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Wet Wipes and Covers


Cleansing wipes for kids

All parents know how many cleansing wipes and diapers are required in a child's first pair years of life. Cleansing wipes are practical and often in contact with children's sensitive skin. It is therefore important to choose cleansing wipes that are effective enough to remove dirt and grime, but also moisturizing and gentle enough to apply to children's skin without appearing irritating.

If your child suffers from a rash, eczema, or has very sensitive skin, it is recommended that you choose cleansing wipes which are hypoallergenic without perfume, but which also contain some moisturizing ingredients such as lanolin and glycerin.

Cleansing wipes are not only good when you need to change your baby's nappy - they have countless practical features in the home! Use them to wipe your child's face if they have leftover food sitting, to clean their dirty hands when you are on a trip and do not have access to a washbasin, to small scratches that they have received on the playground and much more. Cleansing wipes are a must-have in any home with kids.

Wet wipes cover

Cases for cleansing wipes are both stylish and elegant, functional and practical. Cleansing wipes quickly get dirty in their wrapping due to dust and other dirt, and a case will help you avoid this. A case for cleansing wipes also means that you get fresh, moist and clean cleansing wipes out every time, and most wet wipes cases are very easy to keep clean. They fit virtually all cleansing wipes on the market and have a large capacity.

A wet wipes cover can also make your changing area more stylish and organized. There are also travel cases for cleansing wipes, which are perfect for the changing bag and do not require much space - some can even be attached to the outside of the changing bag so you have easy access to cleansing wipes.

We offer a large selection of cases for cleansing wipes

No matter what your personal style and preferences are, you will be able to find a nice case for cleansing wipes here at Kids-world which will fit perfectly into your decor and possibly at the changing table. If you are into soft and romantic coins in delicate colours, you can see our cases for cleansing wipes from Cam Cam and That?s Mine.

If you are more into robust solid-colored plastic cases, you will probably love our range from Liewood. If you are looking for a stylish case that will be convenient to take with you on the go, the mini cases from DAY ET are the ideal choice for you.

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