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Pencil Cases for Kids


Pencil cases

All schoolkids need a good pencil case. On this page, you will find a large selection of pencil cases for kids. We have both pencil cases for the little ones who have just started at school, and the big ones who just want something new.

There are pencil cases in lots of great colours and fun shapes, so we hope you can also find one that fits your kid's needs and desires perfectly.

Usually, we stock pencil cases for boys and girls from brands such as Affenzahn, A Little Lovely Company, ferm Living, Fabelab, LEGO®, Danefæ, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Liewood, Småfolk, ticket to Heaven, Sofie Schnoor, Mini Rodini and Jens Storm Kbh.

The pencil cases that we have are found in various patterns, seams, motives, sizes and colours. Pencil cases are important to most kids - they want them to reflect something special; if you are a footballer, you may want a pencil case that reflects this, if you are fond of animals, you often want pictures of animals on your pencil case.

Check out our range to get inspired or use various filters at the top of the page for a quick and easy search to find exactly what you are looking for.

Pencil cases for kids in beautiful colours and patterns

Since your kid is going to use his/her pencil case almost every single day, it is very important to find the perfect one. Sometimes it is not as easy as it seems since tastes and preferences are different from kid to child. Well, that is exactly why on our page you will have a lot to choose from.

You can find both simple, solid-coloured pencil cases, but there are also pencil cases shaped like different animals or with beautiful patterns and motifs. For example, we have pencil cases with hearts, pencil cases shaped like rabbits and bears, pencil cases with Star Wars motifs, pencil cases with flowers and pencil cases with geometric patterns. Long story short - there is something for everyone!

On our page, you will usually find pencil cases in the following colours: blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose and black.

Get ready for school with a fine pencil case

A pencil case is a MUST have accessory when you have a schoolkid at home. However, a type of pencil case might depend on your kid's age. The youngest ones typically need a pencil case with a pair of pencils, a good eraser, a pencil sharpener and some pencils or markers in a few different colours. When the kid grows up, there is a need for more - various types of pens, a ruler, a protractor and a fitter.

As the kid's needs grow along, there may be a need for a new pencil case with enough room for everything. In our selection, you will find pencil cases in many different sizes, and we even have pencil cases that already come with some content in it.

If you are in doubt about what exactly your kid might need, then we recommend you to consult with your kid's teacher, who should be able to tell you what tools your kid needs to bring to school.

Pencil cases for kids from well-known brands

On this page, you will find pencil cases from a large selection of various brands. That means that there is plenty to choose from, both when it comes to design, price, materials, colours and shapes. Therefore, we hope that it won't be difficult to find the perfect pencil case for your little one in our selection.

You will usually be able to find pencil cases from brands such as Affenzahn, Billabong, A Little Lovely Company, ferm Living, Fabelab, LEGO®, Danefæ, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Liewood, Småfolk, Ticket To Heaven, Sofie Schnoor, Mini Rodini and Jens Storm Kbh.

If you are looking for a pencil case in a certain price range or from a certain brand, then we recommend you to use filter search at the top of the page. If somehow, you still can not find what you are looking for, you are of course welcome to call or write to our kind customer service, who are always happy to help and answer all your questions. It could also be that there is a specific pencil case that you would like to see in our range. We are always open to suggestions from our customers, so do not hesitate.

Pencil cases for small kids

In our range, you will find pencil cases for both big and small kids. The youngest ones are often happy with pencil cases in many colours, famous characters or cute animals. The youngest schoolkids typically do not need a large pencil case, but there must be room for the most basic school things.

For many young kids, the first days at school are all about getting used to school. Some find it easy, while others have a tough time sitting still and concentrating for many hours. A nice pencil case with some nice pencils and erasers in it can surely make the school day a bit more fun. You can try making those first days at school a bit easier for you kid by getting him/her a cute pencil case in their favourite colour, with a favourite animal on it, or perhaps a pencil case that matches his/her school bag or a lunch box.

Pencil cases for big kids

Of course, we also have pencil cases for older kids. Maturer kids typically go for more simple and more stylish pencil cases - something that does not look so childish. As kids get older, they develop their very own tastes and expressions, which they often want to express, among other things, through their stuff.

For example, it could be through a particular hobby, colour or design. On this page, you will find lots of beautiful and smart pencil cases for the elder kids. For them, we have some minimalist pencil cases from Design Letters or pencil cases from Fabelab, which can be rolled up since they are made of organic cotton. You can also find beautiful pencil cases made of genuine leather from Jens Storm Kbh or pencil cases with beautiful patterns from Herschel.

Therefore, we hope you and your kid will be able to find a pencil case that suits your boy or girl's wishes and needs.

Large selection of pencil cases for boys

We have many different pencil houses, so there is something for every taste for all kinds of boys. Going to school should be as fun as possible and what's more fun than the possibility of having a pencil case with your favorite theme, favorite character or favorite colour?

We have pencil houses for boys with cool ninjas, skaters, astronauts, superheroes, motorcycles and more. We also have pencil cases in many different styles, e.g. sporty pencil cases, fashionable pencil cases and creative pencil cases.

Is your boy ready to start school? Whether you need a pencil case with all the necessary writing tools for the best start to school, or simply need a new one, we have what you need.

We have pencil cases that give your boy the best start to school, with all the necessary writing tools included in the pencil case in a clear way.

A good and spacious pencil case, with several pockets that opens with a zipper, can help your boy keep track of pencils, erasers, sharpener and colouring pencils, which are held in place in the pencil case with elastic straps.

Try e.g. our spacious and cool pencil case LEGO® Ninjago with content that is very popular with many boys at school. This pencil case contains all necessary writing implements in a large compartment that opens with a zipper, as well as an internal name tag and pocket for school forms.

We have also just landed the popular Beckmann pencil case with an astronaut theme and beautiful space rockets with included equipment. Also available with a motorcycle theme and print with black panthers.

We have many practical and smart pencil cases from a large selection of brands such as Jeva, Ergobag, Satch, Eastpak, Bechmann and LEGO®, which come with all the basic school equipment that your boy will need in the small classes, such as pencils, pencil sharpeners, sharpener and colouring pencils in different colours, as well as side pockets with space for school forms and name tags.

You can also always get pencil cases with extra zipper pockets and with equipment suitable for the larger classes, where, for example, need ruler, protractor and calipers. In this way, you ensure that your boy is always ready for the start of school, regardless of grade level, and that he can keep all sine things together in a practical way.

Are you in need of renewal with a smart and fashionable pencil case that is suitable for when your boy starts in one of the larger classes? We have a really large selection of well-known brands that all boys can nod in recognition of. Try e.g. a pencil case from one of the smart brands such as Vans and Eastpak, which have good and simple models that are suitable for the larger classes. We also have many pencil cases with beautiful patterns, graphic prints or creative animal shapes from e.g. DAY ET, Liewood, Djeco, Fabelab, Affenzahn and Lilliputiens.

Nice pencil cases for girls

We have pencil cases for girls in many different expressions and styles, so there is sure to be one that fits perfectly, regardless of taste. School time is important for many girls who want to have the best and most beautiful pencil case - and it is entirely possible to get it at Kids-world.

We have pencil cases for girls in every style and theme, from princesses, flowers and soft toys to pencil cases with glitter, glitter and beautiful graphic prints for girls.

It is a good idea to think about how much equipment you need in your pencil case and how spacious it must be. We have both pencil cases that come with and without contents and pencil cases with space, pockets and straps to keep track of all the writing implements that need space in the pencil case. In this way, you ensure that your girl is ready for the start of school.

Try one of our smart Beckmann pencil cases with or without contents that have just landed in our shop. Here you can choose between several types that are perfect for the school-ready girl who loves everything with glitter and sequins or princesses and cute animals.

This pencil case can be purchased at favorable prices with full equipment, including pencils, eraser, pens, sharpener and colouring pencils, which are attached to smart straps inside the pencil case, which opens with a zipper.

Guarantee a fashionable start to school with a pencil case from one of our many smart brands from Vans, DAY ET, Liewood or Cam Cam, which come in many beautiful pink and pink colours that suit every girl's taste and which can be obtained with equipment included.

We also have smart and trendy pencil cases with stylish themes and simple color themes from Eastpak, Herschel and Puma, where you can e.g. can get cool caps or graphic floral prints. These pencil cases are also available with a single compartment, which is especially suitable for girls in the larger classes who need to renew their pencil cases and be even more on trend.

We also have creative pencil cases with animal prints from Lovely Company, which can be had with a matching school backpack for the completely stylish look and a special edition of pencil cases from Tobias Jacobsen, lined with soft velvet in a rectangular shape with a magnet on the edge of the lid.

Here you will find pencil cases in many colours

At Kids-world, finding pencil cases in your children's favorite colors does not have to be a challenge. We offer pencil cases in all the colours of the rainbow and countless print in a myriad of styles and color combinations.

We have pencil case in black/black, white, green, grey, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, red, as well as many shades of these colours.

We also have beautiful graphic prints with e.g. cute animals, flowers and palm trees, princesses, superheroes, exciting starry sky and much, much more. Finally, take a look at our exciting range, where it is easy to sort by color choice, or by our large selection of graphic prints by choosing multicolour.

Pen houses with football for the sporty child

Make your child a top scorer at school with a pencil case with football. A lot of kids are crazy about football. A pencil case with football can therefore help make your children's schooling a little more fun.

Try e.g. a Jeva pencil case that has a wide selection of football print in several different variants and color combinations. This pencil case is available with included contents, which consist of pencils, eraser, sharpener and colouring pencils.

You can also try the smart variant without included writing implements, where the pencil case has a zipper at the top, which means that the upper part can simply be zipped up with a single zipper and pulled down using side straps. This makes the contents of the pencil case easily accessible, so that your kids quickly take the lead at school.

We also have sporty pencil cases from Ergobag in army green with football pattern in neon green. This smart pencil case can be easily opens with a zipper and is produced in high quality from 100% recycled plastic with a PFC-free coating.

Pencil case with dinosaur for the little dino lover

If your child is absolutely crazy about dinosaurs, then we have the best selection for the little dino lover, with one of our pencil case with dinosaur. Try e.g. the coolest pencil case from Jeva with contents where you can choose from many different beautiful dinosaur prints, as well as all the necessary writing implements included.

You can also choose the smart model without included writing implements, where the pencil case just has a spacious compartment that opens at the top with a zipper. This makes the writing implements easily accessible, so they are easy to take out and use.

We also have several others pencil cases with dinosaur from well-known brands such as A Lovely Company and Beckmann.

Cute pencil cases with unicorns

At Kids-world you can get the coolest pencil case with a unicorn - a theme that is much loved by many kids. We have brand new models that have just landed in the shop, where you can choose from several different beautiful unicorn motifs from well-known brands such as Beckmann and Jeva.

Check out one of our latest new cute unicorn designs from Beckmann, where you can get pencil cases with content. That way, you don't have to be in the situation where you suddenly lack any equipment for the kid's first day at school.

Pencil cases for kids in lots of different fabrics

Our selection consists of pencil cases for kids in many different types of fabrics and materials. The different fabrics each have their advantages. Some kids may prefer a pencil case made without animal-derived products, while others would like a pencil case with a sporty look, made of durable materials. No need to panic - we have a bit of everything right here. You will find pencil cases in both genuine leather, polyester, velour, nylon and organic cotton. Most of the pencil cases come with zipper closure, but there are also pencil cases closable with a string or a lid.

If you want to know more about what a particular pencil case is made of, you can always check it out under the product description available under each product. Here you will also be able to see the dimensions and sizes of the different pencil cases, so you will avoid buying a pencil case that is too small or too large.

Various types of pencil cases for kids

At Kids-World, we have many different types of pencil cases. For example, you can find classic, cylindrical pencil cases with zippers from a variety of brands. These do not take up much space in your kid's school bag and are easy to pack. Besides, we also have pencil cases based on the same concept as the cylindrical ones, but are rectangular-shaped instead.

Also, we have flat and rectangular pencil cases, which look almost like a book, and where the kid can quickly and easily find exactly what he/she is looking for, as everything has its fixed place.

Last but not least, we also have pencil cases shaped like cute animals as well as pencil cases that look like a nice little box.

Buy a pencil case with content

On this page, it is also possible to find pencil cases that already come with content. For example, you can find pencil cases with LEGO® content. Pencil cases with content from LEGO® typically come with 10 crayons, 4 thick crayons, 2 pencils, eraser, pencil tips, ruler and protractor. In short, there is everything your kid needs for school, and the entire content is CE certified. Also, these smart pencil cases come with a transparent pocket, where there is room for the school schedule, so it is easy to keep track of both days and hours.

If you are in a hurry or just want to buy it all together, a pencil case with content can be a really smart idea. In addition to the pencil cases being practical, they also come in several different beautiful designs with well-known characters from the LEGO® universe such as LEGO® Friends.

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