bed are obvious items on the wish list of future parents and new parents.

It is important that the cradle and the baby bed you buy, are of excellent quality and comfortable to sleep in, when new-borns and smaller kids have an extensive need for sleep. New-born babies often sleep for about 18 hours a day.

Baby beds, junior beds and cradles of great designs

Other than being a place for your kid to sleep, the cradle or baby bed also must ensure that the kid is safe while sleeping.

The baby beds and cradles from Sebra, Leander, Lifetime and many other brands, are equipped with a bed frame with rails to help protect the kid and provide the feeling of safety which is essential for a sleeping kid.

The cot’s rails have different diameters and distances between them - we have both betwixt and between, so hopefully, you will be able to find a baby bed of the design you like, but also meet the measurement requirements.

You will find beds for babies, juniors and cradles in many different designs and styles. We offer beds for kids with rounded corners, beds with square corners, beds with slanted bars and much, much more. 

Popular brands

Glacial Philips Avent Abus
Baby Jogger Cybex Yummii Yummii
Maxi Cosi Bibs Sutter Nattou

Find a bed for kids which fits into the bedroom 

When you are looking for a baby bed, a bed for kids, junior beds or a cradle, it is important that it fits into the room where it will be placed - no matter whether the newborn is getting its own room or will be sleeping in the parents’ bedroom.

Here you will find beds in many different styles. Both when it comes to size, shape, colour and design. 

The length of the bed depends not only on the size of your kid but also on the place where you want to put it. If your kid will be sleeping in the parents’ bedroom to begin with, where the space may be a little tight, it may be a good choice to choose one of the small baby beds.

If you, on the other hand, have a little more space or if your baby will be having its own room, it may be a good idea to get a bigger bed which can be made bigger at a later point in time. 

It is also important that the bed fits in with the rest of the interior design at your home. This is why we offer beds for kids, baby beds, junior beds and cradles in different colours. You will typically find beds in the colours blue, grey, green, white, black and wood-coloured. 

Baby beds for the youngest ones

Here at Kids-World we offer baby beds which your little newborn can use from day 1. The most important thing about a baby bed is that your little boy or girl can lie safe and comfortable. One way to ensure this is to buy a classic cot, so that the kid can’t roll out of bed. We have many different kinds of cots, which means there is something for everyone.

You will also find cradles and baby beds which have a slightly different design, but which are still safe and lovely for your kid to lie in.

Several of the beds for babies have a bottom which can be adjusted in different heights. Normally one of the sides can be removed.

The benefits of the adjustable bottom is that the bed can get the same height as the parents’ bed, and it is possible to lower the bottom when the kid gets older to avoid that they don’t crawl out of bed by mistake and get hurt.

There are also several benefits of having a removable side. First of all, this makes it possible to place the bed up against the parents’ bed which makes it easier to nurse the baby during the night and the baby will also feel less lonely this way.

Many of the beds for babies can similarly be converted into nice sofas, when the kid gets too big to sleep in it. 

Junior beds

Several of the baby beds can easily be converted into junior beds. This will make it possible to use the bed a little longer and almost grow together with the child. If you have enough space, it is a really good investment to buy a baby bed which can be converted into a junior bed.

You can read more about the different beds as well as their measurements and functions under each product description. 

Portable beds and cradles 

You can also find portable beds and cradles among our selection.

Portable beds can be used when you are going on a holiday, to visit the family or going to the holiday home, and therefore don’t have a baby bed available.

The portable beds are lightweight and practical to set up and pack up again.

The cradles are great for kids who sleep best when there is a bit of movement. 

A cradle typically takes up less space than a traditional baby bed, and then it’s also very nice and elegant. 

Baby bed with removable sides

Several of our baby beds have been built in such a manner that they can be raised and lowered, thus making it possible for you to set the height that suits you and your baby.

Some of the beds also have removable side rails so you can dismantle the head- and footboards when they are no longer needed.

At this point, the kid has grown and has become taller, therefore, it’s quite nice and convenient with an adjustable bed. The bed can be extended into the size of a junior bed.

Other stuff for the beds for babies and kids 

When you have found the right bed for your baby or your child, you may also want to look for extra equipment. Here you will find bedding, sheets, bed bumpers, cushions and duvets.

In short, we have everything you need to make your baby bed ready for its new owner.

You can use the menu at the top of the page to find all you need. 

Baby beds? We deliver!

Every time you shop on Kids-world, we assure you that you’ll find something to your liking! We hope that you succeeded in finding a bed that meets your needs and requirements.

Should you want a specific cradle or bed from a certain brand, and you don’t find it in our selection, please do not hesitate in forwarding this wish to our customer service.

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