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Swim Vests for Kids


Swim vests for kids

Do you have a kid who is going to learn to swim? Then it may be that a life swim vest is just the thing. At Kids-World we have a large selection of beautiful life swim vests in different colours and models from different brands. This means that you can hopefully find a life swim vest that fits your child's needs and tastes perfectly.

A life swim vest is used, as the name suggests, to swim in. The Waistcoat helps the kid to float in the water while being easy to move in. Therefore, a life swim vest be a good tool when your boy or girl needs to learn to swim.

Swim vests for kids in beautiful colours

On this page you will find life swim vests in lots of cool colours and designs. You can e.g. find gold-colored life swim vests, life swim vests with sharks, life swim vests with stripes, life swim vests with dots or something completely fifth. If you are looking for a life swim vest in a particular colour, do not forget that you can use the filter at the top of the page.

You can also find life swim vests for kids of different ages. Often, life swim vests for very young kids will almost resemble a suit, while life swim vests for slightly older kids look like a traditional waistcoat. If you want an easy and quick overview of our range in your child's size, use the filter at the top.

You can therefore get swim vests for kids in many different colours. In addition to a yellow swim vest, you can also get swim vests in red, blue, green, pink and many others colours. We also have multicolored swim vests for kids.

How to find the right size life swim vest for kids

When your child is in the water, it is alfa and omega that there is control over safety, so both you and the kid feel safe and secure by spending a day in the water.

Pay special attention to size, especially when buying a new life swim vest, bathing suit or life jacket for kids, as they are still growing.

If the swim vest is too large, there is a risk of the kid falling out of the waistcoat. Under each product description for the individual bathing vests for kids, you will therefore find a detailed size guide, which we advise you to follow.

At Kids-world you will find swim vests for kids all the way down to the little ones at 18 to 36 mths. (max. 20 kg) or for kids who weigh a maximum of 20 kg (2-3 years), 25-30 kg (4- 6 years), and kids weighing a maximum of 35 kg (6-8 years).

What is the difference between a life swim vest, a bathing suit and a life jacket for kids?

A life swim vest, bathing suit and life jacket for kids are different names for the same thing. They are used to keep the kid afloat in the water - but always under the supervision of an adult.

It is important to remember that a life swim vest is not a life jacket but a safety equipment device that makes it easier for the kid to swim.

A swim vest may be preferable to other safety equipment, such as bathing water wings and a swimming tent, as the kid is Sheep greater freedom of movement. The buoyancy in the life jacket gives the kid a better frames for learning to swim. The Swim vests at Kids-world come in several models, so you can get bathing vests with and without a strap between the legs.

It can be an advantage to choose a bathing suit with a strap for the little ones, or for the little water dog who can not get enough of making jokes in the water.

Swim vest as an alternative to water wings and swimming belts

When many parents remember their own experience of learning to swim, they often think of water wings and swimming belts. These were the standard in swimming pools across the country for many years. Water wings and swimming belts are really good tools when your kid needs to learn to swim, but they also have their challenges. Some kids find that they inhibit their movements while others find that they easily slip off when swimming.

These problems do not occur with a life swim vest. A life swim vest stays where it needs to be, while at the same time helping the kid to float and stay afloat. Therefore, it can be a really good alternative to the traditional swimming water wings and cork belts.

The difference between a life swim vest and a life jacket

Now you might be thinking, what exactly is the difference between a life swim vest and a life jacket? The two are actually quite different and thus also serve different purposes. A life swim vest is made to swim in. This means that it provides good mobility and that it helps to float. Having said so, a swim vest is not used as a substitute for a life jacket.

A life jacket is typically used when out sailing. A life jacket can be opposite a swim vest keep a person who can not swim or who are unconscious, liquid. In addition, it often has a collar, which ensures that the head is kept above water. This collar does not have a life swim vest because it restricts freedom of movement.

Swim vests from well-known brands

We offer a wide selection of swim vests for kids from well-known brands. We have hand-picked the different brands, so you can easily find the most popular brands in swim vests.

Below you can read more about some of the different brands that we have swim vests from.

Popular brands

Duukies Beco Bling2o
Seac Aqua Sphere Konfidence

Konfidence swim vest

With the well-known dolphin as logo, you will find Konfidence swim vests, which is one of the popular brands that make swim vests for kids.

The name, Konfidence, comes from the English word for self-confidence, confidence. Precisely that of strengthening the children's self-confidence in the water - and thus strengthening their swimming abilities, is the whole purpose of the popular Konfidence swim vests for kids.

We have several different swim vests for kids from Konfidence, so you can easily find a swim vest for the little one at home in different designs and colours.

SunnyLife swim vests

If the life swim vest is to have summer colors, then SunnyLife are a really good offer for a life swim vest for both boys and girls.

The life SunnyLife are available in several different colours. Common to them is that they help strengthen your child's ability to stay afloat.

Read more about the SunnyLife swim vests the individual life swim vests. Here you can find information about both the design and functions of swimming pools.

Which swim vest should I choose?

First of all, make sure that the swim vest is the right size when choosing a swim vest for girls or boys. If the swim vest is too large or little, then you will find that it does not sit properly on the kid. Several of the swim vests can be adjusted so you do not have to fear that it will not work if it is a little too large.

You can always see which age groups and weight classes the individual swim vests are recommended for. In particular, the weight of the kid's must be taken into account, as it is the weight on which the swim vests are designed.

If you are facing a size change, you can consider a swim vest with a click buckle. The buckle helps to hold the waistcoat tight so that it does not smoke up if it should sit a little too loose.

How to find a cheap swim vest

You can easily find a cheap swim vest here at Kids-world, whether you are looking for a bathing suit for boys or girls.

You can use our filter and sort our many swim vests by price. That way, you can view the cheapest swim vests first and thus see what price you can get a cheap swim vest for.

How to find the best swim vest

We can not point to a swim vest as being the best swim vest. What is the best swim vest is individual and depends on how well it performs its purpose and supports the individual child in the water.

In order for you to find the best swim vest for your child, you must take as a starting point both comfort and fit. That way, you will find a swim vest that fits well and is comfortable to wear, while at the same time doing its job - namely supporting the kid in the water.

Swim vest sale

If you are looking for a good swim vest offer, then look past our sale category, which is constantly filled up with good sale items - including with swim vests sales.

If we do not have a swim vest sale right now, then it may be that we will it soon. You can sign up for our newsletter, so you are sure to be notified when there are good offers to pick up on life jackets here at Kids-world.

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