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Changing Pads and Changing Mats

MarMar Changing Pad Cover - Percale - Brown Leo MarMar Changing Pad Cover - Percale - Brown Leo 15,73 €
Originally:  24,20 €  
MarMar Changing Pad Cover - Dino Baby MarMar Changing Pad Cover - Dino Baby 16,58 €
Originally:  25,50 €  
Soft Gallery Changing Pad - Dandelion - Brick Dust Soft Gallery Changing Pad - Dandelion - Brick Dust 30,20 €
Originally:  60,40 €  

Changing pads, changing mat and cover for chaging pad

Here at you will find a large selection of changing pads, changing mats and chaging pad covers. We have gathered a large selection of brands, all of which have managed to make super delicious and fine pillows that are both practical and beautiful to look at.

The same for all changing pads is that they have to be practical for the parents in several ways. It must be possible to place the baby on the changing pad or changing mat without the baby sliding around due to a slippery surface.

Finally, it is also important that the kid lies reasonably soft, well and stably when changing and changing clothes.

Large selection of changing pads at Kids-world

If you are looking for a large selection of changing pads from different brands or with different designs, then you have come to the right place. At Kids-world you will find a large selection of changing pads, regardless of whether you are looking for changing pads with different types of materials or designs.

You can easily find the different variants of changing pads by using our filter. That way, you can easily sort between brands, colours and many others things.

Best changing pad: How to find the best changing pad

There is not just one changing pad that is the best in the world. Which changing pad that is the best for you depends on a variety number of individual factors. Here we therefore give a number of suggestions on how to find the best changing pad for you.

The first thing you need to look out for when finding a changing pad is what your needs are and where you need to use your changing pad. Should it be transported around, should it be easy to clean or should it have others features that increase its value to you?

Therefore, feel free to look at the functions and benefits of the individual changing pads before you decide which changing pad is the best changing pad for you.

We also sell changing pads

We also carry changing pads, which are located on top of a wooden surface. The cushion/plate itself has a recess in the middle, which helps to hold the kid in place while it lies on the cushion. The underside is fitted with rubber pads so that the cushion does not slip.

Be aware that you can also get changing pads and changing pads pads, which are practical to pack together so that they do not take up much space, and thus are easy to take on the go when you, for example, have to visit family and friends.

Changing pad with fabric or plastic cover

Changing pads are made of different materials, and there can be a large difference in the different types, which are especially apparent in connection with diaper changes on a changing pad.

Changing pads with plastic cover are super practical and easy to keep clean, as they can just be wiped off with a wet cloth. The disadvantage of these is that they are a little less soft to lie on for the little child, but this can usually be fixed by putting a muslin cloth under the baby.

Changing pads with fabric covers are usually nice and soft and really fine in terms of patterns and softness. But if the accident is out and the fabric cover gets dirty, there is often nothing to do but take the fabric cover off and send it for washing. However, there are exceptions. Some fabric covers have a special coating which means that in the vast majority of cases they can be wiped with a wet cloth.

For Kids-world, it is important that the material used for the various products for the little ones is of the best quality. Thus, you can be absolutely sure that the selection of changing pads and changing pads pillow cover that you will find on this page are of high quality.

If you want to know what material the changing pad you have chosen is made of, you can always go under the individual changing pads and read more.

Changing pads to go

Of course, it is important to have a good and practical changing table or a nice changing station at home, but it is almost as important to have the opportunity to change and change when you are out. Unfortunately, you can not always count on the possibility of a changing table when you are out.

However, that does not mean that you just have to sit and watch cockroaches at home. The solution is a lovely changing mat that you can take with you. With a changing mat, you are always sure that you can change your baby safely and securely no matter where you are. Most changing mat are padded or otherwise filled, so they are nice and soft to lie on.

On this page, we have several different changing mat that you can take with you on the go. Some can be rolled up, others can be folded while others again come with a smart bag. Some of the changing mats even have a practical pocket where there can be a muslin cloth, cleansing wipes or something completely different. Common to them all is that they are super easy to carry on the go. They can easily lie in the basket under the pram without filling much, so you always have them on hand when you and your baby are out in the world.

You will find practical changing mat to take with you on the go at Cam Cam, Sebra, Herschel, Done By Deer and MarMar, among others.

Organic changing pads

Many families with kids go up in organic, and therefore we also have changing pads with cover in organic cotton. The organic changing pads come in several different varieties and from different brands. That means you do not have to compromise on aesthetics just because you want to buy organic for your little one.

You will find, among other things, changing pads with organic cover from Pine Cone, Liewood and Cam Cam.

You can read more about what the different changing pads and chaging pad cover are made of inside each product. Here you can also see if the changing pad cover is coated so that it can be wiped with a cloth.

Oekotex and GOTS-certified changing pads

Oekotex labeling and GOTS certification are not foreign words for Kids-world. The GOTS certification is your guarantee that the products are manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and do not contain hazardous chemicals.

The filling in the vast majority of changing pads consists of polyether foam/poly foam. Selected changing pads have a mixture of poly foam and polyester as a filling.

The two certifications give you peace of mind that hazardous and harmful chemicals have been taken into account in the production of your new changing pad, changing mat or chaging pad cover.

When you buy a changing pad pillow that has the Oekotex 100 certificate, you are sure that the changing pad pillow and all its material have been tested in a laboratory and therefore do not contain harmful or allergenic substances or dangerous chemicals.

When you buy a changing pad that is GOTS-certified, you are also assured that the environment is taken into account in the manufacture of the changing pad. In card, this means that wastewater treatment, working conditions and that the final product is of high quality have been taken into account.

Changing pads pillows and baby pillows with high edges

Changing pads pillows and baby pillows come in several varieties. Some are completely flat and these are often intended to be carried on the go and can easily be unpacked and packed together. However, such a changing mat can also easily be used at home.

Many stationary changing pads are harder to carry around and are made specifically for use at home. It typically has slightly higher edges so your baby lies safely and well while being cuddled. The high edges ensure that the kid does not just roll over the changing table while you have your eyes somewhere else for half a second.

Although the concept is the same with most brands, there is a difference between the different designs. We therefore recommend that you look at the various options before acquiring a changing pad.

A changing pad that are easy to clean

Changing pads can have different surfaces. If the outer layer is made of plastic, a damp cloth or a walk under the shower can make washing significantly faster and not least easier. Changing pads with fabric covers are often a little more difficult to clean if the accident is out. However, you can also find changing pads where the cover is made of cotton, which has a special coating, which makes it easy to wipe with a cloth.

Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to find out what you are most into. If you later find out that it is not the right one you have chosen, you can usually change the cover on the changing pad with a different kind.

You can always read more about what the individual changing pads are made of and how they are best cleaned inside each individual product.

Changing pads with removable cover

Most changing pads on this page come with removable cover. A removable cover has several benefits. First of all, you can replace the cover without replacing the entire cushion if, for one reason or another, you find out that it was not quite right. Secondly, a removable cover means that you can wash the cover separately when it gets dirty.

Changing pads typically need to be washed more often than changing pads with a plastic surface. This is because changing pads with a plastic surface can be wiped off more easily with a wet cloth. However, each product will always come with a description of how to best clean and maintain your new changing pad.

Changing pads pillows and baby covers in nice colours

A changing pad is first and foremost a practical thing, but it also does not matter if it is a little nice. Often, new parents have spent time and energy decorating a kid's room or a corner of the bedroom for the little one and therefore it is nice if the changing pad pad also fits the others new baby things.

On this page you will find a large selection of changing pads and chaging pad cover in different colours and with different patterns. You will usually find changing pads in the colours blue, brown, green, grey, yellow, white, purple, pink, red, black and turquoise in our range.

You can find both solid color changing pads and changing pads with fine motifs and patterns. How about a changing pad with dots or flowers? Or maybe a changing pad with little birds or air balloons.

Explore our selection and see if there is not a changing pad pad that fits perfectly with your changing station.

Changing pads from well known brands

On this page, we carry changing pads, chaging pad cover from a long number of different brands. This means that you can find changing pads in many different designs, materials and not least price ranges. Common to them all is that they are of high quality and made with the well-being of kid in mind.

In our large assortment you will find, among other things, changing pillows from Done By Deer with the cute elephants and giraffes, quilted changing mat changing pads from Cam Cam, which are easy to carry on the go, and changing cushions from Sebra, which have a coating that prevents the fabric from sucking liquid.

Remember that you can use the different filters at the top of the page to filter for both brand, price and colour. Then it will not be easier to find exactly the changing pad that you are missing.

Elodie Details changing pads

Changing pads should be both practical for you as a parent, but also comfortable for your girl or boy to lie on while changing nappies. With an Elodie Details changing pad, you get both practical and high-quality changing pad, where there is plenty of room to change diapers. Besides being practical, Elodie Details changing pads are also very stylish - you can get them in lots of different colour combinations and beautiful prints.

Changing pads from Elodie Details with removable cover

The cover on the Elodie Details changing pad is made of strong and soft cotton quality, which can usually be removed and washed. It usually also comes with a PU coating on the inside of the fabric, so it is easier to clean. And if you want to replace the cover of your changing pad, you can just check out our selection of changing pad covers and see if you can find one or more that fits your changing pad.

Changing pad cover

On this page you will of course also find separate chaging pad cover. There can be several reasons why you need a new chaging pad cover. It may be that the original cover has become worn and tired to look at after many washes. It could also be that it did not have the right surface, colours or something completely third.

No matter why you are looking for a chaging pad cover case, we are here to help you. We have a selection of chaging pad cover in several different colours and patterns, thus that there is something for everyone. In addition, several of the variants come in organic cotton and have certifications that ensure that they are free of harmful chemicals.

The different cover come in slightly different sizes, so remember to measure the changing pad you have at home and check with the measurements under the individual products before you put your new chaging pad cover in the basket.

Accessories for changing pads

When you're in the process of finding things for your new puzzle station, finally take a look at the rest of Kids-world. Here you will be able to find others smart and cute things for the changing table. There are many types of accessories for changing pads.

Maybe you should have a rattle that the little new one can deal with while he or she is being juggled. Or maybe you are looking formuslin cloths, a baby mobile or some smart storage boxes for all the new baby things. Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate the different categories and find exactly the accessories for changing pads that you are looking for.

A changing pad can strengthen the kid's motor skills

A changing pad can be much more any equipment that you use when changing diapers on the little one. The Changing pad can also be used to train and strengthen your little baby's motor skills.

Whether it is in connection with diaper changes or others times of the day, you can use the changing pad to practice motor skills with your baby and take advantage of the comfort that the little one has on the changing pad.

You can train both movements and turns when the little one is lying on the changing pad. In this way, you also get to spend time on more things than just diaper changes, so it becomes a tool that strengthens both good experiences with diaper changes and your baby's motor skills.

Changing pads: What should a changing pad look like?

What a changing pad should look like is entirely up to you. Fortunately, you can find a large selection of different designs, features, colours and materials for changing pads here at Kids-world. So what the changing pad should look like is entirely up to you.

So be sure to choose a changing pad that fits well with the style of the baby room and has the surface and extra features that make it really practical and functional for you, whether you only use it at the changing table or whether you also have it with you. you around the house or outside.

Material selection: What should a changing pad be made of?

The choice of material has an impact on several things when it comes to changing pads. The first, of course, is security. Does your changing pad have edges so that the little one can not trille away or fall to the side?

Once the safety is in place, apply the filling and cover to the changing pad. The filling is often of the same character, so therefore we look at the cover instead.

The cover has an effect on how well your baby lies on the changing pad, as well as how easy it is to clean. Because it happens that it gets dirty in connection with diaper changes. Consider here whether you have an cover that is easy to clean or whether you prefer a soft comfort.

For how long should I use a changing pad?

How long you use a changing pad pillow depends on how long it takes for your baby to become diaper-free. In practice, this may mean that you will need a changing pad for about three years.

Of course, there are always individual deviations, depending on how quickly the little one becomes diaper-free. But with the prospect of having to use a changing pad for a pair years, there is good reason to choose a changing pad that can be with you all the way.

Which changing pad to choose? How to choose a changing pad

Which changing pad to choose is of course up to you. The gut feeling must be just right when you have to choose a changing pad, because you will use it many times in the next pair years.

Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a high-quality changing pad and a design that will make you not get tired of looking at it after a card time.

In addition, it makes very good sense to look at how you can and should maintain the changing pad, as you will be wiping it off, washing it and other things daily for the next pair years. So a changing pad pad that is easy to clean is very beneficial.

Also remember to look at where in the home the changing pad should be used. This is because it has something to say in relation to the size of the edges of the changing pad.

How long is a changing pad?

A changing pad is usually between 60 and 65 cm. long. However, the length of a changing pad is not a universal standard, so there may be variations, but most often the length of a changing pad is between 60 and 65 cm.

You can always see how long the individual changing pad is in the product description for the individual changing pad here at Kids-world. If you have further questions about the length of your changing pad, you are always welcome to contact our customer service.

Are changing pads water repellent?

If you are looking for a water- water repellent changing pad, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find both water- water repellent changing pads and non-water- water repellent changing pads.

When you want to know if a changing pad is water- water repellent, then you need to look at what materials your chaging pad cover is made of. This is what determines whether your changing pad is water- water repellent.

The advantage of a water- water repellent changing pad is that it is easy to wipe off if, for example, a little accident occurs when changing nappies, or if you need to use water or cleansing wipes when the little one needs to be changed.

You can see what materials the individual changing pads consist of by reading the product descriptions for our many changing pads.

Changing pad sale: How to get a cheap changing pad

A changing pad is an indispensable thing when you have small kids at home who need to change their nappies. Therefore, a good changing pad offer is something that is popular in many homes. Therefore, we have made sure that you can get a changing pad offer in several different ways so that you can easily see how you can get a cheap changing pad.

You can always keep an eye on the page here. You can also use our filter to find a cheap changing pad, as you can filter by price.

With our newsletter you are always updated on our current changing pad offers - and offers on many, many others things for kids. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions about our products or services, you can of course always contact our customer service department, which is ready to help you and answer questions.

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