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Nursing Pads


Nursing pads

Breastfeeding your little one is beautiful, but it can be quite inconvenient when the milk leaks out, which often happens in the beginning, when you first start breastfeeding and the milk production has to be adapted to the baby's needs.

This is where nursing pads come into the picture as a fantastic solution. They absorb the milk that leaks from the breast, so you can feel safe and comfortable, while protecting the rest of your clothes from milk stains. Nursing pads are placed in your nursing BRA. Some even have the added benefit of soothing sore nipples.

When choosing a nursing pad, you should consider the material, whether the nursing pads can be washed and are thus reusable. It is common to need several set of nursing pads each day, as well as how absorbent they are. Make sure they fit snugly against your body.

Many nursing pads come in a circular shape, but they bend slightly when placed in your BRA. Choose nursing pads that are soft and absorbent and allow your breasts to breathe. Avoid those with waterproof plastic parts as these can trap moisture against the skin and feel uncomfortable to use.

Washable nursing pads

Disposable nursing pads can be very expensive in the long run - and then they are not environmentally friendly. Therefore, we recommend investing in some washable nursing pads. They are more comfortable and much softer to wear than the disposable versions - and you can save a lot of money over time.

If necessary, check out the Philips Avent nursing pads. They come in set of 6 pieces. So you always have an extra pair lying around if you need it.

Nursing pads in wool

There are many different types of nursing pads in different materials. Some of the softest and most luxurious are made of wool. We can recommend Joha's nursing pads in merino wool, which are incredibly soft and of course reusable. Another advantage is that they are temperature-regulating, so they can be used all year round - regardless of the weather.

If you want nursing pads in a natural material that lets your skin breathe, it is definitely recommended to buy nursing pads in wool. In winter, they will feel warm and comfortable without you sweating in them.

We also have nursing pads

A nursing pad can be used with advantage when you first start breastfeeding. It acts as a layer of plastic between your breast and baby, so baby grabs the breast pad instead. A nursing pad is a useful tool, as it can hurt when your baby first latches onto the nipple. After a while, you can try to breastfeed again without the piece. We have different nursing pads that you can choose from here at Kids-world.

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