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Lunch Box for Kids

Liewood Lunchbox - Silicone - Elinda - Dog/Sandy Liewood Lunchbox - Silicone - Elinda - Dog/Sandy 23,45 €
Originally:  33,50 €  

Large selection of lunchboxes and snackboxes

You will be able to find our large selection of lunchboxes and snackboxes. Starting in kindergarten, kids need to bring their own lunchbox and snack for field trips and snacktime.

A bag for fruit can be replaced with a snackbox which is more environmentally friendly since it can be reused over and over again. We also have different accessories for bottles, snack bags, and other items which are convenient when you are on the go.

We also have sets of glasses/mugs, bottles, food bags and similar in sets. This makes it easier if you are looking for multiple items since you just have to buy one set instead of all the individual products.

Lunchboxes for boys and girls in beautiful colours

There is nothing better for your kid than having a nice lunchbox to take to school or kindergarten. A nice, fabulous lunchbox can make the meal much more exciting, and also ensures that the food arrives in good condition.

On this page, we have lunchboxes for every taste. We have lunchboxes in all the colours of the rainbow, so hopefully you will find one that your kid will be pleased with. You can typically find lunchboxes in the colours blue, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise among our wide selection.

Here at Kids-world, you will discover solid colour lunchboxes and lunchboxes with beautiful, cute motifs in our large assortment.

Thermo lunchboxes for kids

If you are looking for a more practical lunchbox, then you might want to consider a thermo lunchbox for your boy or girl. On this page, you will find several different types of thermo lunchboxes. There are not only thermo lunchboxes that are good at keeping things both cold and warm, but there are also lunchbox cooler bags and lunchboxes that include cooling elements.

With a thermo lunchbox, it’s easy to provide your kid with hot meals in their lunchbox, that don’t have time to get to a boring room temperature. Lunchboxes with cooling elements, on the other hand, are super suitable for keeping most lunch packages fresh and delicious until lunchtime. So if you have a kid at home who is tired of lukewarm packed lunches, you might want to take a closer look at our selection of thermo lunchboxes and lunchboxes with cooling elements.

Snack boxes for packed lunches

On this page, we also have a selection of smaller snack boxes in different sizes. Snack boxes are good if your kid often has many small different items in their lunchbox, or if they don’t like the different things touching each other. Most snack boxes come in packages of several different sizes, which can either be used individually or with a larger lunchbox.

Explore this page to see if there is something that suits your particular needs.

Lunchboxes in different sizes

Some kids eat a lot, while others eat much less. Therefore, they must always have a lunchbox that suits their exact needs so there’s plenty of room. At Kids-world, we carry lunchboxes in many different sizes and materials. There are small lunchboxes for younger kids and large lunchboxes for older kids.

Some lunchboxes can also be easily put in the dishwasher and microwave. If you want to know more about the dimensions of individual lunchboxes and whether or not they can be put in the dishwasher and microwave, you can always go to the product page to learn more. Here, we have gathered all relevant information about each individual lunchbox.

If you’re still unable to find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service department, who are ready to help and answer questions.

Packing soup in a lunchbox

The same rye bread foods can get really boring in a lunchbox. As parents, it can be difficult to stay creative with their food choices, especially because the food needs to be transported in an appropriate manner.

If you want to expand your packed lunch repertoire, you may want to consider a thermal lunchbox that also holds liquids. On this page, we have several varieties from different brands that offer leak-free choices and keep food packages either cold or warm.

With this in mind, you can easily give your kid exciting dishes or packed lunches such as soup, chili con carne or other dishes that otherwise would easily have leaked in the bag upon arrival in a regular lunchbox.

Lunchboxes with familiar figures

Does your kid have a favorite animal or perhaps a favorite cartoon character? We have many lunchboxes with fine animals and familiar motifs and figures that easily make lunch a party. We have fun lunchboxes with moose, giraffes, monkeys, sea creatures, plants, sloths, ships, pandas, jungle animals, ghosts, horses or Olaf from Frost.

Many of our lunchboxes are square, but we also have lunchboxes that are shaped like cute animal heads or that look more like a real bag.

Go hunting with your kid to see if there’s anything that falls within their liking.

Lunchboxes for school and picnics

A lunchbox not only works well for school and kindergarten, it can also be used for sports training or a picnic. In fact, a good lunchbox can be used for any occasion that requires your kid to bring some food or snacks with them.

Our selection of thermo lunchboxes and lunchboxes with cooling elements are especially suitable for sports training and picnics, because they easily keep delicious dishes hot or cold for a very long period of time.

If you have any questions about any of the products in our selections, you are certainly welcome to contact our customer service, who are available to assist.

Which lunchbox should I choose?

When you get your child ready for school every morning, you probably have a pair things on; your to-do list, which must be in order. Homework, books, computer, backpack and safe too; a lunchbox with a healthy lunch.

Which lunchbox you should choose for your child depends on many different factors. Everything from their age, preferences regarding style and design, as well as the type of lunch you usually bring them to school. A good lunchbox must have a nice design, be versatile, well insulated, have a reasonable size and be able to last for a long time.

Where can I buy lunchboxes?

You can buy many different types of lunchboxes for children of all ages right here at Kids-world. We have lunchboxes from all the most popular brands, such as Sistema, Yumbox, Petit Monkey, A Little Lovely Company, Ergobag and many more. No matter what size, type, colour and design you are looking for for your child's new lunchbox, you can be sure to find the perfect model in our large selection of children's lunchboxes.

Which lunchboxes are good?

Nowadays, lunchboxes with several compartments are a very popular choice for families with children. These lunchboxes with different compartments let you separate your child's food and snacks easily, without having to pack everything in silver paper. They come in many sizes, colours and designs.

In addition, there are many models with rooms in different sizes, such as; you can easily find a good lunchbox that fits perfectly with how you usually pack your child's lunchbox. It is important to choose a lunchbox that is well insulated to prevent its contents from leaking into your child's backpack. Optionally also choose; a lunchbox without BPA and preferably one that can withstand being put in the dishwasher, if this is a priority for you.

Another alternative is to use lunchbox boxes with lunchboxes in different sizes. This is a super practical way to pack different snacks in your child's backpack.

How many lunchboxes should you have as a family with kids?

Ideally, you should have at least one lunchbox per child. If you are having picnics with the whole family in the summer, lunchboxes are definitely also a must. a must-have - and that's why it's a really good ideaé to have lunchboxes in different shapes and sizes.

However, it can take a lot to follow when washing up and packing lunches for the next day. Therefore, it can be a really good idea, especially for you as parents, if you have at least two lunchboxes for each child. På this way you avoid moments of stress, or having to plan to make packed lunches after the dishwasher.

Isn't there a lunch arrangement atå your work, you must of course also ensure a good lunchbox for yourself and your lunches.

Lunchboxes are also brilliant for storage leftovers or for meal planning. It can make life a little easier to prepare lunches for; in advance in lunchboxes. Then call; can they just wait for your child and you in the fridge until they have to be eaten.

Where is Sistema sold?

You probably know about the delicious products from Sistema - the New Zealand brand that produces lunchboxes, tupperware, drinking cans, drinking bottles and much more. All the products are of very high quality, robust, versatile and functional.

Regardless of whether you need a colourful and practical lunchbox for your child, a new water bottle or meal prep container for the kitchen, Sistema is sure to have the perfect solution for you.

All Sistema products are manufactured in New Zealand from materials that are safe and BPA-free.

We naturally have a huge selection of the many practical food storage products from Sistema here at Kids-world.

Can Sistema withstand freezing?

Many of the products from Sistema can withstand freezing. You can always find information about a specific product in our product description. All Sistema products that can withstand being put in the freezer have a freezer-safe symbol.

Products from Sistema without the freezer safe symbol are not recommended for use in the fridge or freezer. The drinking bottles should not be placed in the freezer.

Can Sistema be dishwasher safe?

Of course, it is always practical when you can put a lunchbox and others food storage solutions in the dishwasher. Fortunately, it is possible with many of the products from Sistema. Products from Sistema, which can withstand being put in the dishwasher, have a dishwasher-safe symbol either at the bottom of the product or printed on it. the packaging. It is not recommended to wash products from Sistema that do not have the dishwasher safe symbol in a dishwasher.

This is how you find offers on lunchboxes

At Kids-world, we have made it incredibly easy for you to find various different lunchboxes at good prices. You can always check out our sale category, where we have the best offers on lunchboxes and all others categories for our page. You just have to click onå sale in the menu. In there, you can choose lunchbox under category. Then call; all the relevant results will pop up.

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