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Bathtub and Bath Mats

Hevea Shower Mat - Natural rubber - 75x34 cm - Granite Hevea Shower Mat - Natural rubber - 75x34 cm - Granite 28,14 €
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Bathtub and bath mats for kids

It can be a wonderful experience for small kids to have a bath, it is both fun and can help forge closer bonds between parent and kid. There are many different bathtub and bath mats for kids, so they can relax and have fun. Small kids enjoy splashing and paddling in the bathtub and consider it almost a water playground.

With swimwear and mild soaps and bubbles, your kid can sit comfortably in the bath. There are bathtub for kids in different designs and sizes, so you can definitely find one that fits into your bathroom. A shower mat is also needed to ensure they don't slip.

Which bathtub you choose for your kid depends on various factors, such as how much space you have at home, whether you need a bathtub with a neck support, back support or a seat. You will also need a nice shower mat for kids as a necessity to keep them from falling and slipping in the bath. They are available in many cute and colorful designs that your kid will also love.

Non-slip bath mats are a must

All parents need a non-slip shower mat that you can rely on so that your kid does not slide around in the kid's bathtub. Non-slip bath mats come in many designs, so you can always find one that fits your bathroom. Some of them are interactive and fun for your kid to play with.

There are many things that you should consider when buying a shower mat for your baby, since their skin is very sensitive and young kids have not yet developed very good balance. The mat must be firmly attached to the bottom of the bath so that it does not slide around and cause your kid to fall over.

It is also always a good idea to buy a colourful and cozy shower mat that is fun for your kid to look at and touch. When small kids do not like to take a bath, it is often because they are bored or do not have enough things to distract them and occupy them.

Bath mats for babies are often made of PVC, latex or rubber. Bath mats in natural latex and natural rubber can be expensive, so there are also cheaper, synthetic products.

It is also important to choose a shower mat that is easy to clean and disinfect. Some bath mats can be easily washed in the washing machine and dry quickly, others are mold resistant and have an antibacterial coating. There are also bath mats that have built-in small holes so that water and soap can easily run out, without you having to worry about possible mold and sponge.

Baby tub

If you want your baby to sit while you bathe them, while they have a nice and fun time, then a baby bathtub is necessary in the home. Then you can easily swim your baby without worries.

Baby bathtubs come in different sizes and materials. They are even available with non-slip bottoms. Some are even foldable so you can use them in any room or outside when the weather is right.

Babies are fragile. Therefore, a baby bathtub is much more than just a cute accessory. You ensure that your kid can feel safe and secure when you bathe them. There are even baby bathtubs that fit in your existing bathtub and in the kitchen sink.

Foldable bathtub for babies

There can be many advantages to choosing a foldable baby bathtub. They take up very little space, so they are good for small homes. You can store it in any corner of the home. In just a moment you can set it up and prepare it to swim your baby.

A foldable baby bathtub is easy to take with you if you travel often. If you don't already have a bathtub at home, a foldable bathtub can be placed in the shower so that your kid can still have a nice and comfortable bath.

When your baby outgrows it, you can easily store it at home anyway. After all, it is practical if you plan to have more kids later.

Remember to buy some bath soap with you

Of course, you need a good bath soap to wash your little one with. It can be difficult to find the right bath soap, especially when it has to be a product that you can use when you wash your kid with it on a daily basis.

Baby's and kid's skin is more sensitive and delicate than adult skin, because their immune system is still maturing. Therefore, it is important to choose a bath soap that is very mild and not drying or irritating to the kid's skin.

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