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Reima Sandals for Kids

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Shoe Size

Reima Sandals - Bungee - Blue
Reima Sandals - Bungee - Blue 249,95 DKK Save 99,98 DKK
149,97 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Bungee - Coral
Reima Sandals - Bungee - Coral 249,95 DKK Save 99,98 DKK
149,97 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Air - Dark Grey
Reima Sandals - Air - Dark Grey 399,95 DKK Save 159,98 DKK
239,97 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Messi - Navy
Reima Sandals - Messi - Navy 349,95 DKK Save 139,98 DKK
209,97 DKK 

Reima Sandals - Messi - Coral
Reima Sandals - Messi - Coral 349,95 DKK Save 139,98 DKK
209,97 DKK 

Reima sandals for kids

At Kids-world we stock a vast selection of Reima sandals for kids. They come in many colours and designs - hopefully, you will like them just as much as we do.

At times, it can be difficult to find a pair of sandals with WOW factor from a brand you usually like, then it is time to look for a pair of sandals from a different brand. How lucky you are. Being at Kids-world already gives you a great opportunity to find another from another brand.

Get your kid’s Reima sandals at Kids-world

Split-toe sandals, sandals with one or two straps; Reima sandals - we have them right here at Kids-world. Sandals with a closing device that ensures excellent fit. Adjustable strap(s) make(s) sure that your kid can wear socks in his or her sandals as well.

Soles are significant for the well-being of wearing a pair of Reima sandals as well as other brands. Cork is a popular material for soles - quite understandable. Cork soles are great because cork accommodates the shape of the foot and provide excellent spring suspension - all this put together makes it nice to wear sandals.

Reima comfortable sandals

Reima is renowned for making kids clothing and footwear of excellent quality. This goes for the Reima sandals, too. Your kids will love wearing Reima sandals - fortunately, we stock a vast selection of Reima sandals, so there is a good chance of you finding the right pair for your kids.

Why kids love Reima sandals

Should you be able to go through all of the Reima sandals at Kids-world without finding a pair to your liking, we recommend you browse some of all the other brands at Kids-world.

Kids enjoy wearing sandals in the summer - probably for the same reasons as we do; sense of freedom, air and freedom of movement for the toes.

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