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Activity Book


Activity books for kids

If you are looking for a good activity book for your kids, then you have chosen the right place to look. At Kids-world we have a large and varied selection of good, fun, educational and cozy activity books for babies and kids.

On this page you will find activity books for both boys and girls who love to have fun with a book, where you not only have to read or read aloud, but also have to solve tasks, feel, press, listen and think.

We have many different kinds of activity books that appeal to babies and kids of various ages. An activity book can be little and card with few, thick pages, which are good for the smallest kids, but it can also be longer and filled with exciting tasks that the older child can immerse himself in.

Find your next activity book for babies here

With our large and varied selection of activity books, you will easily find your next activity book for babies and kids on this page. We have activity books from popular brands. In our selection you will find different variants, so you can be sure that we have an activity book that is perfect for your baby.

An activity book for babies typically has few, thick pages that are filled with colorful images, so it is exciting for babies to look at. An activity book for babies can also have different effects that make it fun for babies to explore the activity book.

Many activity books for babies have flaps that hide images or words to be explored. There are also many activity books with sounds and buttons to listen to and press and with mirrors or different textures that are stimulating for babies to look at and touch.

Activity books for kids of various ages

Activity books are available for kids of several different ages. It is of course important that the activity book is suitable for your child's age. The content and tasks of the activity books are adapted to the age group for which the activity book is made.

An age-appropriate activity book will entertain your kids for a long time and in a way that suits their stage of development exactly. An activity book for babies is e.g. completely different from an activity book for kids aged 2,3, 4 or 5.

An activity book for smaller kids, who may be attending nursery school or have just started kindergarten, will in many cases have flaps or contain some relatively simple tasks.

An activity book for slightly older kids, but who are still in kindergarten, is often focused on learning to read and write or about numbers, colours and shapes, but can also be filled with fun and slightly more challenging tasks.

Find Holger activity books

One of the large classics within activity books, which kids for several generations have large enjoyed, is the Find Holger activity books. At Kids-world we also sell Find Holger activity books. We negotiate both the traditional and the newer ones with more tasks and challenges.

The Find Holger activity books date all the way back to 1987, when the first book was published with the title "Can you find Holger?" in Denmark. The Find Holger activity books were written by the Englishman Martin Handford. In the books, you will always find Holger and his friends among a sea of people, things and animals on beautifully and amusingly illustrated pages.

In the newer Find Holger activity books, extra elements have been added, such as a smart paper flashlight that the kids have to explore the images with. Shorter paperback editions have also been made, where you have to cross off, draw and write.

"Find" your next Find Holger activity book on this page.

Activity books with stickers

One of the very popular types of activity books is an activity book with stickers. You can find many different activity books with stickers on this page. There are activity books with stickers for both girls and boys of various ages.

With an activity book with stickers, kids can both learn about e.g. numbers, letters, shapes and colours, but they can also be creative and fill in images with stickers, dress up, decorate and embellish illustrations of people, animals, things or landscapes or make stories with the stickers.

Activity books with stickers contain hours of fun and immersion, so buy your child's next activity book with stickers at Kids-world.

Stay up to date on offers on activity books

At Kids-world, we always have some good offers on a whole lot of different products, this of course also applies to activity books. If you are looking for an activity book for babies and kids and would like to get it for a good offer, you can easily keep up to date with our offer on activity books.

You can sign up for our newsletter, where you will get all the exciting news first, information about new brands and even the possibility of getting a head start on the sales as well as special discounts for newsletter recipients.

You can also easily keep up to date on our offers by looking in our sales section.

You will always find a large selection of activity books for both babies and kids at Kids-world. You are always welcome to write or call our customer service department if you have any questions.

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