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Apron for Kids


Aprons for kids

Avoid getting all messed up with the help of an apron for your kid. Among various manufacturers of aprons for kids, here you will find a wide selection of aprons in many colours, patterns, motifs and much more.

Even before getting full-grown, kids already want to help in the kitchen or paint with brushes, paint or watercolours. All in all - that is something that can be quite a challenge for even the best washing powder! That is why it might be a great idea to invest in an apron for your kid.

In our selection of aprons for kids, you will find aprons with various prints on, for example, elephants and other animals.

Practical aprons for kids

When making aprons for kids, it is very important to be practical in other ways than regular aprons. Most aprons for kids are equipped with adjustable ties to tie the apron tightly around the body and neck.

Some ties are for tying a regular bow while others have a practical metal ring to adjust the length with, and some are equipped with velcro.

Popular brands

Nuby Haakaa Bkr
Kinderkitchen Sistema Tiny Tot

Aprons with long sleeves

You will find practical aprons with long sleeves - perfect for the little ones as well as aprons that have intersecting bands at the back, so they can close completely around the kid and in that way, protect the clothes even better.

Aprons are ideal for a big baking day where a baking apron is needed to minimize the likelihood of all the clothes getting dirty.

Several models also have a large front pocket, which is perfect for collecting some of what the kid is going to drop or spill during a baking day, painting day or at the dinner table.

Aprons for kids in lovely colours and motifs

Practicality is the principal function of every apron or a dining apron. But appearance also matters. Therefore, on our page, you can find aprons for kids in lots of lovely colours.

Usually, we have aprons in blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, pink, red, black and turquoise in stock. You can find both plain aprons as well as aprons with patterns and fun motifs. For example, we have aprons with dogs, hedgehogs, foxes, polar bears, elephants, cars, dots, sheep and moose.

Explore our range and find the apron that fits your kid perfectly.

Aprons and dining aprons with coating

Aprons and dining aprons for babies and kids usually come in polyester with DWR and PU coating as well as cotton and are all OneSize. The smart thing about the apron with a coating is that it makes the apron waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

In that way, you will avoid washing the apron all the time. Instead, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth after use and then it is ready for the next round of painting, baking or whatever you and your kid come up with.

GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified aprons

On this page, you will also find aprons that are GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

When an apron is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, it means that the apron, and all the materials it is made of, have been tested in a professional laboratory and are free of harmful chemicals and allergens.

When an apron which is GOTS-certified, it means that the product is free of hazardous chemicals and that the production is socially responsible. In other words, the GOTS label is a guarantee for safe, environmentally and socially responsible production.

You can read more about what the different aprons are made of and possibly what certifications they have under each product.

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