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Pram Sun Shade for Prams


Sun shades for prams

Here, you find sun shades and sunshades for prams. Always be prepared for the (sudden) need for a sun shades that ensures complete coverage against the sun.

Sometimes it gets too hot inside a pram throughout the year - there will be days where the kid wants to sit upright and keep an eye on what’s going on outside of the pram.

Therefore, it’s ideal to have a smart sun shade so the kid is in the shades and thus protected against the rays of the sun.

Protective sun shades for prams

Sun shades are very convenient and can be used as protection against the sun and the rain. Sun shades are attached with a string and an elastic round the hood.

Sun shades are ideal when you are on your way somewhere while walking the pram - this way, your kid is protected.

Some sun shades are provided with a UV sun protection factor of UV 50 - ensuring further protection against the rays of the sun for your kid.

Pram sun shade with mosquito net

In addition to regular pram sun shades, you will also find pram sun shades with mosquito net. A mosquito net is very convenient if you want to ensure that your kid doesn’t get bothered by insects.

With a mosquito net you make sure that no mosquitos, flies or other insects get into the pram, only light and air. This is especially nice if your kid is napping outside during summer in places where there are insects which are likely to bother the baby.

If you furthermore wish to screen from the sun’s rays, then you just pull down the sun shade, thereby protecting your little boy or girl from the sun’s rays and insects. If the mosquito net gets dirty, you can wash it gently in the machine at 30 degrees.

Pram sun shade in nice colours

Here at Kids-world we offer pram sun shades in many nice colours, which is because we care about having something for everyone - and hopefully also a sun shade that fits your pram or stroller.

You will usually find sun shades in the colours navy, light-grey, sand, black or white. The different colours of the sun shades don’t affect their efficiency or ability to shade from the sun. The choice of colour is a matter of taste and preferences.

If you against all odds can’t find a pram sun shade which suits your wants and needs, or if you are looking for a specific sun shade, then do not hesitate to contact our customer service, who is always ready to help and they love to receive new product recommendations.

Sun shades for prams are ideal on warm summer days

Sun shades prove their worth on warm and sunny days. On sunny days, it can soon become too hot for the kid, if you place a duvet on top of your kid - or if you close the pram completely, because this prevents air circulation inside the pram.

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