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Sand Toys for kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
Liewood Shovel - Silicone - Shane - Yellow Mellow Liewood Shovel - Silicone - Shane - Yellow Mellow 8,63 €
Originally:  11,50 €  
Liewood Shovel - Silicone - Shane - Peppermint Liewood Shovel - Silicone - Shane - Peppermint 8,63 €
Originally:  11,50 €  

Sand toys for kids

We offer a nice assortment of sand toys from brands such as Liewood, Done By Deer and many others. Regardless of the age of your kid, you get great opportunities to find the best sand toys for your girl or boy.

We offer a large range of sand toy brands - including Dantoy. Sand toys are an ideal choice.

Do not hesitate to use our filter if you are looking for a specific set of sand toys or many others things for kids of all ages. You can find practically all the tools you are looking for boys and girls at Kids-world.

Playing with sand toys: A world of benefits for children's development

Playing in the sandbox or on the beach with sand toys is not just an enjoyable activity for kids; it is also an important component in their development. The tactile and creative nature of sand toys creates a unique learning experience that extends beyond the play itself. Here are some of the benefits of giving kids access to sand toys.

Sensory stimulation with sand toys

Sand toys offer a wide range of sensory experiences for kids. Touching and shaping the sand stimulates their senses and helps develop tactile skills. The natural feeling of sand between the fingers is enriching and strengthens the connection between the kid and its surroundings.

Sand toys help the kid with creative expression

Playing with sand toys encourages creative expression. Kids can create shapes, buildings, and imaginative worlds using shovels, molds, and buckets. This creative process supports the development of their imagination and problem-solving skills as they think and plan their constructions.

Closet social interaction with sand toys

Sand toys also promote social interaction and cooperation among kids. As they share shovels, buckets and others play elements, they learn to communicate, negotiate and work together to achieve common goals. This is essential for the development of social skills and teamwork.

Use sand toys to strengthen the kid's motor development

Playing with sand toys requires the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers. Kids therefore develop their fine motor skills, which can have a positive impact on later activities such as writing. Digging, lifting and building in the sand also strengthens their gross motor skills.

Learning through play with sand toys

Sand toys open up a playful learning process. Kids learn about texture, shape, volume and weight while working with the sand. They experiment with concepts such as filling and emptying, and they observe how the sand responds to their manipulations, which are fundamental concepts in science and mathematics.

Sand toys stimulate the imagination

Sand toys are a source of endless imagination. From creating sandcastles and fairy-tale toy figurine to imagining stories about treasure hunts, playing with sand toys stimulates children's imaginations and encourages them to create their own worlds filled with fairy tale.

Calming effect: Let the kid's relax with sand toys

Playing with sand also has a calming and relaxing effect on kids. The soft texture and tactile feel of the sand can be calming, helping kids deal with stress and giving them a space to explore their emotions.

Sand toys give the kid a connection to nature

Playing with sand toys outdoors, especially at the beach, connects kids to nature. They learn about the tides, different types of sand and maybe even come across shells or small crabs. This direct connection to nature is a valuable experience that promotes a healthy understanding and respect for the environment.

Thus, sand toys are more than just a means of play; it is a source of learning, creativity and social interaction that enriches children's development on many levels. Creating space for this type of play is an investment in children's well-being and abilities that will last far beyond their time on the beach or in the sandpit.

Shop sand toys today

If you choose to buy your kid's new sand toys at Kids-world, we will be very happy. We can assure you that you will not regret it.

We have good sand toys from several popular and well-known brands. Therefore, we trust that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

We hope you found the sand toys in our range of sand toys that you are looking for. Finally, use our search box if you are looking for something specific.

If you have special wishes, perhaps a specific product from a specific brand or a specific type of sand play, which you would like to find in the shop, you should finally just contact our customer service.

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