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Furniture for Kids

OYOY Outdoors Chair - Momi Mini - Vanilla/Olive OYOY Outdoors Chair - Momi Mini - Vanilla/Olive 93,80 €
Originally:  134,00 €  
OYOY Outdoors Table - Momi Mini - Vanilla/Olive OYOY Outdoors Table - Momi Mini - Vanilla/Olive 79,73 €
Originally:  113,90 €  
OYOY Outdoors Table - Momi Mini - Nature/Clay OYOY Outdoors Table - Momi Mini - Nature/Clay 79,73 €
Originally:  113,90 €  
OYOY Outdoors Chair - Momi Mini - Nature/Clay OYOY Outdoors Chair - Momi Mini - Nature/Clay 93,80 €
Originally:  134,00 €  

Furniture for baby and kids

Are you preparing your home for a new baby and are you looking for inspiration and different options for furniture? You have found the right place. In our webshop at Kids-world you will find a large selection of furniture for your baby's or kid's room.

You will be able to find cribs, bassinets (both standing and hanging, kids' beds, dressers, chairs, tables, shelves, changing tables, benches, mattresses, footrests, pillows, cushions, armchairs, foldable pillows for storage, bookshelves, desks, bed frames, racks for clothes, high chairs, travel beds, and other accessories for any kid's room.

We have furniture made from wood, plywood, metal, plastic and more. You will definitely find furniture in your style for any room of your home.

Popular brands

Safety 1stPlaytrayStasher
3 SproutsLEGO® StorageSun Jellies

Furniture for kids should be easy to clean

It is important that any furniture for kids is easy to clean and maintain. We select products which can deliver and the furniture are made from quality materials such as textiles, wood, plastic, plywood and other materials.

Please always read the instructions carefully before you start assembling the furniture.

Great materials and amazing designs

We offer a large selection of furniture for any kids' room. You can match the new product to existing design but you can also choose to combine different styles and designs. This can be done by selecting different materials such as a cushion in a great textile and matching it with a natural wood furniture piece.

Our selection also includes a lot of Danish designs. Danish design is known all around the world for its simplicity but yet stylish. Danish design is also very functional and you can create new solutions to your problems.

The furnitures are also made from good and robust materials which is your guarantee that they will withstand your kid's daily play.

We have more than 20 different brands of furniture for kids from Danish and foreign brands. You will easily find furniture for kids and babies from BabyDan, Childhome, ferm Living, Sebra and Smallstuff. If you want to narrow things down to furniture from a particular brand, don't forget that you can use the filter at the top of the page.

Large selection of timeless design of furniture

You can find a lot of desks in simple, classic, and timeless designs. The desks have plenty of space for books, papers, pens, and other items which you need on the desk.

We also have changing tables in grey and white. The changing tables are available in many different designs and they come with or without drawers and/or cabinets. The drawers and cabinets are great to store diapers, cloth diapers, wet wipes, washcloths, ointment, quick outfits, and more.

If you are looking for some really classic designs then you should look at the armchairs in retro style. We have some Chesterfield couches as well.

Furniture for kids in wonderful colours

Some people want to decorate their home and the kid's room stylishly and/or in a particular colour, while others love fun, fine details. On this page, you will, fortunately, be able to find furniture for kids in many different, beautiful colours. You will often find furniture in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

There is furniture available in light pastels, natural wood and dark earth colours. You can also find furniture in beautiful, vivid colours, which can bring smiles on even the darkest of days.

We recommend that you explore our large selection to see if there is something that fits with your taste in home decor. If you are looking for a piece of furniture in a particular colour, please feel free to use the filter at the top of the page.

Furnitures for craft activities

It is always more fun when you are doing things with someone else exceptally if you are doing crafts. Therefore we are offering some comfortable high chairs of different designs.

These are great when you want to colour together or play with beads. We also have tables and other chairs in different styles and heights.

If you are looking for furniture in more natural design and materials then we can offer a diverse selection of cribs, kids' beds, and other furniture. They have a lovely design and style which can make you think about warmer places.

Furniture for kids for different uses

It is important to us that the selection that we offer have the very best quality and furniture for kids need to be sturdy. We also have a great selection of collapsible furniture and power controlled furniture for kids and adults.

The power controlled furniture can be combined in different ways as well as the foldable furniture. We have some classic folding mattresses and some comfortable and foldable sofa beds.

These types of furniture are recognized since they can be used while sitting, playing, or sleeping and they are great as guest beds. These foldable furnitures are great when you want to build a fort for a cozy spot or to play knights and princesses in a castle.

Discover furniture to decorate the perfect kid's room

Whether you are looking for furniture to furnish an entire kid's room or just a single small item, you will find plenty to choose from here at Kids-world. On this site, we offer large furniture such as beds, shelves and tables, but also smaller furniture such as stools, shelves, chairs, pouffes, canopies and much more. In short, there is everything you need to decorate the perfect kid's room.

There are many different styles of furniture available to ensure you can easily find exactly the look and design that you are seeking.

Lots of furniture for storing

Of course, we also offer plenty of furniture for storing such as shelving and dressers. It's quite important to have enough storage in the kid's room to ensure that everything has its place and it's easy to keep things in order. It can be things like a dresser for your kid's clothes, a bookcase for their toys or a pouffe for blocks or teddy bears.

You may also need some shelf space at the changing table to store diapers, clothes and muslin cloths. Whatever the reason, you will find many different smart furniture solutions for kids and babies on this page.

Furniture for coziness, play and relaxation

Furniture for the kid's room is not only practical, but helps to create wonderful surroundings for an enjoyable childhood. A good armchair can be a place where kids can have fun and read stories. The bed is a place that is always safe and relaxing.

The shelf is where all the favorite toys are lined up and waiting. A good chair and table can be good for doing homework, drawing or putting together puzzles. In short, it does matter what furniture you choose for your kid's room, playroom or cozy nook.

With this in mind, please feel free to get inspired on your phone or computer. Hopefully you can find just the right piece of furniture for your kids.

Furniture for toddlers

If you are looking for furniture for your toddler's room, then we also offer many different pieces of furniture to choose from. We offer baby beds, cots, changing tables, mattresses, duvets and shelves. You can use the various filters at the top of the page to narrow down your search.

Our furniture is all made of fabulous materials, ensuring that whether you choose oak, beech, rattan, walnut or plastic, you are certain to get nothing but top quality furniture.

Armchairs for kids

Is there anything nicer than sitting and relaxing with mom and dad after a long day on the go? It should then just be to be law to sit in his own little armchair for kids.

An armchair for kids has the advantage that it is easy to move around. It gives your kid the freedom to choose a kid's armchair where he or she will sit and may even move.

Armchairs for kids are kid's furniture designed to provide good support for the back and leg of the kid, which at the same time increases comfort. They are available in a multitude of colours and patterns, so there are kid's chairs for every taste.

Make the kid's room cozy with a kid's sofa

When it comes to decorating your kid's room, there are many things to consider. One of the most important things is that a cozy atmosphere is created in the room, so that the kid like being there.

A kid's sofa will certainly be a nice addition to the decor in the kid's room. The kid's sofa can also serve as a comfortable place where the kid can invite friends to when it gets too tiring to sit on the floor and play.

This kid's furniture also invites you to a quiet moment where the kid can sit comfortably on the kid's sofa and immerse themselves in their favorite book.

Desk for kids

The older the kid gets, the more important it also becomes that there is a place where the kid can sit in ro and concentrate on homework or game on the computer.

For a younger kid, it can also be a good idea to have a place where there is plenty of space to put puzzle game, paint and draw. Here it will be a perfect solution to acquire a smart desk for the kid's room.

If there is a lack of storage solutions in the room, you can advantageously choose a kid's desk with drawers, so that it also solves the problem of lack of storage space.

We have several great offers on desk for kids at Kids-world. Therefore, feel free to look through our range of kid's furniture to see if we have the kid's desk that will fit perfectly in your home.

Even if you do not pay here and now, you will basically receive your order within 1-2 working days, so that the kid can benefit from his new kid's desk as soon as possible.

Great prices on kid's furniture

The kid's furniture in our range varies in price. Still, there may be a desire or need for the individual to get a great price on kid's furniture.

On this page you will find a large selection of cheap kid's furniture, whether you are looking for a junior chair, a kid's armchair or a kid's sofa. Yes, you can also find desk for kids here.

If luck is not with you this time, do not forget to sign up for our newsletter, which you Sheep offers on cheap kid's furniture by email and thus are always updated on current offers.

Children's wooden furniture

Wooden children's furniture has for countless years been the safe and preferred choice of many parents when furnishing the rooms.

Wooden children's furniture has the large advantage that it can combine high functionality and durability due to the choice of material. Wood in furniture has been used for many years, as it both offers good opportunities for strong products, while at the same time the appearance can be designed as desired.

Kids can be hard on their furniture, which can be exposed to too many colours for toys when the play goes wild. It is therefore a good idea to consider wooden children's furniture, as they often have a durability that makes them extremely suitable for life in a children's room.

We offer a wide range of wooden children's furniture, so you can find everything from changing tables to, beds, storage solutions, chairs, and tables made out of wood. Often, the tree will be painted, so that the various children's furniture made out of wood can be put together according to the style and color choice that you want in the children's room, without you being forced to look at others material choices if you prefer to have children's furniture made out of wood.

Design children's furniture when style is needed in the children's room

It can quickly come to seem messy and not so cozy if the furnitures in the children's room is put together according to different designs and styles. That is why there are parents who look towards designer children's furniture.

Design children's furniture has the large advantage that it combines the practical features that children's furniture has with the design features that can help create the right style for the children's room.

You will find designer children's furniture from a wide range of popular brands when it comes to children's furniture. We have, among other things, designer children's furniture from brands such as Bloomingville, Cam Cam, Done by Deer, Leander, Liewood and many, many others brands within designer children's furniture.

Our design children's furniture is characterized by the fact that the manufacturers have put extra effort into the actual design of the individual children's furniture. They can therefore easily be used to capture the spirit and style of the times, while at the same time you can express a desired style and outlook on life with the various designer children's furniture.

Traditional children's furniture

You can get both designer children's furniture and traditional children's furniture when you see our range of furniture for the children's room. Traditional children's furniture includes children's beds, tables, chairs, desks and storage solutions for the children's room.

Most children's rooms have more of the traditional children's furniture, as they are simply a necessity for everyday life in a children's room to function.

Danish children's furniture, Known for their design

Danish children's furniture is known for its unique design. Behind the Danish children's furniture are Danish brands that specialize in creating children's furniture with special designs.

Danish children's furniture has therefore become known worldwide for their designer children's furniture, which in addition to the practical and functional features that children's furniture must have, also add completely others dimensions to the children's room via their designs.

You will find several different Danish children's furniture in our range. If you want to see Danish children's furniture, you must select the individual Danish children's furniture brands in our filter. That way, you can easily view all of our Danish children's furniture at once.

Large selection of colorful children's furniture

Some are for children's furniture in neutral colours, while others are for colorful children's furniture. We have of course ensured that there is children's furniture for all parties, regardless of taste.

Colorful children's furniture can have a large impact on how life in the children's room is both seen and experienced? for both the kids and the parents. If you use colorful children's furniture, it can help set or support the style you want in the children's room.

It can be a big hit with colorful children's furniture if it fits in with the other furniture and interior in the children's room. Then it can help to emphasize the colours and the special designs of the furnitures.

If, on the other hand, you choose to put colorful children's furniture in a children's room, where they do not fit at all with the other furniture and the style of the room, then it can help to create style confusion and make the room look messy. This can help to ensure that the room's strong elements are not highlighted optimally.

It is therefore a very good idea that you consider what style you want in the children's room when you are considering colorful children's furniture. Because they can either strengthen the room's style, or help create style chaos in the room.

Cute children's furniture for the little ones

It can sometimes become wild, colorful and characterized by the children's changing interests. Therefore, cute children's furniture is often the obvious choice when parents have to find children's furniture for the little ones for the first time.

When it comes to the first children's furniture in the children's room, cute children's furniture is a good choice, as they are often designed in a way that emphasizes soft and sweet values and expressions that do not help to frighten the kids.

You will therefore find cute children's furniture from a wide range of manufacturers of children's furniture who know how both parents and kids perceive the cute children's furniture when they have to stay and enjoy themselves in the children's room.

We have made sure to have many different cute children's furniture in our range, so you can easily find cute children's furniture, regardless of whether you are looking for furniture for storage, children's beds or much else.

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