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Baby Locks


Kid locks

We all know how curious little kids are. They love to explore their home and surroundings whenever they get the chance. But it can be dangerous for kids if they get access to cupboards, doors, windows, drawers, etc. That's why child locks in the home can be the perfect solution, so you don't have to worry when your kids start to go on fairy tale in the home.

As soon as your child starts crawling and walking, the whole home in terms of furniture and appliances is suddenly a potential accident waiting to spoon. Drawers can pinch little fingers, cleaning products in cupboards can be dangerous and furniture has sharp edges, or can fall or tip over and pose a danger to your child.

Fortunately, it's easy to childproof your home with equipment such as child gates and child locks, which keep your kids away from places they shouldn't be.

There are many different types of child locks, for example magnetic locks, safety locks for doors, padlocks, etc. The child locks you should choose depend on what is best for your family and your home.

Furniture security

Large and heavy furniture that is not secured can be dangerous for kids as they grow and explore the home. To prevent your child from pulling on furniture, you must furniture-proof things such as TV stands, bookcases, chests of drawers and shelves by fixing them to the floor or wall.

There are different types of furniture security in the form of straps with hooks and other things that make your furniture child-proof. If necessary, you can also secure rugs to the floor so that your child does not slip and fall.

Security lock for windows and balcony door

It is super important to have a good safety lock for your balcony door if you have a balcony, and for windows that your child can reach. We can highly recommend the security lock for windows and balcony doors from Reer, which comes in a very discreet design and can be easily installed without the use of Glue and screws. It is available in white and black, so that it easily fits in with your door/window handle.

Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are ideal for your cupboards, drawers and kitchen cupboards - and the best part is that neither your guests nor kids will notice they are there. Magnetic locks are easy to install - just make sure to position the parts correctly before fitting them. Of course, instructions are included, which ensure a perfect result. Some magnetic locks are opens using a supplied key.

Padlocks for e.g. scooter

If your child has a scooter or similar that they are very fond of, it is necessary to have the right lock, which fits perfectly and ensures that they can safely leave the scooter without fear of it being stolen. For this purpose, we can highly recommend Streetsurfing's scooter lock, which with its thin and flexible wire can easily fit into narrow openings. It comes with a numerical code, which makes it easy for your child to unlock it without having to carry around a key.

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