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Track Pants for kids


Track Pants for kids

If you need a pair of track pants for your child, then you have come to the right place. On our page, you will find a large and varied selection of track pants and tights for kids of many ages.

Kids love to wear clothes that fit perfectly, whether it is a loose-fit or tight-fit clothes.

The loose clothing gives a feeling of cosiness and relaxation, while clothes that fit tightly enable lots of freedom of movement.

The last mentioned are perfect for kids when they run around the playground and playing on swings, seesaws, carousels, sandboxes or just playing football, basketball, dodgeball or something else.

Clothes for kids should promote their desire to move, and that is why track pants are an excellent clothing solution - encouraging movement both inside and out.

However, track pants are also perfect for a lazy Sunday, where your kid is just planning on relaxing at home.

Track pants for kids in various sizes

At Kids-world, we offer several different sportswear brands, providing sports equipment for kids of all ages.

We have track pants and tights for kids in size 104, size 116, size 122, size 128, size 134, size 140, size 146, size 152 and sizes 164 and 176, in other words, we have track pants and tights for kids from 4 to 16 years years old.

You will definitely be able to find a pair of track pants or tights that suit your kid's needs and taste.

Movement and relaxation

Over the years, track pants have become a sort of everyday clothing for many people, while others tend to use them for physical exercise and sports only. If your kid loves to wear clothes that are loose-fitting, your kid can benefit greatly from a pair of track pants also for everyday use.

We have track pants in many different materials, fits and colours, so there is always something for everyone. There are both tight-fitting track pants looking like leggings and more loose-fitting track pants that are perfect for taking off a pair of shorts or some other training clothes.

Track pants are also ideal for relaxation days at home in the living room, where you just have to watch movies and play computer games or to take with you on holiday.

Track pants for kids in beautiful colours

We have a fine selection of track pants and tights for kids in many different colours and shades.

Among other things, we have track pants in different lengths and colours such as black, yellow, army green, petroleum, light purple, blue, red, brown, green, white, pink and grey.

We also have tights and leggings in different colours, shades, patterns and lengths.

Track pants in beautiful designs

We have a versatile selection of leggings and track pants for kids, which are both solid-coloured, patterned and with print.

For example, we have leggings in black with a discreet leopard print and with a wide elastic edge around the waist as well as practical, open pockets on the outside of both thighs.

Besides, these leggings are equipped with a breathable piece of fabric on the lower part of the leg. Leggings are typically snug and stretchy, extremely suitable for all kinds of sports activities.

We also have leggings with a snake print - perfect for kids who love animal prints.

We have tights in beautiful melange shades such as rose and grey, which fit lots of other designs, as melange colour combinations are more or less neutral in their expression.

In addition to leggings with print, we also have black leggings with a white stripe down the leg. Super smart and simple design.

Track pants in beautiful colours and prints

You will also find leggings/tights in delicate, multi-coloured patterns reminiscing of those butterflies that you were occasionally allowed to make from the last bits of paint from shaping or visual art. Yes, it's almost like a piece of art when you look at these leggings/tights.

We have the most beautiful track pants, which are quite spacious and loose and have a beautiful floral pattern. These are perfect for both everyday life and sports activities.

Finally, we have track pants and tights, which have logos or the brand name printed or embroidered either down the legs, at the hip or a so-called all-over print.

Track pants in high-quality materials

A pair of track pants should be made of exquisite quality to withstand all sorts of activities. On this page, you will find both track pants made of polyester and cotton.

You can also find track pants in different combination materials, such as track pants that consist of a combination of cotton and polyester or polyester and elastane.

You can always read more about what the individual track pants are made of under each product description.

Cool track pants for teenagers

Many teenagers and older kids think that track pants are pretty nice and cool. A pair of nice track pants can be exactly what it takes for your kid to go to the gym or training.

Also, track pants can be used as everyday clothing together with a sweater, a T-shirt or a cardigan.

If you are looking for track pants for your teenager, we recommend that you use the filter at the top of the page to sort by sizes. In that way, you will get an easy and quick overview of what we have in stock in your boy or girl's size.

If you are looking for a specific brand or a particular colour, then you can also filter it at the top of the page. For the older kids, we have track pants from brands such as Adidas, Hummel, Molo, Puma, Fila and DKNY.

Fine track pants for small kids

You can also find track pants for the family's youngest members. Even small kids can enjoy a pair of fine, cool track pants. They can be used for sports, training, school or just to fool around at home.

Just like track pants for older kids, we recommend that you use the filter at the top of the page for a quick and easy search and a precise overview of what we have in stock in your kid size.

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