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Pram Glove


Pram gloves

Pram gloves have gradually gained status as a must-have accessory if you have a little kid and actively use your pram. They keep your hands warm all winter and are fixed on the pushchair, so you can easily get your hands free without losing your gloves.

At Kids-world you will find pram gloves in a selection of different colours, so you can definitely find a pair that matches your winter coat.

Most can be easily washed in the machine, and we offer all the best and best-known brands in pram gloves gloves - see the collections from brands such as KongWalther and Elodie.

Most pram gloves are waterproof, windproof and lined with a soft and warm material, so they are nice to have your hands in. You will be happy to put them on when you go for a walk with the pram in winter.

How to use pram gloves

You probably know it all too well. It's cold, but you still want to go for a walk outside with your kid and get some fresh air and exercise. You have a winter coat, beanie and gloves on, but you have to take one off to give your kid his dummy and take a sip of hot coffee - and whoa! Then you have misplaced or lost one glove.

With pram gloves gloves, you don't have to worry about getting cold hands or losing a glove - they are attached to the pram itself, so you can super easily get your hands free when you need it and warm them up again when you have to go continue with the pram. Pram gloves are ideal for both short and long walks in cool weather, no matter where you live.

Pram gloves fit almost all strollers and stroller

Another thing that is absolutely fantastic about pram gloves is that they are super functional, regardless of what type of pram you have. They are mounted using a zipper or velcro on the pram or pushchair. Then they are otherwise firmly in place until you take them off again. You can therefore safely order a pair of pram gloves with the knowledge that they will fit perfectly with your particular model of pram or stroller.

The discreet zipper or velcro openings will fit perfectly around your pram 's handle. Pram gloves are usually one-size and will therefore also fit all hands perfectly. They are also easily adjusted so that the cold air cannot get near your hands.

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