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Cushions for Kids

Done By Deer Cushion - 160x40 cm - Comfy - Croco- Green Done By Deer Cushion - 160x40 cm - Comfy - Croco- Green 103,92 €
Originally:  129,90 €  
Done By Deer Cushion - 160x40 cm - Comfy - Croco Powder Done By Deer Cushion - 160x40 cm - Comfy - Croco Powder 103,92 €
Originally:  129,90 €  
OYOY Pillow - Lollipop - Coral OYOY Pillow - Lollipop - Coral 24,12 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
OYOY Pillow - Lollipop - Blue OYOY Pillow - Lollipop - Blue 23,54 €
Originally:  52,30 €  
Bloomingville Cushion - D50 cm - Grey/Yellow w. Clouds Bloomingville Cushion - D50 cm - Grey/Yellow w. Clouds 22,95 €
Originally:  51,00 €  
Fabelab Cushion - Travel Friend - Bunny - 35 cm - Grey Fabelab Cushion - Travel Friend - Bunny - 35 cm - Grey 24,17 €
Originally:  53,70 €  
Smallstuff Cushion - Hippopotamus - 30x45 - Navy Smallstuff Cushion - Hippopotamus - 30x45 - Navy 28,14 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Bloomingville Cushion - 50x40 - White/Red w. Ferret Bloomingville Cushion - 50x40 - White/Red w. Ferret 12,06 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Sebra Cushion - Knitted - 22x33 - Panda Sebra Cushion - Knitted - 22x33 - Panda 28,14 €
Originally:  46,90 €  

Cushions for kids' room

If you are looking for something which can bring some extra coziness to your kid's room then you have found the right category. Here you will find our large selection of decorative cushings in all different shapes, materials, colours, and styles. 

Decorative cushions are one of the top three things in a room which can bring coziness and it also brings some additional personality into the room. We have cushions in many different sizes, colours, and shapes. We offer some cushions which are long and narrow. 

These cushions are perfect to use in the crib or bassinet to protect the kid from hitting the hard frame. A cushion can also become a sleeping buddy and a comforting item when the kid is going to sleep. 

Covers for the cushions to kids 

In addition to the cushion we also offer practical cushion covers which you can replace at any time. You are able to reuse the cushion you have and get a fresh new look by just changing out the cover. 

We have beautiful cushion covers made from 100% velour in many different styles. We have for example a cover in soft brown shades with photo prints and other cool details or a cushion cover with an image of an ocean and waves. 

A cushion cover made from velour is unbelievably soft to touch and rest your head on. 

Cushions in all different colours

The range of our colour offerings is great. We have cushions in burgundy, black, white, blue and blue shades, pink, grey, green, dust green, colours of different flowers, anthracite grey and many more. We also have a lot of different patterns, prints, and figures on different styles. 

All our cushions have one thing in common. They are made from high quality and the softest materials. We have no doubts that you will find a great cushion for your baby's or kid's room or any other place in your home. 

Cushions as a part of the decoration 

A decorative cushion is more than just an ordinary cushion. It is a cushion which serves as a decorative and trendy element in the decors. They are great for the nursery and also for other places in the home like in your master bedroom, on an armchair or couch in your living room. 

A decorative pillow can be more than just decor. It can be used as extra support for your back when you for example is reading a good night story for your kids or when your kid wants to sit a little bit better. 

Cushions to build a fort 

As if that was not enough, the cushions are great to build a fort in the living room. 

The cushions can be a great element to create a cozy spot which you might need in your fort. Soft rugs, blankets, and cushions to sit on and juice and treats are all needed to a great fort building in your living room. 

Cushions are also great in other rooms of the home and our large selection allows you to find different styles for all the rooms in the home. Perfect if you want to take a quick afternoon nap on the couch or read a book in the armchair after the kids are in bed. 

Cushions for younger and older kids 

We offer a great selection for kids of all ages. You can find cushions in the shape of a crocodile. This crocodile pillow has legs, eyes, and teeth and all the parts are supersoft. 

We also have cushions in the following shapes square, rectangle, sausage-shape, circular. In addition we also have cushion shapes as animals, leaves, stars, seashells, whales, cute rabbits with long ears, hedgehogs, hippo, elephants, turtles, fishes, watermelon, bears, pandas, and many more. 

Cushions with removable cushion covers

We have also so-called snakke cushions with incredible details and in wonderful colours. The cover has a zipper so it can easily be removed when it needs a wash. 

A cushion like this is great as a decorative cushion as well as a toy, favorite cuddle animal, sleep protection, or just as an unique element in the decor. 

In addition to all the cushions that are shaped as animals or leaves, we also offer cushions in many different colours and shades with great print of animals and/or text in the kids' room. 

Soft puff as a cushion 

In our webshop you can also find our soft pouf cushions. These are great as decoration for a kid's room but it can also be used as a stool. They are made from some cool fabrics which is great for a kids' room. 

You can also find cushions made from organic cotton, a mix of cotton and lurex, and with a polyester filling. 

We offer pillows of all sizes such as 200cm by 20cm by 12 cm, 50cm by 50cm, 25cm by 60cm, 40cm by 65cm, 40cm by 40cm, 30cm by 60cm, 63cm by 60cm and many more.

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