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Changing Bags

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Changing bag

A changing bag is found in most homes. A changing bag is a versatile accessory and today you can find many brands that design classic and modern changing bags.

A changing has to be useful and withstand a little of everything and meet the needs of a family with kids.

Changing bags are produced in many styles and designs - we are certain that there is a changing bag suited for every family.

We offer changing bags shaped like backpacks, changing bags which look like beautiful leather bags for women, as well as changing bags which include a practical and lovely changing mat.

We also have changing bags in many different price ranges which ensures that there is something for everyone and every budget. 

Take a look around our big selection and see if you find a perfect changing bag that suits your needs.

A changing bag can be used for different things 

Changing bags are known for being usable in many aspects, which is because their primary function is to store all the necessary things.

The bag provides enough space for bringing everything needed for changing diapers and even toys which are great to have with you when you leave the house. 

The changing bag is also super convenient when you are going on a longer trip, because with this type of bag, you can easily pack all the baby stuff in one single bag. In fact it serves as a sort of baby hand luggage.

Changing bag - what to put in it?

What do we put in a changing bag? Here is a list with what most parents take along:

- Diapers
- Cloth diapers
- Facecloth
- Hand disinfectant
- Bin liners
- Changing pad
- Spare clothing
- Baby monitor
- Dummies
- Baby bottle
- Zinc ointment

This is where the spaciousness of a changing bag becomes pivotal. Consider thoroughly before deciding on a changing bag - all these items require space.

When packing the changing bag for the delivery, we recommend that you bring the following:

- Pregnancy journal
- Health security
- Lip balm
- Hairband
- Nursing bra
- Breast pads
- Clothing for mum and dad
- Oversize underwear for mum
- Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.
- Chargers
- Diapers
- Cloth diapers
- Facecloths
- Suits and body stockings
- Hat for the baby
- Baby socks
- Food/snacks

The list above is only for inspiration. Parents and kids are different, and maybe you or your kid needs to have space enough for something in particular in the changing bag. 

Remember changing pad

You may not find it a being a great idea, however a changing mat is convenient to bring along.

A changing mat is convenient when you have to change the baby's diaper and there isn't a changing room nearby.

Changing mats are foldable and easily stored inside the changing bag. Changing pads are soft to lie on while getting a new diaper.

In most changing mats you also find a few pockets where you can store the cloth diaper, diaper and wet wipes.

Some of the changing bags include a changing mat, but in case the changing bag you're looking at doesn't include one, it is of course also possible to buy it separately.

If you want to buy a changing mat, you'll find a bigger selection in our ?Changing pads' category at the top of the page. 

Nice and spacious changing pads

Manufacturers have put in a lot of effort in making spacious changing bags that are convenient to carry around, but they also have to have great designs and match the modern families.

Changing bags come in a wide range of styles. Whether you need a classic and neutral changing bag, or you prefer colourful changing bags - we stock all kinds - muted colours and loud colours. All of them, however, are of excellent quality.

Our selection consists of a wide range of brands that have specialised in making wonderful changing bags which have all the qualities needed in a changing bag.

Whether colour you are looking for, we are quite sure to stock it; blue, brown, grey, green, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose-pink, black, turquoise or multi-coloured changing bag.

Shiny and quilted changing bags

Whatever you prefer, you'll find many possibilities and therefore, it's probable that you'll find the changing bag you want.

Do you want a shiny changing bag, or do you prefer a chequered changing bag, or perhaps you prefer a quilted look - is this the case, Cam Cam has just the bag you are looking for.

Most changing bags have two strong handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Changing bags in lovely colours

You are most probably going to need your new changing bag almost everyday which means that it doesn't hurt if it also looks nice and suits your taste preference. Here you will a big selection of different changing bags in a sea of colours.

You will find solid-coloured changing bags as well as changing bags with nice patterns. We offer changing bags with dots, changing bags with flowers and changing bags with graphic patterns. 

If you are looking for a changing bag in a specific colour, then don't forget that you have the option to use the filters at the top of the page to get a quick and easy overview of the specific colour you are looking for. 

Changing bags in beautiful materials

We know here at Kids-World that taste differs. This is why we offer changing bags in many different types of materials. You will find beautiful changing bags in organic cotton, changing bags in polyester, changing bags in polyamide, changing bags in nylon and cool changing bags in leather.

Each type has its own advantages. The changing bags in leather almost look like a fashionable bag for women, while the bags in cotton are easy to wash and get clean.

If you are interested in knowing more about the changing bag and the materials used for making it, you can take a look under the product description. If you have any other questions, you can always contact our customer service. 

Oeko-tex 100-certified changing bags

If you want your changing bag to be free from harmful and allergenic chemistry, then you have the option to choose a changing bag which is Oeko-tex 100 certified.

With the Oeko-tex 100 certification you can be assured that the changing bag and all its materials have been tested at a laboratory. The changing bag is therefore completely free from harmful and allergenic substances.

You always have the opportunity to see whether a changing bag is Oeko-tex 100 certified by reading the product description. 

Backpack or shoulder bag?

Some prefer shoulder bags over backpacks. This is why you will find changing bags shaped like shoulder bags as well as changing bags shaped like backpacks, here at Kids-World. Some changing bags have a feminine look while others have a sporty look.

None of the models is better than the other since both models have certain advantages. A backpack can for example be very convenient if you walk a lot and need a bag which fits nicely at the back.

A shoulder bag, on the other hand, is convenient because it can be hung on the handlebar of the pram.

We therefore suggest that you choose the model you like the most and which fits your needs best. 

Changing bags from well-known brands 

Here at Kids-World you will find changing bags from many different well-known brands. In fact we offer changing bags from more than 20 different Danish and international brands, which means we have a lot to choose from.

You can find changing bags from big fashion houses such as Paul Smith, Emporio Armani and Versace. You will also be able to find changing bags from well-known Danish brands such as Cam Cam, Filibabba and Sebra.

Our large selection including different brands also means that we have changing bags in many different price ranges.

If you are looking for a changing bag from a specific brand or in a specific price range then try to choose the filters at the top of the page. 

Popular brands

KAOSCAMA CopenhagenPurse Pets

What is the difference between a changing bag and a regular bag? 

You may be thinking whether or not you actually need a changing bag since you already have a lot of bags at home. Because what is in fact the difference between a changing bag and a regular bag? The difference is that the changing bag is made especially to have space for all the things you and your baby needs when you are on the go.

This means that the changing bag often consists of a lot of smaller rooms which are great for keeping diapers, muslin cloths, feeding bottles, change of clothes, etc. This way you don't have to search all over the bag to find what you are looking for. 

verything will have its space and is thereby easy to find when you can only use one of your hands.

Many of the changing bags come with a nice and convenient changing mat which fits perfectly in the bag. 

t is often convenient to have your own changing mat with you when you leave the house, since many places do not offer optimal opportunities for changing diapers.

Another great thing about the changing bag is that you can pack the bag in order to always have it ready for when you need to leave the house.

You could for example ensure to always have diapers, muslin cloths, wet wipes and change of clothes packed in the bag, so you don't have to worry about that the second you need to leave the house.

Ultimately, it is a personal opinion whether or not you feel like you need a changing bag, however, many parents think it's a nice thing and a good investment, which makes everyday life a bit easier.

Which changing bag should you choose?

A changing bag is absolutely essential in a home with very young kids. When you are out with your baby, you always have it with you. It is probably one of the most used things that new parents buy.

There are countless different types of changing bags on the market with different functions, so which one should you choose?

A changing bag is perfect for storage everything you need for your baby when you are out together. It is actually a must-have especially for storage nappies and cleansing wipes, as well as dummies, feeding bottle, extra clothes and maybe some toys and snacks. There are several different types of changing bags, so it is entirely up to you and your preferences what you choose.

There are changing bags bags in the form of rucksacks, which make it practical to carry on your back if you have your child in a baby carrier on your stomach. You can also find changing bags in our range with long straps so they can be worn over the shoulder. In addition, you can find small changing bags, which actually resemble a large wallet. These can hold the most basic things.

Changing bags in several sizes - Also large changing bags

Regardless of your specific needs, you will be able to find the ideal changing bag in our range. We have a selection of practical changing bags in all sizes, so you can possibly buy several different ones. You can get a little bag that is easy to take on the go or a larger bag that can hold all the necessities for when your child needs to be changed, plus a little extra. We offer different changing bags in all price ranges - and even changing bags from designer brands such as Versace.

Changing bag offer - See our changing bag sale

If you're on a budget, or just looking for the best deal, you've come to the right place. You can easily find changing bags on sale by visiting our sale section. You can find it in the bar at the top right of our website by clicking on? Sale?. You can then use the filter and under type and choose changing bag. Then all discounted changing bags and changing bags on sale will be displayed. Then it won't be much easier to find the perfect changing bag on sale.

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