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Bath Bombs


Bath Bombs - Make the bath a little more fun

Bath bombs are colorful balls that shower up when you throw them into the water. They smell fine, and even if your child is not crazy about bath time, bath bombs can make it a more fun and better experience.

Most kids will look forward to the wonderful scent and colorful water that bombs can provide. All you have to do is put them in the bathtub and your child will be law to enjoy the magic. Bath bombs for kids are made with skin-friendly materials and some are also emollient to the skin.

Some of them even contain small toy figurine and toys, which is a glorious surprise. Each type of bath bomb has different scents and effects - some of them also foam up, and it's always fun to see what colours flow out of them when they dissolve in the bathtub. Let your child enjoy the rainbow in the water and the wonderful scents and spa-like experience that many adults are also large fans of.

We have a pair great tips to give your child the best possible experience with bath bombs when it's bath time: make sure they do not get the colored water from their bath bomb in their eyes and that they do not drink or swallow the water.

They should preferably not be left in the water for too long, and if they experience any skin irritation, rinse them with clean water and see your doctor if necessary. Fortunately, this should not be a problem with bath bombs from our range.

You can also make your own bath bombs

Bath bombs have been a big hit among many adults in the last pair years, and now there are also versions specifically for kids.

Bath bombs create a little extra fun and relaxation for a nice hot bath and can be a good change from a standard whirlpool, but in fact you do not have to buy them at all - they are quite easy to make yourself.

The process can be both cozy and creative, and in this way you can also choose the scents and colours you like best. There are many recipes for beautiful bath bombs on the internet and social media, and they are easy to find.

With a pair ingredients and a simple recipe, you or your child can enjoy a bath with a wonderful homemade bath bomb. Most require the same ingredients, but if you are not creative or do not want to get started, you can of course easily and conveniently buy beautiful bath bombs here at Kids-world.

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