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Safety Grille

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Safety grille

Young kids grow rapidly and begin to explore their surroundings. Before they even start crawling, it is important as a parent to secure the home when the kid's curiosity is at its highest.

A child grid is an ideal solution for kids from the age of 6 months and up to 2 years. They can be found in the vast majority of homes with small kids, and it is recommended that they be removed once your child has discovered how they can open the child grate or climb over it. It is very important that a safety grille is installed correctly to guarantee your little 's safety and that they do not get hurt when they go on fairy tale at home.

There are many benefits to having a child restraint installed in your home. They create a safe area for your child, and are placed both at the top and bottom of stairs, at doors, and at others places and objects that your child must be kept from getting to.

Kids are hugely curious about the world and it can of course be stressful for you as a parent to always have to worry about whether they are going wrong. With a child grid you can have ro of mind as your child can play and explore in safe areas so you do not always have to observe and keep an eye on them.

You can use a children's grid to create play areas for small kids by closing off areas that are not safe - such as the kitchen and bathroom, or others rooms where you can not keep an eye on them. Many parents also use child gratings to keep kids and pets separate for periods - both when they first need to be comfortable with each other or if you just do not want them to be together when you can not keep an eye on them.

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Safety grille for door

With a safety grille for the door, you can prevent your child from entering rooms where they can be injured. It is extremely convenient to install a safety grille on the door next to the garden if you live in a house, so that your child can not get out into the garden without supervision.

You can also keep your doors open without worries with a safety grille for the door as your child cannot get through. That way, you can air out at home without worry.

You can use a safety grille for a door on virtually any door no matter its size. As I said, it also does not matter if it is a door to the garden or to a room. However, you should check the product description first, as some models are best suited for indoor use.

Also, make sure that if you need to install a safety grille for a door, that you buy a safety grille that is specifically designed for the purpose. It makes a difference whether a child grid is installed on a door, on stairs, to separate two rooms, or others areas that you want to keep your child away from.

Safety grille for stairs

One place that you should always make sure is childproof is the stairs. Stairs seem very inviting and fun for young kids, but they can quickly lead to accidents and scratches.

Unfortunately, it happens all too often that smaller kids are injured on the stairs - but fortunately this can be easily avoided. A child ladder for the stairs is the most common and one of the best ways to protect your child.

Although a child grid can prevent accidents, it is of course best to have your child under the supervision of a parent. It is recommended to install a child grid before your child can crawl so that your child gets used to them from the beginning.

You should also check your safety grille frequently and check that it is still properly and securely fitted.

Safety grille for wood stove

It's fine to have the stove on in the cold months, but it goes without saying that small kids should be kept away from there. Young kids love to touch anything that looks exciting, if they can see it and reach it - then they also usually try to touch it.

It can be very stressful to have small kids at home when the stove is on, but a good safety grille for your stove will be able to help you as a parent to relax.

A safety grille for the stove keeps your child at a safe distance so that the whole family can enjoy the warmth in safety. Children's grilles for wood stoves are available in different sizes, so you can always find one that fits your particular stove.

Be sure to choose a grid that is wide enough to keep your child at a safe distance from the stove so you can always be sure they are not getting too close to it.

Safety grille without screws

There are two different types of child grid mounting - wall mounting and press mounting. With a press-mounted grid, you get the advantage that you do not have to drill holes in the wall to get it set up. A pre-assembled grille is easy to use and will not leave brands on your wall or door frame - a good solution if you live for rent.

As a rule, this safety grille is opens externally and mounted on a door using adjustable press mounting brackets, and thus does not require additional tool to install.

Since this type of baby grid is portable and versatile, it can also easily be used as a room divider.

A pre-mounted safety grille is just as secure as the wall-mounted version, with the one exception that they have an external frame. This frame may well be easy to stumble across, and therefore this type of safety grille should not be used on top of stairs.

Safety grille extends

Do you need to move an existing child grid to a new location - and is the new opening too wide for the child grid? This problem can be easily solved with a child grid extender. That way, you do not have to invest in a brand new child grid.

Be aware, however, that there is a difference between pre-mounted safety grilles and wall-mounted versions. Not all models of safety grilles can be extended either.

You must choose a specific child grid extender depending on whether your child grid is press-mounted or wall-mounted. BabyDan offers extensions for both versions and at Kids-world we have them of course.

Wall bracket for safety grille

If you have a wall-mounted safety grille that you sometimes need to move around, you can advantageously buy one or more wall brackets for your safety grille. You can mount wall brackets at all the areas where you want to use your safety grille.

That way, you can easily move it around whenever you need it. Among other things, we have Wall bracket from BabyDan which fits the popular wall-mounted child grid models BabyDan Flex and BabyDan OLAF.

Stair adapter for safety grille

If you have a staircase with a round or square railing and you need to mount a child grid between it and a wall, you need a stair adapter that makes this possible and easy without having to drill into the baluster. You can easily use BabyDan's stair adapter for both press-mounted and wall-mounted safety grilles.

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