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Bed Rail


Bed rails for cots and junior beds

Kids grow up fast, and if they've almost grown large enough for a crib or junior bed, it's time to consider how you can prevent them from falling out of bed when they initially need to get used to using it. A bed rail can allow your little to sleep safely at night, even as they roll over and turn in their new large bed.

Mount the bed rail correctly

You should make sure that the new bed rail can be mounted stably on the cot and that it cannot be moved and adjusted by your child. It should be able to hold your child's weight if they roll or lean against it. It should also fit snugly against the mattress so that there is no gap your child can roll into.

Bed rail with ladder

If your child needs a little help getting into their new junior bed, a bed rail with ladder is the ideal solution. As a rule, they have a pair steps at the end so that your child can easily get to bed, all the while the frame at the top of the bed protects them from falling out.

Great selection of bed rails

Find the perfect selection of bed rails with us that make the transition from cot to junior bed safe and effortless for your child. Our bed rails are designed to fit junior beds, and offer extra security so your child can sleep safely through the night.

From simple and practical models to more decorative bed rails for junior bed with fun motifs, there is something for every taste and every room.

A junior bed bed rail gives your child the confidence to manage the night's sleep independently, while you as a parent can rest easy, knowing that your child sleeps safely and well.

Make the transition to the junior bed an exciting and positive experience with our fantastic selection of bed rails.

What is a bed rail?

A bed rail is a practical and safety-promoting addition to children's beds that helps prevent kids from falling out of bed while they sleep.

The bed rail acts as a barrier on the edge of the bed and provides extra security, especially during the transition period when kids move from a cot to a junior bed.

Although junior beds are typically lower to the floor than ordinary beds, a bed rail can be instrumental in giving both the kid and the parents ro of mind.

In addition to safety, a junior bed rail can also add a decorative element to your child's room, as bed rails come in many different styles and designs. Investing in a bed rail is an investment in security and sweet dreams.

Travel bed rail: Your transportable bed rail

Make your family outings and overnight stays safe and carefree with a travel bed rail. Regardless of whether you are camping, in a hotel or spending the night with the grandparents, a portable bed rail gives your child safety and comfort, just like at home.

A travel bed rail is light, easy to assemble, and fits into most travel suitcases. It can be easily mounted on different bed types, including hotel beds and as a bed rail for a caravan.

This way, the bed rail provides a safe place to sleep for your child, regardless of where you are. The function of a removable bed rail makes it even more practical and user-friendly.

By choosing a mobile bed rail, you ensure that your child can enjoy a safe and secure sleep, no matter where your fairy tale takes you. This way, you can enjoy the journey and relax, knowing that your child is sleeping safely.

Your travel experience will be both easier and more worry-free when your bed rail is movable.

Universal bed rails

Experience the flexibility and convenience of a universal bed rail, perfectly adapted to grow with your child and his changing needs. A universal bed rail can be used on different types and sizes of beds, as a bed rail for junior bed or full-size beds.

This makes it an extremely practical solution that can adapt to your child's growth and development. Designed with both safety and style in mind, these bed rails offer a sturdy barrier that prevents your child from rolling out of bed.

With a bed rail universal, you can be sure that your child has a safe and sound sleep, regardless of which bed he or she sleeps in. The perfect solution for the modern, versatile family.

Bed rails from many brands

Are you looking for the perfect bed rail for your child's junior bed? Our range includes bed rails from many of the best brands, which ensure both comfort and safety for your child.

Leander bed rail is known for a minimalist scandinavian design that combines safety and style. BabyDan bed rail offers robust and reliable solutions that are easy to assemble and are ideal for busy families.

The Sebra Bed rail is uniquely designed with soft shapes that add a charming touch to your child's room, while the Safety 1st bed rail is light but sturdy and is perfect for families looking for comfort and practical solutions.

Regardless of your needs or style, you will find the ideal bed rail from our wide selection. So choose the brand that best suits your needs, and make the transition from cot to bed rail junior bed an exciting and safe experience for your child.

Leander bed rail

Transform your child's bed into a safe and stylish resting place with a Leander bed rail. Known for its simple, Scandinavian design, Leander blends functionality and aesthetics in a way that makes each furniture a feast for the eyes.

A Leander bed rail is not just a practical safety solution, but also a beautiful addition to your child's room. It is easy to install and provides maximum security for your child when he sleeps.

With a Leander bed rail, your child can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, while you can rest easy, knowing that he or she is in good hands. Make the transition to the junior bed fun and worry-free with Leander.

BabyDan bed rail

Experience the comfort and security of a BabyDan bed rail. BabyDan is a brand known for sine extremely functional, child-safe products, and their bed rails are no exception.

A BabyDan bed rail offers robust and reliable safety, which ensures that your child does not fall out of bed, while being easy to mount and adjust. Designed with both style and safety in mind, it fits well in any children's room.

With a BabyDan bed rail, you and your child can enjoy a peaceful sleep, while you have the security of knowing that the kid is protected throughout the night.

It is the perfect choice for those of you who want safety without compromising on design and comfort. Make the transition to the junior bed an easy and happy experience with BabyDan.

Bed rail from Sebra

Transform your child's sleeping area into a safe and stylish environment with a Sebra bed rail. Sebra is known for their sophisticated Scandinavian design that combines functionality and elegance.

A Sebra bed rail is much more than just a safety feature - it is also a beautiful and stylish addition to your child's bedroom, especially in the classic white colour that matches any interior.

This robust and easy-to-mount bed rail is designed to create a safe and secure sleeping space for your child. Let Sebra help you set a problem-free and elegant milestone when the junior bed is to be inaugurated.

Safety 1st bed rail

Take your child's safety to new heights with a Safety 1st bed rail. Safety 1st is a pioneer in child safety products and their bed rails are no exception.

This bed rail offers reliable and robust protection that ensures your child does not fall out of bed, while being easy to install and use. It has been designed with consideration for both safety and ease of use, and fits perfectly into any children's room.

A Safety 1st bed rail is the perfect choice for the modern family that values??practical safety and comfort. Closet a happy and safe atmosphere in your child's junior bed with the reliable Safety 1st bed rail.

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