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What is a highchair?

A highchair is quite simply, as the word suggests, a high chair. With a highchair, your little boy or girl can be law to sit at the dining table. So it is a really good way to involve the youngest member of the family in the cozy moments at the table, where the little one can sit with and eat his food with mom and dad.

There is a list so long when it comes to things to acquire when you Sheep a little one, but we dare to guarantee that a highchair for kids will be one of the best investments that you can make.

Many high schools can be adjusted and thus grow with your child. In this way, highchairs are used for kids up to the age of 5-6.

If you often have to bring a highchair with you for family visits, then you can also consider looking at a portable highchair.

When can a baby sit in a highchair?

When can a baby sit in a highchair? Your baby may basically get in the highchair when he or she can sit up without support from pillows in the back or in the sides.

It is important to point out that no kids are alike. Still, one can well expect that the little gold nugget of gold can get into its new highchair at the earliest when they are around 6 months old.

It is also important that the baby does not sit in the highchair for too long at a time.

As a rule of thumb, he or she should not sit longer than it takes to eat a meal of food.

As your little 's back muscles are strengthened and trained, he or she will be able to sit in the highchair for longer.

Keep an eye out for the little one starting to tip forward or to the side, this will typically be an indication that now she or he is going up the chair.

No matter how safe and comfortable it is for the little one to sit in the chair, you should never leave the kid unattended.

Find the best highchair here

At Kids-world, we have hand-picked a lovely selection of high school in different materials, sizes and with different features.

A good piece of advice when investing in a highchair is that you do not compromise on quality. A classic in wood highchair is typically more solid and durable than a plastic model.

However, a plastic model may be preferable if space is tight or if you are looking for a portable highchair. It is typically simple, light in weight and can be disassembled and stored when not in use.

We recommend a highchair with rounded edges and lowered nails to avoid unfortunate damage. In addition, it will be an advantage to buy an adjustable chair that can grow with your little for many years to come.

As food can often go wild, it is also important that the chair can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Buy Leander highchairs at Kids-world

At Kids-world, we love quality products for kids, as we know they just last better. That is why we always make sure to have classic Leander highchairs in our range.

The chair is available in different colours and is adjustable, which means that it can grow with your little child.

The chair has a nice and light design, which in addition to good seating comfort also has a back plate, seat plate and footrest that can be adjusted to fit just your child, so the comfort level is always top.

One of the large advantages of the Leander highchairs for kids is that they can be spruced up with extra equipment such as. A tray, hanger or cushion so that the chair always fits the kid's age and needs.

Accessories for highchairs

At Kids-world, we never go down on equipment. A highchair is not just a highchair, many would say. It can grow with your baby, so it is therefore also necessary that it can meet different requirements at different times of your baby's liv.

When you buy a highchair for kids, it is important to keep in mind what features you want it to have - or can get.

For many highchairs for kids, you can buy suspenders, tables and trays that can be clicked on the chair, so that the little child is at eye level at the dining table, as well as delicious cushions that increase seating comfort.

Hhighchair sale

We regularly put down delicious quality products, all of which go directly to our sales or outlet page. Here you can also be lucky to find cheap highchairs from previous and discontinued collections.

Keep an eye on our sale page and see if you could not be lucky enough to find a cheap highchair that will give your little his very own seat.

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No matter which option you choose, you Sheep have the highchair delivered within 1-2 working days. That is easy!

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