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Swim Caps for Kids


Swim Caps for kids

Do you have a little water dog at home? Then a swim cap is a great idea. On this page, you can find a nice selection of different kinds of swim caps from many different brands and in lots of lovely colours. A swim cap can be a good idea if your kid goes swimming or if you have a kid who has a tendency to middle ear infection.

In addition, it can also just be smart with a swim cap if your kid has long hair, which may well be annoying while swimming. If you are in doubt about whether your kid needs a swim cap, then you can read a list of all the benefits of swim caps at the bottom of the page.

Take a look at our range and see if you can find a swim cap that suits your kid's needs and personal taste.

Use a swim cap when going for a swim

If your kid goes swimming in his/her spare time or has swimming classes in school, then there is a huge probability that he/she might need a swim cap. It can also be that your kid goes to springs, water polo or other water sports, where the head gets underwater quite a lot. All in all, a swim cap is pretty smart because it keeps the hair in place while protecting the ears at the same time.

Most people probably know the unpleasant feeling of having water in the ears - it is super uncomfortable and can also lead to infections. Therefore, a swim cap combined with earplugs may be a good solution to protect your kid's sensitive ears.

If you have any questions about our selection of swim caps or if there is a specific type of swim cap that you would like to see in our selection, then you are more than welcome to contact our customer service team, who is always ready to help by both email and telephone...

Swim caps for kids in beautiful colours

Although the swim cap primarily has a practical function, it does not hurt if it also looks nice. For example, it could be that it has to match the swimwear or that it just has to have a fun print that your kid will be happy to look at.

Here at Kids-World, you can find swim caps in many different colours. Typically, we have swim caps in blue, green, yellow, white, metallic, orange, rose, red and black. There are both solid-coloured swim caps in simple designs, as well as swim caps with more vivid and festive details, motifs and patterns.

If you are looking for a swim cap in a certain colour, do not forget that you can use the filter at the top of the page.

UV swim caps from famous brands

We have swim caps for kids and babies from a lots of different Danish and foreign brands. The different brands each have their unique expression and design, so with a large selection of different brands, you are assured that there is always something to choose from when it comes to design, colour and price.

As a rule, we have swim caps for babies and kids from brands such as Katvig, Molo, Petit Crabe, Småfolk and Soft Gallery.

However, if you are unable to find a right swim hat in our range, or there is a special swim hat that you would like us to have in our selection, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service. We love to hear from our customers and we are always open to hear some new, good ideas.

Swim caps for kids in lovely colours

In our vast selection, you will find swim caps for kids in many lovely colours. Usually, swim caps come in blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, pink, red and black shades. We have both solid-coloured swim caps as well as swim caps with beautiful patterns.

The patterns are quite diverse; you will find swim caps with summer stripes, floral prints, animal motifs, checks, camouflage prints and much more.

Scroll through our range and see if you can find a swim hat that matches your kid's swimwear or is perhaps in your kid's favourite colour.

Swim caps in fun motifs

Besides swim caps in beautiful colours, you can also find swim caps in fun motifs. There are swim caps in motifs suitable for both big and small kids. For example, you will find swim caps designed as fish with fins pointing from the head. You can also find a swim cap shaped like a crab with eyes and claws pointing out from the swim cap.

Besides, there are swim caps with the Danish flag on, swim caps with comics, swim caps with a burger and swim caps with text.

Therefore, you can find swim caps for every taste, whether it should be cute, cool, minimalist or wild. With our swim caps, you can easily find one where your kid can express his personal style and expression.

Use a swim cap to prevent a middle ear infection

If your kid is prone to ear infections when staying in the water, then a swim cap may be the solution. A swim cap can help protect your kid's sensitive ears from both water and bacteria. This can be particularly useful if your kid enjoys water sports or just stays a lot underwater. For some kids, it may even be a good idea to combine the swim cap with earplugs, which you can also find here on our page.

If your kid loves water, it's a shame if they can not swim and do activities in water because they get water in their ears.

The advantages of using a swim cap

Der kan være flere forskelle fordele ved at bruge en badehætte, og nogle af dem har vi allerede nævnt ovenfor, men for god ordens skyld har vi samlet dem her.

There are several advantages of using a swim cap, and some of them we have already mentioned above, but for the sake of a clear overview, we have gathered them here as well.

1. The swim cap ensures that there is no hair in the swimming pool. This is also one of the reasons why swim caps are required in some places.

2. The swim cap ensures that your kid is more visible. This can be a particularly good idea if your kid is swimming in the open sea. If this is one of the primary purposes of your kid's swim cap, then we recommend that you choose a swim cap in a visible colour such as red or yellow.

3. The swim cap holds the hair in place. There is a good reason why most competitive swimmers wear swim caps. The swim cap keeps the curls in place, so you do not get hair in your eyes and mouth while swimming.

4. If you use earplugs, the swim cap will hold them in place better.

5. Another reason why professional swimmers are often seen wearing a swim cap is that it reduces water resistance and thus increases the swimmer's speed. So if your kid would like to break his/her record in the swimming pool, then a swim cap may be a good idea.

6. The swim cap reduces direct contact with the chlorine or saltwater. Most people know that neither chlorine water nor saltwater is particularly good for the hair. Both substances dry out the hair and chlorine water can even discolour the hair. A swim cap may not prevent the hair from getting completely wet, but it can reduce the amount of chlorine water and salt water that your kid's hair is exposed to.

7. Last but not least, a swim cap can help your kid keep warm when they are in the water. It may sound silly, but much of the body's heat is actually regulated from the head, so if your kid often freezes after swimming training, then a swim cap may actually be a great idea.

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