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Washcloths for Kids


Washcloths for babies and kids

If you are looking for washcloths for your baby or your kid then you have found the right place. We have a huge selection of washcloths for babies and kids.

We have washcloths which are both beautiful and soft. Some of the washcloths are made from organic cotton and they are soft for your baby's skin. Besides just the regular washcloths we also offer wash gloves shaped as different animals.

Everything to make it easier when you need to clean your baby or kid. However, some kids do not like getting a shower, and a washcloth may therefore be a nice and fun idea to convince your kid to take a shower.

This makes showering more fun! Have a look at our selection of different kinds of washcloths and see if you can find something that suits you and your child’s needs.

Washcloths are ideal for bathing and at the changing table

Washcloths are practical to have within reach during bathtime and at the changing table. A washcloth is necessary for most families with kids and it is great to have a few of them in the bathroom and at the changing table. You never know when your kid is making a mess and you need to reach for a damp washcloth.

A nice washcloths is important when you kid is going to take a shower, because they ensure that your kid gets clean all the way down the back. It is also super nice for the kid to be scrubbed softly on the back and stomach.

A washcloth is also very convenient to have at hand at the changing table as the kid is sometimes a little bit more dirty than expected. A nice and clean washcloth with a face can also work very well as a fun hand puppet, which can entertain the kid during the diaper change.

Take the washcloth with you on the go

Washcloths are not only good to have at home. A washcloth is also great to have with you when you are on the go.

Washcloths are also great to bring when you are leaving the house. Maybe you are making a trip to the beach, amusement park, or just a picnic in the park, then a washcloth can be great to clean your kid’s hands before and after they eat.

You can easily wet the cloth with water you have brought with you on the go and be placed in a bag after use. This way you avoid the use of single use paper towels, which easily get ugly and end up everywhere.

Washcloths shaped as animals

Most of the things that kids do are a game to them. Why not let even the bath be a game? The washcloths which we offer can help, since we offer washcloths shaped as different animals for example rabbit, panda, cat, bear, and owl.

The washcloths which are shaped as different animals can be purchased as sets of three or separate.

Useful washcloths sold in sets

Most of our regular washcloths can be bought as a set. We have sets from 4 to 12 washcloths in each. It is useful to have several washcloths. You can for example put some damp washcloths in a plastic bag if you are going somewhere. It is an easy way to clean your baby or kid while you are out.

Another use for the washcloth is during bathtime. If you squeeze the wet washcloth over your baby’s head, he or she will get used to getting water in their face. They might even like to watch as the water drops from the washcloth splashes into the bathwater.

Washcloths in beautiful materials

We offer washcloths made from soft materials such as regular cotton or 100% organic cotton. The washcloths can be washed in extra hot water in the washing machine.

Please remember to not use any softener or similar while washing the washcloths, towels, and similar. It will hinder the absorbent capacity of the fabric.

Recycling of washcloths will spare the environment

Many families with kids care about sustainability, and reusable washcloths is a good step in the right direction. With a reusable washcloth you minimize the use of single use cloths which are thrown out after one time use.

Most families with kids will probably find it difficult to stop the use of single use cloths or wet towels all at once, however, a couple of reusable washcloths may be the first step on the way to a more sustainable life.

The washcloths are made of cotton and most of them can be washed at high temperatures in the washing machine, which means you can be sure that they get 100 % clean and free from bacteria after each wash. We do however recommend that you read the instructions on how to wash each product.

OEKO-TEX 100-certified washcloths for kids

Here you will find washcloths with different certifications. You will find both washcloths with the standard 100 OEKO-TEX certification and with the GOTS certification. The OEKO-TEX certification is proof of a product which has been tested for harmful substances at an acknowledged laboratory and is therefore 100 % free from allergenic or harmful chemicals.

The GOTS-certification furthermore assures you that the washcloths have been produced under appropriate and sustainable conditions. This means that the working conditions and waste water management throughout the production have been considered.

We also offer washcloths made from 100% organic cotton. It has never been easier to buy sustainable and chemistry-free washcloths.

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