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Water Bottles for Kids


Water bottles and drink containers for kids

Here at Kids-World, you will find high-quality water bottles and drink containers. We have water bottles and drink containers for kids from many famous brands where quality is the most important criteria.

Our large assortment of water bottles and drink containers for kids are available with prints, motifs and simple colours such as black, white, blue, navy, green, turquoise, caramel, pink, yellow, orange and pink.

Check out our large assortment and see if you can find the perfect water bottle for your boy or girl.

Clean water bottles and drink containers last longer

There is no doubt that many water bottles last longer when cleaned regularly. And there is no exception, whether it is water bottles for kids or adults.

Water bottles are notably suitable for various bacteria when drinking from it - even if it is just water that is in the bottle. Therefore, as a general rule, you should wash the water bottle daily.

Maintenance of water bottle and drink container

Many water bottles and drink containers for kids can be hard to clean, most of all because it can be hard to reach inside. Here, a toothbrush is often very helpful - so if you have a water bottle or a drink container with some narrow corners or a narrow hole, then it could be that a toothbrush or an ordinary bottle cleaner can do the trick.

Some water bottles can withstand the dishwasher, while others should be washed by hand. We recommend that you follow the cleaning instructions that come with the water bottle to keep it as long as possible.

It is important that kids drink plenty of water

Kids need to drink plenty of water during the day. Water is important to keep the body hydrated and the head clear. Fortunately, a nice and cute water bottle can help. If your kid has a water bottle or a drink container with them at school or training, there is a greater chance that they will actually drink water than if they have to go to the tap every time they need something to drink.

Besides, the water bottle can also help replace sugary drinks such as sodas and juices. If the kid turns to drinking water early and has it available during the day, they are less likely to buy a soda on the way home from school or after exercise.

Water bottles and drink containers for everyone

On this page, you will find water bottles and drink containers in many colours and varieties. We have both solid-coloured water bottles and water bottles with nice motifs and patterns. In addition, we also have drink containers in various sizes and designs. In short, there are water bottles and drink containers for everyone's taste.

For example, You can find sporty water bottles from Adidas and cute water bottles with a cat face from Liewood. You can also find water bottles with the kid's initials, water bottles with straws and water bottles with a small handle, which means that the water bottle can be easily attached to the outside of the bag.

Drink containers in many different price ranges

Whether you are looking for a smart water bottle from a well-known brand or you just want a practical water bottle for your child, you have something to choose from here at Kids-World. We have water bottles and drink containers in many different price ranges.

You can find water bottles from over 20 different Danish and foreign brands, each with its own, unique style, expression and functions.

If you are looking for a water bottle or a drink container in a certain price range or from a particular brand, then you can always use the filter at the top of the page, for a quick and easy overview.

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