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Reima Sandals

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Shoe Size

Reima Sandals - Bungee - Blue
Reima Sandals - Bungee - Blue 249,95 DKK     Save 87,49 DKK   
162,46 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Bungee - Coral
Reima Sandals - Bungee - Coral 249,95 DKK     Save 87,49 DKK   
162,46 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Air - Dark Grey
Reima Sandals - Air - Dark Grey 399,95 DKK     Save 139,99 DKK   
259,96 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Air - Navy
Reima Sandals - Air - Navy 399,95 DKK     Save 139,99 DKK   
259,96 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Air - Light Grey/Pink
Reima Sandals - Air - Light Grey/Pink 399,95 DKK     Save 139,99 DKK   
259,96 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Messi - Navy
Reima Sandals - Messi - Navy 349,95 DKK     Save 122,49 DKK   
227,46 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Messi - Coral
Reima Sandals - Messi - Coral 349,95 DKK     Save 122,49 DKK   
227,46 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Rigger - Grey/Pink
Reima Sandals - Rigger - Grey/Pink 399,95 DKK     Save 199,98 DKK   
199,98 DKK 

Reima sandals for children

Here at we offer a wide collection of Reima sandals for children. Reima sandals for children, comes in a variety of colours and styles, which we know that your children will enjoy.

Feel the summer breeze in a pair of this season's Reima sandals. If you can not find what you are looking for, then have a look at through our large selection of sandals - We have many trendy sandals in stock.

Buy new Reima sandals for your child here

Whether you are looking for a pair of sandals with a toe split or a strap - we have them in our stock here at The most popular sandal in our entire collection, is the one with multiple straps going over the instep. The sandals are equipped with a smart velcro closing, which keeps the strappy sandals in place.

It is possible for your child to wear socks and sandals with these adjustable straps.

The sole on the sandals is essential aswell - like sandals with rubber soles - Rubber soles are flexible for comfort and support to the footbed. Soles has to have a great traction on the child's feet, that allows comfortable walking on all surfaces.

Comfortable footwear

Reima sandals are made by strong materials, which makes the footwear pleasant for walking. Your child will love wearing a pair of Reima sandals. With our range of Reima sandals, there is a good chance that you will find the pair, that matches your childs preferences perfectly.

This is why children loves to wear Reima sandals

One of the reasons why your child will like wearing Reima sandals, is because sandals lets in fresh air and the foot can breathe. If it is a bit cold outside, just loosen the strap, and make room for cozy socks.

We have a good selection of Reima sandals, and you will find all sorts of shapes with beatuful colours, here at Look through our entire collection by Reima - And if you like to see more, then have a look through the rest of our assortment of sandals for children.




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