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Bed Sheets for Kids and Adults

That's Mine Stretch Bed Sheet - Baby - Check That's Mine Stretch Bed Sheet - Baby - Check 16,80 €
Originally:  28,00 €  
Gro Stretch Bed Sheet - 70x100 - Thor - Desert Gro Stretch Bed Sheet - 70x100 - Thor - Desert 18,00 €
Originally:  30,00 €  
Cam Cam Babynest Cover - 135x190 - GOTS Aurora Cam Cam Babynest Cover - 135x190 - GOTS Aurora 32,22 €
Originally:  53,70 €  

Bed sheets for babies, kids and juniors

At Kids-world you find bed sheets for cradles, cots and junior beds. We also have bed sheets for prams. The primary purpose of a bed sheet is to protect the mattress and also to be nice to lie on.

Babies and kids sweat a lot during the night - like everyone else - and the bed sheet absorbs the sweat. We stock a vast selection of bed sheets for beds for kids of all ages and we invite you to browse our collection and find bed sheets that suit your preferences.

Usually, we have a fine selection of bed sheets for prams, cradles, junior beds etc. in the following sizes; 31 x 75 cm, 37 x 96 cm, 38 x 80 cm, 40 x 98 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 65 x 40 cm, 70 x 120 cm, 70 x 140 cm, 70 x 160 cm, 75 x 160 cm and 90 x 200 cm.

Bed sheets for cradles, cots and junior beds

Mattresses come in many different sizes, therefore, it’s important that you know the measurements of the mattress before you purch’ase bed sheets for it. At Kids-world you find nice fitted bed sheets that are very comfortable for your baby. Usually, a bed sheet for a cradle measures 40 x 90 cm, but don’t forget to take the measures beforehand.

Leander produces wonderful white and rose-pink bed sheets for cradles. Leander’s bed sheet for cradles consists of 180 g/m2 Interlock jersey quality which makes the bed sheets so strong that you cannot see the mattress through the bed sheets. We also stock a fine selection of bed sheets for junior beds.

Bed sheets for prams

Prams come in many different dimensions as they differ in lengths and widths and manufacturers of prams produce various sizes. Normally, most prams require bed sheets that are 90 cm long. This applies to most cradles as well.

The best way to ensure getting the right size bed sheets, is to take out the mattress and measure its length and width. Afterwards, you can use the filter when searching for the correct size, colour (and brand).

Bed sheets for junior beds, size 70 x 160 cm

Do you have a boy or girl of growing age? If this is the case, it’s quite probable that you should look for bed sheets for junior beds. Bed sheets for junior beds measure 70 x 160 cm or 70 x 140 cm - and usually, they fit perfectly for junior beds.

Here, you find a very nice fitted bed sheet from Cocoon Company that fits junior beds perfectly. Cocoon bed sheets ensures a good night’s sleep for your kid, just like Leander’s bed sheets. Cocoon Company’s bed sheet has been made from 100% natural kapok fibres, is 100% organic and GOTS certified cotton jersey.

Bed sheets for babies and kids in lovely colours

In addition to many different sizes, we also have bed sheets in lots of beautiful colours. Some kids (and their parents) like the simple white bed sheets best, while others prefer brighter colours. Regardless of your preferences, on our page you will certainly have a lot to choose from.

For example, you can find bed sheets in white, ivory, rose, grey, green, turquoise, purple, blue, brown, lime green, pastel blue, pink and mustard shades. Long story short, there is something for everyone's taste. Therefore, it should be easy to match the bed sheets with the rest of your kid's bedding or perhaps with the decor of his/her room.

Find bed sheets for kids with beautiful patterns

To make things even more exciting, we also have bed sheets for babies and kids in beautiful patterns. For example, you will find bed sheets with autumn leaves, mice, flowers and other kinds of plants. Fine patterned bed sheets fit quite well with both neutral bedding and bedding with motifs or patterns.

If your little one prefers to have something to look at while lying in bed, then a patterned bed sheet could be a perfect choice. We are frequently getting new products, so check out our range and see if there is anything that suits your taste and preference.

High-quality bed sheets from well-known brands

Here at Kids-World, you will find a vast selection of quality bed sheets from a number of well-known brands. We always vouch for all the products available on this page. Therefore, we guarantee that you will always get a high-quality bed sheet no matter which model you choose.

In our range, you will find bed sheets for babies and kids from brands such as BabyDan, Cam Cam, Cocoon, Leander, Nsleep, Sebra and by KlipKLap.

If you are looking for a bed sheet from a particular brand, do not forget that you can use the filter at the top of the page for a quick and easy overview.

Popular brands

Mason Pearson Dooky Snails
Miss Nella VACVAC Yumbox
Mokki Milestone Planet Buddies

Find organic cotton bed sheets for your little one 

Cotton is a widely popular material when it comes to bed sheets and beddings overall, as it is soft and easy to wash. On this page, you will find both basic and organic cotton bed sheets. Besides, you can also find bed sheets made from mix-materials such as cotton and kapok. Kapok is a natural material that is often used for bedding, mattresses and fillings, as it is hypoallergenic because the dust mites cannot survive in kapok.

If you want to know more about what a particular bed sheet is made of, check out the product description available under every individual product. If, however, there is some information missing, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Oeko-Tex 100 certified bed sheets for babies and kids

Lastly, you can also find Oeko-Tex 100 certified bed sheets for babies and kids. With the Oeko-Tex 100 certification, you are sure that the bed sheet does not contain harmful or allergenic substances.

If you appreciate sustainability, then you can also find sheets that are GOTS certified. The GOTS certification not only ensures that the sheet is free of harmful chemicals, but also that it is produced under sustainable conditions. When purchasing a GOTS-certified product, you can be sure that the manufacturer has complied with requirements for working conditions, wastewater treatment and other.

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