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Floating Aids for kids

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Floating aids for kids

Floating aids for kids can be an essential tool when your kid needs to learn to swim. Besides, they are also pretty smart companions while on holiday at the beach or by the swimming pool.

The advantage of floating aids is helping the kids to keep their heads above the water and avoid getting water in the eyes, nose and mouth.

On this page, you will find a large selection of different kinds of floating aids. Check out our range and see if you can find a floating aid that suits your kid's needs perfectly.

Floating aids for kids in beautiful colours

Tastes and preferences are different, even when it comes to floating aids. Therefore, on our page, you will find various types of floating aids in lots of beautiful colours.

Perhaps you are looking for floaties that fit your kid's swimsuit, bikini or swimming trunks? Or maybe your kid wants floaties in his/her favourite colour?

On this page, you will find a bit of everything and most of the time we have floating aids available in the following colours: blue, grey, green, purple, orange, pink and red.

You can find both single-coloured floating aids as well as floating aids with cute patterns and motifs. 

Try out smart swimming aids

In recent years, there have been many smart developments within swimming equipment for kids. One of them is SwimFin.

SwimFin works a bit like an old-fashioned short belt as it also tightens around the body instead of around arms. In this way, the kid is in a better swimming posture, as it is the entire torso that is kept afloat rather than just arms and head.

Diving fins come in many beautiful colours and are easy to take along on holiday.

Floating aids for kids decorated with lovely patterns

Besides water wings in beautiful colours, here at Kids-World, you will also find floaties decorated with lovely patterns. For example, there are floaties with starfish, penguins, crocodiles and Disney motifs.

Floating aids with motifs make learning to swim even more fun for your little boy or girl.

Teach your kid to swim with the right aids

Some kids are just natural in the water while others need a little more persuasion to get out there in the deep water. If your kid is the second type - a bit scared of the water, finds it difficult to swim or just thinks the water is too cold, do not give up.

Most of the kids will eventually learn to swim - it's just a matter of patience and the right aids.

A pair of floaties or a swimfin can be a really good aid, increasing your kid's confidence in the water. In addition, they are good to swim with while the kid is still practising the technique with both arms and legs.Step by step, the kid will go from floaties to a swimfin and then maybe to a swim board which you can borrow or rent over at the swimming pool.

Floating aids in different sizes

Not all kids are equal in size. Therefore, of course, we also have floating aids in different sizes. Take a look at the size of floating aids you are about to buy for your kid as different sizes are designed to support kids of different weights.

Your kid should not use floating aids that are too big or too small. Too large floating aids can make it even more difficult for your kid to use his/her arms properly, which can make the process of learning to swim even more difficult.

On the other hand, too small floating aids might not be able to support the kid's weight so the kid can feel insecure and scared.

You can find the individual sizes and weight classes under each product.

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