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Muslin Cloths for Babies


Muslin Cloths

Muslin Cloths are extremely functional and universal. Muslin Cloths are delivered in 8-piece sets, but you can also buy them individually - and you can mix and match to your liking.

Within the muslin cloth category, you find various muslin cloths of many designs and colours. Muted colours, loud colours, printings and patterns - you find them at Kids-world.

Usually, we stock muslin cloths in colours such as blue, brown, grey, green, white, purple, yellow, orange, pink-rose, black, turquoise and red.

Among our muslin cloths with patterns, you'll find muslin cloths with dots, muslin cloths with submarines, muslin cloths with air balloons, muslin cloths with giraffes, muslin cloths with crocodiles, muslin cloths with whales, muslin cloths with raccoons, muslin cloths with stars, muslin cloths with plants, muslin cloths with marine animals, muslin cloths with dinosaurs, muslin cloths with flowers, and much, much more.

Take a look at our large selection and see if you stumble upon something that suits your taste preference.

How many muslin cloths should you use?

Most mothers can certainly sign that one can never get too many muslin cloths. Muslin cloths are indispensable in the kid's first time, where you will find that you will often be in a scenario where you have your baby in one arm and a muslin cloth in your hand.

The versatile cloth that a cloth muslin cloth is is a must in the changing bag. It can be used both as a diaper, a practical cloth for wiping flies during breastfeeding or changing mat when you are on the go.

Depending on what the cloth nappies are to be used for and how often you wash, we recommend that you have a minimum of 10-15 muslin cloths.

To prevent the different functions of the cloth nappies from being mixed up, you can advantageously select a colour or a pattern for each individual purpose. See our many different muslin cloths here in the category.

Functional and universal muslin cloths

Muslin cloths have multiple purposes. Muslin cloths can be used as a regular cloth when breastfeeding and while nursing on the nursing table - muslin cloths are quite handy in these situations.

Muslin Cloths don't take up much space, therefore, they are well-suited to bring along in the nursing bag and the rucksack. You never know when you might need a cloth!

We hope that you find just the type of muslin cloths you need.

GOTS-certified muslin cloths 

The muslin cloths come in cotton - both regular and organic. In addition to this, you will also find the so-called GOTS-certified muslin cloths, or the so-called ETKO certification. 

GOTS and ETKS are both your guarantee of a responsible production, as it is socially responsible and free from dangerous chemicals. This way you are guaranteed that the thing that gets closest to your child's sensitive skin is free from harmful and/or allergenic substances. 

It also means that the production is environmentally responsible, and that waste water management and working conditions have been taken into consideration. All of this is very important nowadays and in the years to come. 

Gift boxes with muslin cloths

If you are looking for a nice little gift, then you may want to consider one of our gift boxes with muslin cloths. These fine gift boxes consist of muslin cloths and cute rattles, among other things.

This makes it perfect as a baby gift for the new parents or as a gift for the baby shower. You can of course also give a gift to the little new baby without any specific reason other than a desire to spoil the baby and its mother and father. 

If you like to buy in bigger quantities, we also offer packs with up to 8 muslin cloths in each. With the packs of several muslin cloths, you are sure to get matching muslin cloths.

At the same time it also gives you the opportunity to have something different to choose from, as the packs of muslin cloths often come in several beautiful colours or patterns. This will also make it easier to distinguish between them. 

Muslin cloths with many functions 

Muslin cloths can be used for for many things. They can for instance be used as a cloth while nursing as well as during diaper change, where it is a good thing to have at hand.

Muslin cloths are also great to have when changing diapers on the baby when you are away from home and don't have a changing pad with you. The muslin cloth can easily be placed on top of another soft mat to avoid an accident to happen. 

Generally the muslin cloths do not take up a lot of space and are therefore ideal to have in the changing bag or the backpack. You never know when you'll be needing a cloth or something for the baby to lie on. 

A good tip is to buy muslin cloths in different colours or patterns, so you can use each colour or pattern for a specific purpose.

For instance you could use the yellow muslin cloths for wiping off milk and regurgitation, the blue ones for diaper change and the green ones for everything else. This way you make sure that the different functions of the different muslin cloths don't get mixed up. 

Muslin cloths in many sizes 

Our muslin cloths come in different sizes, such as small ones which measure 35 x 25 cm/35 x 35 cm, regular muslin cloths measuring 65 x 65 cm, 70 x 70 cm and the big muslin cloths, which measure 120 x 120 cm. 

You can thereby easily use the muslin cloths for different purposes, ex. as a diaper (like they did back in days), as a base on the changing table, to place on the shoulder when the baby needs to regurgitate after a delicious meal, or as a comfort blanket to the cosy times in the cot, the bed or in the pram. 

Muslin cloths are also perfect to have when the kid is being nursed, as it has a good absorbency which is great for soaking up spilled milk, etc. 

Take the muslin cloth with you on the go 

One thing most parents always carry around is muslin cloths. This is because the muslin cloth can be used for most things. When you are away from home and need something the baby can lie on, or if the baby has regurgitated a lot - the muslin cloth is typically the solution. 

The muslin cloth can also be used as a light blanket for the baby on warm days instead of using a duvet cover, or it can be used shade for the sun. Most parents will find that only the imagination sets the limits for what the muslin cloth can be used for, and it is therefore always a good idea to have one or two in the bag. 

Muslin cloths shaped like comfort blankets 

We also offer muslin cloths shaped like actual comfort blankets in different shapes such as a unicorn or a rabbit. The kid will love to have the comfort blanket next to it - especially if it smells like mom.

It is a good idea to carry a comfort blanket or a muslin cloth, so that the kid has a lovely and well-known smell nearby, when it's time to nap. 

On the warm days, when a duvet cover gets too hot for the kid to use, a muslin cloth will be an excellent alternative, to ensure that the kid doesn't get too hot and thereby doesn't sleep well. 

Muslin cloths from different brands

Here at Kids-World you will find muslin cloths from a wide range of different brands. This is because we think that you as parents deserve to have something to choose from, both when it comes to size, colour, design and material. 

We guarantee that you always have something to choose from, and that you will get a product of high quality, no matter which one you choose.

Muslin cloths sale

Having a large pile of muslin cloths in stock will be some of the best for a new mom. The cloth diaper will no doubt be a sand companion in the kid's first time. In card, you can not get too many of them.

At Kids-world you can find muslin cloths in all shapes and sizes, two, three and up to an 8-Pack. It is a product that never goes out of fashion. That is why we constantly get new products in stock.

This means that you can find good muslin cloth deal from previous collections in our sale or stock sale category for really good money. Another good reason to upgrade the stock of muslin cloths at home.

Remember, if you sign up for our newsletter, you will never miss the current muslin cloths offers on Kids-world.

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